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Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon JO Shape

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 84
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon was designed with the help of Jan-Ove. With the original Waldner Senso Carbon blade setting the standard, Donic strove to make an even faster blade. This was accomplished by adding hard carbon plies to the thin middle plies. This blade comes in the "drop" shape made popular by JO Waldner. This blade was made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/03/2019 The blade is good for topspin, but really poor for smashing and the grip is bad. Review by Taye
The blade is a very good one based on European style of play which based on Topspin and Topspin only. It is also very good for blocking and short placement near net zone. It is very poor for smashing with annoying vibration, most especially with the present plastic ball, despite using it in combination with hard rubber. The handle is not the usual blade handle, definitely too small. The grip becomes very weak because of that. But it might be good for young ones that have master all the Table Tennis technique. This is definitely not my type of blade. I do not like prolonging point rally; topspin and counter topspin for smashing preparation to finish the point as early as possible. No long rally!
24/09/2015 The best blade Review by Henning Fransson
The balance is Great, with lots of feel and speed. Love it. I really dont want anyone else to have this blade
19/08/2015 Very good for plastic balls. Review by Alexandre Carvalho
Awesome blade. One of the best that I ever tried.
08/07/2015 легкое и быстрое основание Review by Айдын Мухаметжанов
легкое и быстрое основание. рекомендую
08/06/2015 Excellent delivery Review by Everton Branco
This blade is not that fast, still a good blade. The Shipment was extremely fast.
07/12/2014 Not so fast Review by Eric
I tried, the blade is in off+ category. I feel like off- or off. The carbon layers are close to the center position and quite far away from the surface wood, so I wonder why it is an off+ blade.
Anyway, control is good, and the feel is good also. Baracuda FH and 802-40 BH. Good price in sales promotion.
06/12/2014 Best blade I've used Review by Ronald Allan Drilon
Blade: Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon - JO Shape

Price: 5 stars (of course!)
Customer service: 5 stars (absolutely!)

Rating: 5 stars
- This blade is very fast. The fast attribute is due to the 5 wood plies plus the 2 carbon plies (this is a 7 ply blade). I can be able to hit the ball in mid distance with minimal effort. Close to the table, the ball feels like a rocket when you hit it with this blade with spin or no spin.

Control (Feedback and sound):
Rating: 5 stars
- A blade can be controlled easily if it is giving you proper consistent feedback (signals) when you hit the ball.
- The feedback (vibration) that this blade gives is amazing! The feedback is being feed directly from the head to the blade's handle due to the senso handle. The senso handle gives you feedback that you will know immediatetely if you hit the ball properly or not, thus you can do some corrections on your hit. This gives you the feeling like you are holding the ball in your hand.
- The head is hard which gives you consistent hit where to place the ball. (It is hard to have a blade that gives its feedback on the head, since when the ball hits the blade, the head vibrates then it is hard to control where to place the ball)
- The JO shape is perfect with my hand since the JO shape has a narrower neck which gives me the ability to grasp it firmly. (This is the reason why I choose to purchase the JO shape version of the blade). I am cautious if the head will give you too much vibration since this is a JO shape blade but it didn't! and I am thankful that it didn't give off to much vibration on the head. The less vibration on the head is due to the 2 carbon plies, which gives it a much stiffer head
- Sound feedback is amazing, this is also due to the senso handle, which acts like a sound amplifier whenever you hit the ball, and in turn the blade gives you different sounds in different types of hit you apply to the ball. For me the different types of sound it gives you is good, since you will know immediately from the sound it produce, that the hit you applied to the ball is correct. Though, when not in play, the sound of the blade it produce is "tonk-tonk" when you hit the ball up and down in a stationary position. But what matters to me is the sound it produce when I use the blade in play

- Almost all rubbers are suitable with this blade
Fast rubbers (tension rubbers 1.8 to 2.0 mm thickness):
- By using fast rubbers with this blade you can have a fast racket that is controllable. I am using minimal effort to achieve high spin in serving and hitting the ball. You can drive or spin the ball in mid distance (3 meters away from the table) with minimal effort.

Tacky/Soft rubbers (2.0 to 2.2 mm thickness):
- By using tacky or soft rubbers with this blade, you will have a slow but very controllable racket. For me, this is mostly suitable for practice or defensive play. Using this combination, I required lots of effort to drive or spin the ball in mid distance (3 meters away from the table)

26/11/2014 GREAT Review by JET
14/05/2014 perfect Review by Jack Dong
It's right the weapon that i want it. very aggresively!
23/04/2014 very good Review by shi yi rui
good product,better service
Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon JO Shape