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Dr.Neubauer Edge Tape 12mm/1 Racket

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This edge tape has a total width of 12mm. It protects your bat from accidental hits against the table thanks to a foam layer. It is long enough for 1 bat (including oversize blades)

Customer Reviews

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06/06/2022 Excellent Review by KHOI TRAN
I have tried too many different rubbers but the Stiga Calibra sound is the best for me
I never change to different rubbers.
09/05/2022 Protect your hinoki Review by Michael
I would have broken my single ply blade so many times without this. It really does add much more protection than your typical edge tape.
14/04/2022 bueno Review by Roberto Kalbermatter
Acolchonado para proteger mejor los bordes. Muy linda cinta
21/12/2021 Excellent Protector Review by Michael
I love these things. Sometimes they don't stick well to the blade, so I usually layer it on top of a traditional edge tape.
02/06/2021 Excellent protection Review by LEONARD GRAZIANO
Excellent protection
29/01/2021 Protects your wood from damage Review by Carl Johnson
Can use many times with M3 double side tape.
Edge hit balls will return to the table if you use pimps.
12/12/2020 Good protection, but doesn't stay attached for long Review by Anton Kukeste
Very good edge protection, but unfortunately the glue is not strong enough to hold by itself and it comes off after a while. I've used a bit of extra glue myself to keep it properly attached and overall worked out great.
04/09/2020 good tape, not so good glue Review by David
the tape itself is very good, but the glue is not so good. The ends will peel off the racket after a short time. I'll use regular edge tape to glue the ends to the racket.
12/02/2020 Not bad Review by Filip Dimitrijevic
It is not bad, but it is not sticky enough so I needed to apply more glue.
25/11/2019 Middle Review by Jakub Bubnowski
You have you get a perfect cut rubber. It's too less stiff. Its made of foam.
26/04/2019 Great tape for bigger blade Review by Peter Aird
Love these one piece edging tape.
23/02/2019 GOOD Review by AN-94
Very good.
21/01/2019 Excellent quality like all Dr. Neubauer products Review by Rohan Keogh
I use this tape on a lot of my balsa blades as it provides additional protection by virtue of the extra thickness. It stands up to the punishment a little better than most tapes I think because the sponginess takes some the beating.The glue on this tape has never failed.

For some, the only negative may be the additional weight compared to standard tape. It wouldn't be more than a gram or 2 but that can be enough to change the balance of bat.
25/12/2018 Works Review by Benjamin Swift
Good padded edge tape. The Huieson version from Aliexpress is a lot cheaper, but for $2 this is well worth it. Really protects the edges of your blade on table hits, adds no weight, great insurance against dings.
06/12/2018 Good protection Review by aaron
Thickest foam edge tape I've used. Better protection than other brands .
Dr.Neubauer Edge Tape 12mm/1 Racket