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Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon was designed with the help of Jan-Ove. With the original Waldner Senso Carbon blade setting the standard, Donic strove to make an even faster blade. This was accomplished by adding hard carbon plies to the thin middle plies. This blade was made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

11/07/2019 Nice Review by Avaya Mays
Good quality blade, classic feeling.
25/10/2017 So fast and powerful Review by Bona Long
This is very stable blade all season
17/04/2017 Good, but not my kind of blade Review by DK
Very good feeling when bouncing the ball on the bare blade; The amount of vibration is similar to Donic Powerplay Senso V1 but feels clearer. Speed is a tad faster than YEO. I did sand down its wide neck to fit my relatively small hands. Mine is 88 grams.

Senso technology does help in feeling. You know exactly how your shot was executed. It's very easy to control direction with this blade given the feeling. It can do everything to a certain point with high amount of control.

As for the negative part, this blade feels like a 7-ply when looping. There is no quality in my shots what so ever compared to YEO. Although this could be my personal issue, I ended up ditching this blade.
10/02/2016 Good Balde Review by Edgardo Velazquez
It is a good blade, but I feel it a littler softer ( is not a solid blade) to my style, but it has goo control and speed.
12/07/2015 尼斯结构 Review by 弗雷德徐
19/08/2014 Excellent Blade Review by Gennady
deadly weapon, especially with Bluefire rubbers.
23/04/2014 very good Review by shi yi rui
good product,better service
01/04/2014 very good Review by lim koon siang
very all rounded blade,value for money and fun to play with it
26/09/2013 perfect blade Review by TOLGA
This is realy sensitive blade, elastic and powerfull (not much).
Very good control and ball feeling although carbon layers (2 veyr thin layers)
I like it very much. Mine is 85 g.
Thanks to for very fast shiping and careful packaging.
27/08/2012 Excelente Review by Cesar A Palacios Mendizabal
Control and Power very good for my game.
20/06/2012 Dissapointing Review by Sandor Duis
The handle is much thicker than my previous CarboPlay blade. Also are the two 'onlays' shifted up so the anatomic feel is totally diffrent.
So the grip is completely different from my previous one.
Donic adviced me to get this blade as the replacement of my current one, but I'm not to happy about it. Will do a fair amount of customizing on the handle to see where it brings me.
Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon