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Dr.Neubauer Colossus Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 9
COLOSSUS is a milestone in the improvement of combination blades. The backhand side is even slower than our blade TITAN, enabling to slow down the ball to an even greater extent while blocking close to the table with special rubbers. Even fast topspin shots with ABS balls can be returned easily with long pimple or Anti-Spin rubbers, with very good spin reversal. COLOSSUS also increases the efficacy of short and half-long pimple rubbers, causing the ball to bounce low while blocking, counter-attacking and hitting. Just like TITAN, the forehand side of COLOSSUS is faster in order to put pressure on the opponent, both with offensive pimple-out rubbers (counter-attacking, straight hitting) and with inverted rubbers (looping with spin). Control is excellent, just like all other blades produced by Re-Impact. The legendary ball feeling could even be further improved especially on the backhand side. The faster side is the one with the black “Dr.Neubauer COLOSSUS” lense in the handle. The slower side is the one without the black lens in the handle.
Dr.Neubauer Colossus Ch.Pen