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Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 78
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.6
This model is based on the famous DONIC Allplay which is one of the best-sellers in the world! Due to two additional Carbon layers the Waldner Senso Carbon combines the unique characteristics of the high-tech component Carbon with the undeniably proven Swedish allround construction in a perfect match. The result is a fantastic playing characteristic providing speed and control in an ideal balance. Supported by the Senso V1 void this blade operates very elastic giving you the essential feedback of the bounce of the ball. For attack players as well as for aggressive allrounders, the Waldner Senso Carbon is a perfect blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

04/05/2022 Light Blade Review by Ricky chan
Feels very light. Good feeling, control. It doesn't feel like it has carbon. Flexible.
14/02/2022 Great product Review by Akshay Badiyannavar
Great feeling on the ball. You get very good control with fast rubbers. Excellent delivery processing @TableTennis11
20/04/2021 mid quality, great product Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Good for any player.
06/11/2020 A carbon blade with a lot of feeling Review by Anton Kukeste
An excellent blade that has a lot of ball feeling and feels sturdy at the same time. Provides a high level of control, especially for an Off- blade. For its price a real gem.
28/04/2019 OFF- blade that is flexible and has good feel. Good penhold head size Review by David X
I've been using this blade for a couple months now with Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and Yasaka Rakza 7 soft on backhand. I'm around USATT 1700.
Pretty clear OFF- speed. Definitely faster than the Yasaka Silver All Wood, but slower and more controlled than many ALC carbon blades. I can still loop mid distance from the table since my technique and physical ability is good enough. It does take a bit of effort to loop far from the table, especially if I'm out of position, but there is a lot of arc and safety when doing so.

This blade has good feedback and feel, as a lot of reviewers online have said. The penhold head size is actually quite good. Similar to the Yasaka penhold head size/shape. The blade feels slightly heavy due to the hollow handle, but I didn't really notice too much of a difference for speed and reaction time. More flexy compared to a lot of other carbon blades (Butterfly ALC blades are stiffer), which makes the arc of the ball higher. Forgiving for loops, but not as forgiving for smashes. On passive blocks, the ball pops up slightly and lands deep when blocking compared to stiffer blades. Opening loop against underspin is easier than stiffer blade, of course.

Including the bulk order discount, this blade is a steal for the amount of money you pay. Can't go wrong with it. Recommended for any intermediate players.
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Ch.Pen