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Donic Waldner Senso Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.6
This model is based on the famous DONIC Allplay which is one of the best-sellers in the world! Due to two additional Carbon layers, the Waldner Senso Carbon combines the unique characteristics of the high-tech component Carbon with the undeniably proven Swedish allround construction in a perfect match. The result is ar fantastic playing characteristics providing speed and control in an ideal balance. Supported by the Senso V1 technology, this blade operates in a very elastic way, giving you the essential feedback from the bounce of the ball. For attacking players as well as for aggressive allrounders, the Waldner Senso Carbon is a perfect blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/10/2023 It has everything Review by AJ Collins
Unreal !
05/09/2023 Good weight and feel Review by Jonathan Zuniga
I chose this blade because of its sweet spot and offensive stats. So far I feel that I made an excellent purchase.
22/08/2023 Good product Review by Marcel Augusto Marquez Rosales
excellent product and the package arrived on time, highly recommended
30/03/2023 My feeling improved a lot with it. Review by Dany Matta
I used to have an allround blade.
Now more power has entered with my strikes. First the ball went out of the table many times. Then I adapted to the new blade by feeling the strike more and more.
A funny thing is that the concentration I am now using with this new blade, has been transferred too to other vital things, like increasing my meditation and concentration overall.
This blade is very good for someone moving into the offense!
29/03/2023 отлично Review by Mirlanbek Mirzabayev
отличное основание для любителя
17/02/2022 Good blade Review by Craig Fortuin
I bought this blade for a friend at my club. He is happy with the overall performance of the blade after a few weeks of using it. I haven't got an in-depth review from him yet but he is happy as he moved from all-wood to carbon blade.
29/12/2021 Good Review by Daniel Drimba
Beautiful, very good control, spin.
05/07/2021 Good Review by Ahmed Ismail
Good speed.
14/04/2021 Great Review by Denis Dezan
Great blade, recommended, FL handle is comfortable, not too fast with decent feeling
09/01/2021 Good Review by yigal aharoni
I bought 2 rackets. In one of them the handle broke after two months. There may have been a problem when I got the rackets.
This is the second time I buy the same rackets and I am very happy with them.
15/12/2020 light blade Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
It is a very light blade. It has high control, good spin. Every topspin will land on the table. Won't go off the table, unlike some bad quality blades. But lack of power. Especially if you put soft rubbers like Xiom Vega Europe, it will be almost impossible to smash. It suits well with DHS Hurricane 3. After changing the blades, there will be enough splintering. Very thin outer layer. Weak in construction.
23/11/2020 So so blade Review by Michal
Allround + speed, good control and quality. Doesn't suit me and its head size is too small for kids and juniors perhaps. Mine is only 152 mm long and 150 mm wide. Is Donic trying to be too cheap?
06/11/2020 very good Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Very good for the price, I think Waldner really played with it. Good for the intermediate level.
27/10/2020 Well Control Review by Heronimo Tolentino
Very well control for a carbon blade like this. Love it.
19/05/2020 Great! Review by Erand Myrtollari
This blade is amazing, can't beat its price in my opinion.
I used to play with Tibhar Samsonov Pro with MXP rubbers FH and BH and it was actually a very good racket but I find myself with this blade, I use Donic Acuda S2 and Donic Bluefire m2 rubbers. Thought would be more difficult to control but actually feels great. I will keep it for some time for sure.
Great service from your site, delivery to Albania in less than 2 days very pleased not the first time
19/05/2020 Nice product Review by Marlon Macadaeg
It is good for beginners like me. It helps you really feel the ball, has a good dwell time and spinny blade.
07/03/2020 This blade is like "WATER", as one of Bruce Lee's quotes. Review by Alberto Law
I'm sure this blade could adapt to any style of play. It's a very balanced blade. It is very light. A carbon blade that gives you a fantastic feeling.
I have tried with Blufire M1 and Bluestorm Z2 on my forehand, and Spectol Red (short pips) on my backhand. I can do anything with it. Loop, smash, counter topspin, chop, etc.
I've tried many blades before (Butterfly Gergely 21, Primorac, Stiga Clipper Offensive Oversized, Donic Waldner Legend Carbon), I could say that this blade is my favorite of all.
10/02/2020 Отлично Review by Bokhodirjon Mirjalolov
Имел удовольствие поиграть этой доской пару месяцев, в меру контрольно и усилить вполне возможно. Ее я строил игру возле столе и все мои ожидания она оправдала. По цену и качеству одна из лучших. Исползовал мои любимые накладки Yasaka Rakza 7 с двух сторон в разнице только толщина 2/1,8.
Доя начинающих вряд ли подойдёт, для вас что нибудь пятислойного дерева и обезателло ALL, а вот для опытных игроков имеющих школу за плечами вполне сгодится.
Справедливости ради надо отметить, через пару месяцев я ее поменял на Nittaku Violin, пятислойка, чистое дерево и чуть быстрее.
06/01/2020 Recommended Review by Htun Lynn
Set up with TSP Super Ventus FH and Razaka 7 BH great speed and control.
27/11/2019 Best blade Review by TAMAS ROSKA-CSIKI
For me, this is the best blade, an ideal blade for me. With well-balanced control and speed. It has many gears.
My verdict excellent blade.
26/11/2019 Wood Review by Svetozar Stoyanov
Great wood, just what I have expected.
21/11/2019 excellent Review by Anzhelika
Excellent blade. It's easy to play with, very forgiving and has excellent control.
17/10/2019 Light Weight Racket Review by Sumit Biswas
Jan Ove Waldner used this ply - just perfect.
15/09/2019 Awesome feedback Review by Jonathan
It's been a while since I've held a custom-built racket and I can truly say that this was definitely a good value for the money, given that I was able to buy it at a discount. It gives great feedback and the racket itself is an all-rounder that adapts well with your type of play.
07/09/2019 Gran acierto Review by Ivan
Me encantó ésta madera, trasmite bastante y la tengo emparejada con evolution FX-P. Mucho control y gran giro!
27/08/2019 Perfect control Review by Alberto Law
My review for this blade would be: Control: 10/10; Speed: 7/10
You can really feel the ball in every single shot.
21/08/2019 excellent Review by shelby pereira
Excellent blade with good control and speed and price is excellent. I am currently an advanced player and this bat is more than enough for my level.
16/05/2019 Fascinante Review by Kevin Alejandro Martinez
Me gusta mucho, no pesa tanto ya que el mango es hueco.
07/04/2019 Great Blade Review by Nikita Churakov
Really love this blade for the feeling it gives when contacting the ball. For those vibrations/feedback, that I get when hitting. It is very informative. Great feel.
Also Control and power are very well balanced.
Very comfortable handle (FL).
Use it in combination with Donic Bluefire M2 and M3 (2mm) on my forehand and backhand respectively. Very pleased with the combination. Thanks TT11 for fast and high-quality service!
24/02/2019 Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Review by Daniel Barzilay
Great blade!!
25/12/2018 Excellent blade with good control Review by SATHYA
With Donic walder senso carbon blade you can feel the ball while hitting. It is 5+2 (wood + carbon) layers.
I have played competitive table tennis representing my Univesity and anyone would agree that table tennis is all about the feel for the ball because racket is considered just an extension of the hand.
The hollow senso technology handle gives a good feel(though initially I was not sure how good the hollow handle will feel).
Some users have commented it to be head heavy but in reality it is very balanced.

This blade is good for blocking and an offensive game. Superb control.
If you are looking for a blade with good speed, superb control and all round game then can't beat donic waldner senso carbon as it is a bang for the money. I got it in discount.
28/09/2018 Nice feeling Review by Sanjeev Kumar
Awesome blade .
15/07/2018 Хорошее основание Review by Alexandr Myroshnychenko
Мой экземпляр 85г, ручка ST. По качеству исполнения скажу, что не впечатлен. Верхний слой имеет неоднородную структуру и нуждается в лакировке (заказывайте её прямо здесь, делают качественно и бесплатно), есть неровности на ручке. Хоть мое основание и распродажное, такие же акционные основания от Yasaka иTibhar качеством по лучше.
Теперь о хорошем. Основание всеядно к накладкам. Стратегия игры от Аll до Off в зависимости от выбраных накладок. Даже Хуриканы на нем играют хорошо, единственное, нужно следить за балансом. Основание средне гибкое с информативной вибрацией в области ладони.
Рекомендую тем кто хочет перейти с чистого дерева на карбон, но не хочет слишком быстрое основание.
05/03/2018 As described. Review by Ronny Junger
Very pleased with the quality..... excellent!!!!!
28/02/2018 Donic Blade. Review by Jozef Urbanek
This is the best blade out of 50 that I have tried and the service the TABLETENNIS11 provides is the best you can get.
Thank you TABLETENNIS11.
23/10/2017 Waldner Senso Carbon Review by Vance Taggart
Outstanding blade! I found the Donic Waldner Senso Carbon to have great feel and touch. I attached MX-P rubbers to it and even though I was using hard rubbers, I still felt like I had lots of control and feel. The Sen so handle really works. Later, I tried Tibhar Evolution EL-P rubbers to see how well it performs with softer rubbers. This blade handled every type of rubber that I put on it and continued to give me a sense that it was a mere extension of my hand. I am an absolute fan of the Sen so Carbon series. Donic makes outstanding blades and you don't have to spend all of your savings to afford one. I highly recommend this product.
26/09/2017 Отл Review by Anatoliy Sernikov
Отличная доска. Нескольким игрокам пошла в руку отлично. Очень контрольна, подойдёт для атакеров - 1я, 2я зоны.
26/08/2017 I like it Review by Byunghun choi
Waldner is my legend
17/08/2017 Excellent yet affordable Review by Milos Svircev
Yep, the title pretty much says it all. I love DWSC so much, I actually bought this blade as a spare one (my primary is also DWSC).
13/07/2017 Ligera Review by ABRAHAM GENARO FLORES ACEVEDO
Un peso excelente, gracias a su fibra de carbono, la combinacion perfecta entre peso y potencia.
11/05/2017 Unbelievable Review by Dominus Caesar
I love this blade! It's a dream made real My first real weapon! I'm an allrounder so the speed is enough for me, the control is really awesome! and the consistency is 100% , I was afraid because the carbon will be stiff and not flexible, but with the techno senso, They were really hit the stick to cat! It's assembled with a rakza 7 and a mx-p and i've a great control I am a beginner tough. A marvelous blade. Top Notch and a must try. If you're an allrounder and want feel the ball even with a carbon blade then Go for it!
22/03/2017 5+ Review by Igors Belikovs
Хорошее осноаание.Очень доволен
20/03/2017 Average blade and not suitable for tensors Review by Zesty
This is a good blade with decent manufacturing quality. I used it with Xiom Vega Pro on forehand and Vega Europe on backhand.

This blade is flexy and with tensors at high impact stroke acts as a cannon and shot becomes uncontrollable and ball travels beyond table edge. With Powerful stroke, flex of the blade and release of the ball from rubber sponge combined together makes a force which is difficult to control. On slow strokes there is no problem and works fine but powerful strokes with a tensor, there is a huge problem in the form of uncontrollable catapult effect.

Tried this blade with Mark V and Mendo and it works fine with classic rubbers.

I won't recommend this blade for tensors, but for classic rubbers it's ok, Though nothing exceptional.
05/01/2017 100% Review by Nikolai Rutkinen
Полностью удовлетворен, для меня, это самое сбалансированное основание. Более подходит для агрессивной игре, хороший контроль. Приобрел два таких основания, для ACUDA Blue P2 и ACUDA Blue P3. Разница сразу заметна на Р3 больше контроля, а значит точности в попадании на стол. Советую!
26/12/2016 excellent Review by davorin voloder
For all kind of strokes,best for block,light, for rookies for professionals,evergreen.
07/10/2016 good product Review by mohd zaini harun
Good feeling blade with cheap price..
fast delivery thanks tt11
12/05/2016 not for me Review by Meelis Kanep
Fast blade, contol not so good, anatomic handle makes control even harder.
19/04/2016 Good blade Review by Mr.kYe725
I like this blade. I can't tell if it's a 3+2 or 5+2 but it doesn't really matter. It's evenly balanced, probably because of the handle coring process. I was a little bummed by the hollow sound and corresponding hollow feeling that this produced. So I stuffed it with lightweight Styrofoam and capped it off with natural cork from a champagne bottle ('09 Tattinger: very nice:). This totally changed those characteristics to a much better feel and sound. It added about 1g to the handle weight. Overall IMO it's an all+/off- blade. For the price it's a good buy. Intermediate and advanced players who are offensively oriented will enjoy the way it plays (although it lacks speed). If you use all wood and are considering switching to carbon this is a good blend that maintains the flex and feel of a wood blade yet gives you the extra carbon punch and sweetspot. It's economical enough to not feel like you blew all your hard earned money on another quest for the holy grail of table tennis blades. Try it, I think you'll like it! Thanks TT11 your prices and customer service are topnotch!
16/03/2016 Ок Review by VIKTAR MIKALAYEU
10/03/2016 хорошое основание Review by Aidyn Mukhametzhanov
хорошое основание покупал для друга
14/08/2015 Solid Feel, Good Control Review by JWei
I have been using WSC for a few weeks. The feel is solid and the control is great. Easier to loop with than most carbon blades. Not too fast.
08/04/2015 good blade Review by Kimi Kivelä
Very good control and speed with bluefire m1 max on both sides
First great company to deal with...100% "buy with complete confidence,where ever you are in the world"
Arrived in UK in good time and all correct.
I tried this blade after try over 10 different ones,I found some to slow and some to hard and fast this one has an excellent soft woody feel yet has plenty of speed,great loops.
I am an allround attacker and this blade is perfect......
thankyou tabletennis11 expect more orders in the future.
13/10/2014 nianmor Review by Vinav sharma
nianmor was nt my choice since table tennis 11 .com does nt exports butterfly products to india so i have to go for this its an extremely fast rubber with fine touch takes time to settle into ur hands but once done this rubber is a killer one for offensive players
23/04/2014 very good Review by shi yi rui
good product,better service
13/12/2013 Very versatile blade Review by Milos Svircev
Two of my team mates use this blade. They have different playing styles (both of them are allround attackers but):
1st player is left handed, stays close to the table, has great FH topspin attack and serve and usually blocks when attacked
2nd player usually stays close to the table, chops/pushes with variable spin until he gets a high ball which he usually attacks with BH drive or FH spin/drive and lobs/topspins away from the table when attacked.

They also sport different setups:
1st player has FH Donic Bluefire/BH Donic Acuda S2
2nd player has FH Donic Acuda S2/BH Butterfly Tackiness C.

Both of them literally s w e a r by this blade. In fact, team mate #2 recently broke his bat (he went TOO close to the table I guess :-D ) and ordered a new Donic WSC the next day via my TT11 account.
21/09/2013 perfect blade Review by TOLGA EFE
it is realy fantastic blade, thanks to
13/09/2013 This blade is superb Review by Michael Richardson
Last year I purchased this bat from tabletennis11 when I was trialling Mark V rubber for the first time. For me it was an inspired guess as this bat has helped me to become much more confident in my all-round play.
More recently I bought a second Donic Waldner Senso Carbon as a backup blade which is testimony to the faith I now have in this superb, beautifully balanced, fast bat. I think anyone buying this product will be very pleased with the undoubted quality of this item.
12/08/2013 buen caucho Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
muy buenos productos, menejando una excelente atencion y puntualidad
30/12/2012 Excellent goods Review by Vladislav Sokolov
Control, stable, from an average zone quite suffices, quality for this price was pleasant. To shop separate thanks for a gift.
24/12/2012 Good blade, great service. Review by KH
Perfectly controlled offensive blade. TT11 were very helpful in giving me the right weight. Also very fast deliverance.
30/09/2012 a terrific asset to an attack minded player Review by michael richardson
This is as good an attacking blade as one is likely to find. Certainly the best I've played with. The quality of its construction is obvious and the feel of it is a joy.
I only wish I'd played sooner with it in my playing career.
28/06/2012 My favorite Review by jan bogdan
I have try many blade in the past but this one is my favorite,excellent speed and wonderfull control,ball feel like with no other blade.Just dont put heavy rubbers on it because makes head heavy and changes balance.Good luck to all table tennis players.
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon