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Donic World Champion 89 Waldner OFF

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.9
The Donic World Champion 89 Waldner OFF is a top-quality German blade built to Swedish specifications. This special edition blade was hand crafted from Italian spruce which was harvested from 200 year old trees. All moisture in the wood was reduced to a mere 4% before the plies were cold pressed for 24 hours. Donic's exclusive "Carbon fleece Zylong Webbing" was used in the construction of this blade. This is a moderately fast blade made for players who balance speed and control in their games.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/02/2024 Good Blade! Review by Charley C Chu
Good Blade for all-round and offensive player!
07/09/2023 Molto buono Review by Paolo
Molto controllo e una buona potenza, ma pensavo un po' di più: secondo me è un off-.non oltre. Ne ho uno da 81 g. e uno da 85: Tra i due il più leggero è il meno potente.
Ho anche un Appelgren della stessa serie, ma più vecchio, che mi pare abbia il legno superficialeiore (abete) di miglior qualità.
Finiture buone, oltre la media ma non perfette.
16/08/2023 Di buona famiglia Review by Paolo Marinelli
Mi piace, anche se non ho trovato ancora il setup definitivo.
Tocco morbido, è abbastanza veloce ma non velocissimo. Tutto sommato non è così distante (e diverso) dall'Appelgren wc .
Ne ho comprti 2, di circa 82 e 86 g.; il più pesante è poco più veloce.
05/08/2023 Amazing blade Review by Askhat Suleimenov
Amazing blade for professionals
19/07/2023 off sur Review by Léonard
I need to shot more slowly for to have control.
But the control is efficient and the offensive style is clearly there. It is so good to play with this wood. To much power for beginner.
08/05/2023 Champion blade Review by CESAR YARLEQUE
I'm very happy with the Best Donic for me.
The feeling is great, I can send the ball anywhere the table, near or far.
Always T11 is very professional with the shipping and my orders coming quickly.
Thanks T11.
05/05/2023 Ok Review by Madiha Mullins
Good blade nice finish. Average bounce. Ok for spinny stroke.
29/11/2022 One of Best blade soft feeling Review by Vic
soft feeling but quite fast and controlable
suit with fast rubber, medium sponge hardness, or hard still okay
maybe with soft rubber is good too

block , spin is easy
build quality is very high

this is my favorite blade
05/10/2022 Excellent blade Review by Craig Fortuin
I've read many reviews on this and other websites and after much deliberation I decided to buy one and I am not disappointed. From the first practice session it felt like this blade was made for me! I am an attacking player and wanted more control from the blade than an outer carbon and definitely found that it felt woody as many other people have said but definitely has enough power when you hit thru the ball. I am using Xiom Jekyll and Hyde H52. 5 black on the forehand and Xiom Jekyll and Hyde V52. 5 on my backhand both in max thickness which makes it head heavy but it suits my style perfectly. Thanks to TT11 for the awesome service as usual with blade assembly for the J and H V52. 5 I had to source the H52. 5 locally as it wasn't available from them.
28/07/2022 Основание достойное носить имя легенды Review by Pavel Zaytsev
Наверное одно из лучших на мой взгляд оснований SZLC.Оно очень хорошо сбалансировано, что больше всего поражает это контроль, его там реально много, подставки и блоки очень стабильно возвращают мяч в стол, им реально приятно играть, это волк в овечьей шкуре. Баланс между скоростью и контролем поразителен. Хорошо подходит для вариативной игры и контратакующему стилю. Имеет большое пятно отскока. Ручка подойдет не каждому, если у вас большая ладонь то вам она скорее будет мала в объёме(подматывал). Основание WALDNER 89 я бы назвал по своему характеру младшим братом BUTTERFLY T.Apolonia ZLC.Нет не по составу(внешние слои ели, зилон карбон, центральный слой Кири,) конечно, а по мягкому контакту с мячом и зашитой в глубину основы мощь, которой бывает не хватает при игре во второй и третьей зоне, поэтому мой совет по накладкам это hard-50 градусов и выше, под fh будет отлично. Я играл новинкой DONIC BlueStorm Pro справа и BlueStorm Pro Am слева, контроля и вращения вагон, чего не скажешь о скорости, думаю поэтому оно подпадает под off-
Одним словом к покупке (за эти деньги) точно рекомендую!
04/07/2022 Fantastic blade Review by Sahad Miah
Nice and well-balanced, does everything nicely. Due to inner force nature, you have high control and stability, powerful too when you crank the upper gears. Nice throw angle medium- high.
21/06/2022 Good quality good value Review by Andy Chan
Very happy with this racket plus the two runners I bought together, a very good value and good quality.
08/06/2022 07/06/22 Review by Daniel Valdes
Wonderful balance between speed/control.
27/05/2022 Great Value Review by Stephen Kwok
Tabletennis11 helped find me a light blade. And super fast delivery to where I am - Hong Kong. Highly recommend this shop!
25/05/2022 Good value for advanced players Review by Xuan Min Teoh
Did not find any issues with talks of the button. Mine was a nice flared 91g blade with a nice finish.
Experience using the blade: My first carbon blade moving from a 5-ply Stiga NCT offensive. Very easy to block with, but the difference in thickness from my earlier blade meant I took some time and effort to generate spin on serves and loops.
Due to blade thickness and inner structure, very easy to control the short game for varying short and long pushes. Quite easy to open up as well. The feeling is there but a bit duller than the pure wood plies.
The blade allows for punching and flat hitting decently well, and can suit short-stroke players. There is power from the blade when you want it.
Overall, I really like the blade and will take more time to appreciate it.
26/04/2022 Solid inner fiber ZLC blade Review by DJ
Setup: I have this blade (FL version) with Bluefire M2 on FH and Bluestorm Z2 on BH.

The setup is more control-oriented and has good speed and decent dwell time to generate a generous amount of spin. Allows for good short on the table play. Hitting outright winners isn't easy (since it isn't fast) but this setup is super consistent and has helped in developing/improving my game. It's serving the purpose for now. Will buy the Persson WC89 OFF+ version next with the same rubbers once I am ready to move to a faster setup.
03/03/2022 High quality ZLC blade for a moderate price Review by Anton Kukeste
The craftsmanship and quality of this blade are outstanding. The blade is quite fast on powerful strokes, but with plenty of control for its speed category. The top wood layer is a bit softer spruce, but overall the blade seems durable. Both medium-hard to hard inverted and short pips rubbers seem to pair well with this blade (haven't tried other types so far on it). The ST sample I've got is ~90 grams.
04/01/2022 Excellent Blade! Review by Cesar Rodriguez
This blade has an extraordinary balance between control and attack, I think that could be used for Allround Player but it is most appropriate for attack players.
I play with two coppa rubbers gold for drive and platin for back, the gold one is amazing for topspin, and the silver is pretty good for blocking but not too much for pushing, it does its work but you don't have the feeling.
If you like Donic because of the quality and the performance, this could be a pretty good choice.

28/12/2021 One of the Best Blade ever! Review by Ronald Ramos
The CONTROL and FEEL are Amazing! No wonder it was the No. 1 blade in Revspin. This blade is suitable for hard rubbers. Must try. Thanks, TT11 for the best service and very fast delivery.
06/09/2021 Good blade Review by FYL
Head Heavy. Good quality and nice price with TT11 discount.
08/06/2021 A Classic (blue-chip) Review by Jeff
A quality paddle that has a very good feeling. Can be powerful when hitting hard. Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo (max) is a nice fit along with Tibhar Evolution MX-S (max) if the proper strokes are done correctly. Very nice when changing the pace of the game. Blocking is what makes this paddle stand out. Well-finished paddle with a unique handle that feels good in the hand. QUALITY-SERVICE FROM TT11 and QUICK DELIVERY. All good!!!
31/05/2021 Хорошая основа Review by Aleksandr Klimentev
Основание хорошего качества. Минимальная вибрация, отличный контроль, но по скорости ближе к OFF. FL ручка весьма небольшая. Вес 81 грамм. Хорошо раскрывается с накладками Stiga Mantra H. Первые впечатления очень положительные.
22/03/2021 Fast Blade Review by Denis Dezan
Build quality is ok...
The blade is fast, with nothing to do with off-rating.
Nice feeling.
16/03/2021 EXCELLENT QUALITY Review by Tom
Beautiful blade. Provides speed as needed with control. Will definitely frustrate your opponent with multiple counter blocking and attacking as long as proper technique is used. Good sound when powering the ball. Offers speed acceleration when hitting hard or soft with excellent touch and feel. Awesome satin-finished inner-fiber blade made with high-quality German craftsmanship with the right amount of weight for the modern game and great to look at before attaching the rubber. Flared handle is unique and the texture is very smooth and feels right at home in your hand. If you like inner-fiber SZLC blades this one will definitely please you. 5 STARS and a 10.
10/03/2021 KUNINGAZ Review by Daniel
Quality with polished GERMAN craftsmanship at its best. Awesome feeling when using Tibhar Evolution MX-S Max on both sides. Offers everything you need to play at the top level. Perfect tempo and pace are what make this blade stand out with unsurpassed blocking. The blade has a large sweet spot when hitting hard or soft. Offers enormous speed acceleration when powering the ball with musical sound. The blade has the perfect weight and balance for modern table tennis when using the poly ball. Out-matches any blade with the same INNERFIBER construction and origin. One of the best blades on the market if not the best. Flared (Concave) handle feels very nice in hand (perfect size). A JEWELL!!!
07/12/2020 Excellent balanced all wood blade! Review by Suman Bardhan
As expected, this is an amazing blade if you are looking for more control than power. Although, with the right technique, power is also great. I opted for this blade as my game level is not at an advanced level and I had to prioritize getting the 3rd and 4th ball on the table with either proper block or topspin. This blade solves both of these purposes. I’m using this with Dignics05 on FH and Tenergy05 on BH. Overall an excellent blade if you are still not very comfortable with the carbon blades.
22/11/2020 Very wonderful blade! Review by Vasyl Titarenko
Very wonderful blade! The good feeling of the ball! Great control and incredible power for both off blades!
Rubber Left and right Hurricane 8 40.
18/11/2020 Amazing blade Review by Eva Hilda Isaac
For professionals, high off blade, perfect quality.
27/10/2020 loved it Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
It is excellent quality wood, not for beginners since it is a high OFF, but it will improve the game of almost any player of intermediate or advanced level, thanks to its dual personality that allows you to hit calm or violent, depending on how you hit it. And, yes, 100% checked: the blocks are from another world. The other versions of this Donic line are also very good: the ALL + and OFF + are worth it, top quality, not like the $ 50 Donic.
20/10/2020 Excellent blade Review by Roy Hock Wu Chew
Good for both defense and attack. Able to execute powerful drive or looping and yet good for defense. Need to use a harder forehand in order to execute a more powerful forehand attack.
20/07/2020 Unrivalled Quality Review by Abdul Rahman Mukti
The blade is probably my best ever blade with the right blend of weight, quality, and characteristic for modern table tennis.
08/07/2020 BEST of the BEST Review by Russell
Awesome blade does everything so well. Blocking is a cinch. Has a very nice soft touch and feel when placing the ball. The flared (concave) handle feels very comfortable in my hand. Most of all this blade can be as powerful as you want it to be with epic sound. One of the best inner-fiber SZLC blades on the market (IMO). The gorgeous looking blade is well constructed with top craftsmanship and gives you the feeling and confidence of winning every point. Nice weapon to have in your hand. NO COMPLAINTS HERE! 5 BIG STARS WITH A SUPER 10.
25/12/2019 Good Review by Kalvin Regan
Little vibration, Speed 0ff- to 0ff. Light and Easy to spin.
Weird Handle design, need couple sections to get used to.
Very well finished.
05/12/2019 Beautiful blade Review by ZZ
This is really a very well made, high-quality blade. The handle (FL) is very comfortable. The playing characteristics of the blade are pretty much as described. It's not very fast, around OFF-. It is well balanced and has a lot of feeling when hitting the ball. This is a very good blade to have, especially for collectors.

TT11's service is outstanding! Highly recommended!
30/10/2019 Elite Review by John
One of the best blades on the market. VERY HAPPY!
28/09/2019 Average but not bad Review by Masoud Mahmoodi-Shahrebabaki
I bought it based on the reviews but it disappointed me. It is fast with good sweet spot but no control. Mine was 91g, a little heavy. The flared handle is not comfortable like Butterfly or Nittaku blades. With discounted price it is worth it. Otherwise there are better blades with same price.
28/06/2019 GORGEOUS BLADE! Review by anonymous
The blade does everything well, from looping to blocking and all in between. When compared to the best with the same origin, the Waldner World Champion 89' rises to the top. No complaints if proper technique is used correctly. Nice quality and craftsmanship. Tabletennis11 team providing nice products at an awesome affordable price and super fast shipping with quality packaging.
24/06/2019 NO COMPARISONS Review by KISER
A pleasure to play with. I give this blade 5 stars. Great quality and playing characteristics. Tabletennis11 providing great equipment at affordable prices. A++++++.
13/06/2019 CREAM OF THE CROP Review by Tom
Quality craftsmanship. Blade delivers everything you need to win at this game. As always Tabletennis11 providing excellent service and nice products at very affordable prices. Quality packaging and very fast delivery. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!
30/05/2019 Best of the Best Review by TK
Blade provides everything you need to win at this game. Big sweet spot. Excellent for blocking. Speed as needed. Great touch and feel for ball placement. Flared handle feels right at home in hand. Weight is just right. Gorgeous looking blade with awesome craftsmanship. Hits very well with Tenergy 05-FX or Rakza 7-Soft for the type of game I play. Tabletennis11 providing excellent products at very affordable prices AND FAST DELIVERY!!!
05/10/2018 Great blade for offensive but control style Review by Hai Nguyen
Usually if I play with fast blade, the ball will fly fast. However, if my opponent is very good at blocking, the ball will fly back fast too and it makes me hard to keep returning the ball. With this blade, I can play offensive style with heavy topspin but still save for the second or third strike. The ball spins a lot, the speed is enough to make my opponent in trouble. Ball placement is easy.

On contrary, as compared to all round blades or some ALC blades, the blade requires proper techniques to hit the table. This is because the blade produces a medium and long trajectory.

In conclusion, this blade is very good for topspin and suitable for various playing style, however, you need to have proper technique to handle it.
28/08/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
olicnoje osnovanie
26/08/2017 Fantastic Review by Byunghun choi
It is very high quality
24/04/2017 Solid blade Review by Xinye Ji
A really solid blade. Quite stiff, but has good dwell time.
22/04/2017 Top class blade. Review by Karl Parkinson
It's one of the best I have ever seen. Beautiful finish and design.
27/02/2017 recomendable Review by Manuel Sandoval
excelente madera, buena velocidad y muy buen control, el producto posee muy buenas terminaciones
30/01/2017 donic Review by Lilishuo Li
暂未使用 做工优秀
01/11/2016 Great blade! Review by Tran Long
There are many reviews on this blade already and i think they are all fair about this blade. Wonderful weapon for allround/offensive players.
14/10/2016 Nice quality and very comfortable Review by Faizan Ahmad
This is my first blade. First few test games made feel to have leveled up. A bit of fast for me but i will get used to it. Nice quality. Shots are now more powerful and controlled.
04/09/2016 Хорошее качество Review by VLADIMIR BUKIN
Быстрое и контрольное основание. качество хорошее
30/03/2016 SPEED WITH VERY NICE CONTROL Review by Jerry
Super blade that can deliver all aspects of the game. Great control, speed acceleration, excellent for blocking with a huge sweet spot for hitting. Recommended to all from beginners to advanced players. Has all qualities that is needed to learn all facets of the sport.
23/02/2016 FIVE STAR BLADE Review by TKTOPGUN
SUPER quality blade can handle everything thrown at it if proper technique is used. Blade has exceptional playing characteristics, 5 star blocking, speed as needed, super control, very nice touch and feel for easy ball placement. Handle is smooth, comfortable, and fits very well in hand. Blade weighed approximately 93 grams and when matched with Formula Donic F3 Big Slam 2.0 on both sides the blade is very light at approximately 178 grams, just right for me! I have a second blade for back-up purposes if ever needed. Definitely my best blade of all time. Tabletennis11 making table tennis fun, enjoyable, and most of all very affordable. Highly recommended.
18/02/2016 Very goooood!!!! Review by JaeShik Shin
It's a very good blade.
Ball control and contact sound and feeling is good.
24/11/2015 Awesome Characteristics Review by Tommy
Powerful quality blade that offers accelerated speed as needed with great control. Has a nice soft touch and feel that makes ball placement come easy. Using Formula Donic Desto F3 Big Slam rubber 2.0 on both sides and the sound is tremendous and the total weight is 170 grams which is light and great for me. Flared handle fits very nice in hand and feels great. This is a top notch blade and best blade in my far. 5 STAR BLOCKING. Give it a try.
05/10/2015 Very Impressive 5 Star Blade Review by Tommy
Powerful blade is well balanced and offers accelerated speed as needed. Blade has a huge sweet spot that offers great control and placement of ball comes easy. Very impressive blade when blocking and no other like it. 5 stars all the way. I use Formula Donic Desto F3 Big Slam soft rubber and it matches up very well with this blade. Total weight of blade and rubber is 170 grams (light). The flared handle is very comfortable and fits very nice in hand. Carbon placed next to center ply wood gives this blade a nice softer touch compared to the Persson World Champion 89 blade that places the carbon next to outer ply wood (harder feel). Tried both blades and the Waldner Blade works and feels better for me (self-preference). Blade is more OFF \ OFF+. GREAT QUALITY give it a try.
01/07/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
14/10/2014 super Review by zhen lu
This blade shows well balanced style and standout as one of the best blade for blocking. Still need to play more to get a full picture though. Paired with GHS H3-50 FH and Nittaku renanos bright light BH. total weight 180g.
11/09/2014 I love it! Review by Andi
I just love this blade. Great speed. Good control. For my relatively big hands, the handle is feeling fantastic. I tried it with Tenergy 64FX, and it's playing is really great, also the weight.
And like always a relly fast delivery and great service!!!
12/07/2014 Just Great! Review by HH Han
Feels great - barely stiff , powerful , and good control with Bluefire M1. Sounds good, also.
Donic World Champion 89 Waldner OFF