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Dr.Neubauer Barricade

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 52
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
This blade has been conceived for all players defending away from the table. BARRICADE DEF is also very effective for short blocking close to the table. Especially those players using Anti-Spin or long pimpled rubbers with friction and seeking a slow blade for maximum disruptive effect will be enchanted by BARRICADE DEF. It enables very safe and yet dangerous chopping thanks to its relatively slow speed. BARRICADE DEF offers an excellent control and outstanding effectiveness for all rubber types: Maximum disruptive effect can be reached when used with our Anti-Spin rubbers. With reversed rubbers or short pimples you can reach high rotation while chopping with BARRICADE DEF. At the same time you can attack occasionally through looping or hitting in order to confuse your opponent. To sum it up BARRICADE DEF provides an optimal balance between control and effectiveness for all passive and active strokes.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/01/2022 Very interesting Review by Vladi
Tried max 2.3 sponge on my Violin forehand! Need some time to adjust after a year of using Nittaku Sieger pk 50, mostly of a sponge (2.0 at Sieger max). Really stepped up in a variation of attacking shots and serves. Got some problems at the start with flat hits and blocks, maybe cause it need some to break, after 3-4 sessions it became more controlled... Next time ill take 2.0 and boost it a bit before using it. Dunno about the durability... 3 weeks, really big playing spot, but spin and speed stayed the same
23/04/2021 Great blade for classic defenders Review by Pavel
Hi, guys...
The blade is very high quality. And the delivery was very fast.
Thank you store Tabletennis11!
Unfortunately, this blade doesn't really fit my style of play.
I play close to a table with Antispin rubber.
But this blade is better suited for classic defenders.
I think so...
13/12/2019 Good defensive blade Review by KARTIK A
Lacks power, good for defense, sometimes ball will not clear the net on passive strokes. Good with LP chopping not blocking. Very less reversal.
Good for TS, just beyond the table.
23/05/2018 Blade with many gears Review by Jose Da Silva
Took a little while to get used to this blade, moving from a Victas Matsushita, but now am very glad the change was made. Super light blade with lots of control and many gears, from defence to full out attack.
23/03/2018 Fantastic blade Review by Yap Chun
My 2nd order. Fantastic blade. Versatile and super light blade. It surprise me when FH rubber, like Spinlord Sandwind 1.5mm, is very fast on this blade. Very good at mid distance. Chop, block, loop, smash, control; you name it, you get it. Barricade blade deliver the ball with consistency.
01/01/2018 Good defensive blade Review by Yap Chun
1st thing i loved its super light weight. Good for blocking, chopping, looping. Suitable for close table games. Good control blade. 1 blade fixed up inverted rubber for both side. Highly reccommend this blade.
21/11/2017 Liviana...mucho control Review by jorge aranciaga
Adecuada para mi juego defensivo
11/10/2017 5 Review by nachum shamis
5very good
09/08/2017 Value for money Review by Kamarulzaman Thiara
Excellent control on both fh and bh. Rubber was 1.2mm sponge long pips on BH. FH was TSP ventus speed 2.0mm. FH counter looping fast and spinny
03/08/2017 Excellent control Review by Velin Andonov
Very good for close to the table counter-attacking style. Too light for long distance chops. Easy to twiddle and provides enough speed for surprising attacks
31/07/2017 Buena Review by jorge aranciaga
Adecuada para mi juego...defensivo y con golpes fuertes y planos
12/05/2017 Great for defence Review by Bruce Clark
I am an older player who plays a defensive game. This blade works extremely well for this purpose. it is remarkably light. It is not that easy to use since it does not do simple blocks well. It is very flexible and you must hit each shot, at least a bit or the ball does not get back to the net, even from close to the table. Having said that, once you get used to hitting every shot it does produce wonderful returns ranging from soft to moderately hard. Not for everyone but terrific for people who play the right kind of game.
25/11/2016 es una buena madera defensiva Review by jorge aranciaga
Quality adapta bien para quienes tenemos mucho brazo...para jugar sobre la mesa y hasta media distancia...fh con thibar evolution mxp y bh thibhar dtgras
08/09/2016 El mejor defensivo que hay Review by RoroFyah
Lejos la mejor hoja defensiva que he probado, ideal para LP OX
13/07/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
19/06/2015 It's HUGE Review by Aeryn
This blade is HUGE. Very Light. Superb control.

I have been playing with a Donic Baracuda + TSP Curl P1r OX and it feels amazing. The blade has a nice dwell time and really helps nailing those hard chops.

As the other reviewer said, it's very easy to spin the ball. A fast swing will generate a lot of top spin. I've seen experienced blockers needing two or three tries before being able to return my drive.

Moreover, this blade makes it easier to play with OX pips. passive blocking usually produces a low, short ball. The dwell time allows for some offensive hits even without the sponge.

Overall I would rate this a 10/10. Excelent blade for the price. Great for ALL players and modern defenders. Perfect for any classic defender.
27/05/2015 Super Blade for Modern Defence Players Review by Arif Sedele
I have been playing with this blade since 2012. Forehand is 1.7 mm tenergy 05 backhand ox Tibhar Grass D tecs.
It is very controllable blade and you can reach very high speeds of top spins if your arm is powerfull and fast .
Shortly I fully recommend who needs extreme control and also attacking possibilities with hard sponge pips in rubbers.
10/07/2014 glad i'd purchased this racket Review by charles chareunsouk
hesitant at first about buying this racket. But after reading at other's review, decided to buy one, glad I'd did. This racket feels great in my hand and it is very, very light to play with.
27/03/2014 5 Review by oleg popov
Отличная защитная доска для игры блоками на столе и в классической защите, очень лёгкая, её вес всего 50 гр.
18/12/2013 ok Review by Christian Sabater Villanueva
raqueta muy grande y ligera
Dr.Neubauer Barricade