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Donic Waldner Legend Carbon

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 83
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Donic Waldner Legend Carbon was assembled with carefully chosen Hinoki outer plies with a combination of carbon and soft wood for the inner layers. This is a fast, offensive blade for aggressive players.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

24/02/2023 Excelente madera Review by Gerardo Gomez
Es una madera muy completa, muy accesible por su valor
03/01/2023 Ajoyib Review by Sobitxon Alaboyev , Namangan
Tavsiya qilaman boshqaruv uchun juda qulay
04/12/2022 Excelent blade Review by Paul K
This blade is amassing has a lot of speed but at the same time a lot of control my games really improved
Thank you TT 11 for the great service and quick delivery to Australia I will recommend you to some of my TT friends.
01/06/2022 This glue is very very sticky, be careful Review by Zhen Chen
If you tend to mess up or if your blade is fragile and not sealed, this is not the glue for you. This is a very runny but very very adhesive glue that will definitely keep your rubber in place. But as someone who likes changing rubbers frequently, this is not the glue for me because it doesn't remove well from the blade. It left a very sticky mess after I peeled off the rubber. If you want to glue and use that rubber to death, this is your glue.
02/03/2022 Fast and has enough control! Review by Jean J. Rudolph Bertin
Great speed! Enough control!
Straight squared handle!
21/06/2021 Best attacking blade Review by Arnold Ombune
The blade so awesome you feel the touch of the ball, great speed but very controllable.
22/04/2021 a fast, good racket Review by Ariel Pierini
It´s a high-quality blade, even though I own it one month ago, I can still say it is difficult for me to get used to the speed of this blade, but when you get the timing, you will love it.
The price is fantastic.
29/12/2020 Yahshi tahta, narhi ham qulay Review by Irvodon club
26/10/2020 Good Review by Irvodon club
29/09/2020 Good Blade but the Weight is light Review by Good
Good Blade but the Weight is light, It is really Good for attack and Spin and Control.
21/04/2020 Excellent Review by Turki Al Luhaibi
21/09/2019 Very nice blade Review by Patrick Lawlor
After a 20+ yr lay off from table tennis I started back about 2 - 3 yrs ago with a Joola Uniply racket with Xiom Europe on both sides..this new racquet was a nice step up. And the larger carbon sweet spot has a great feel. The racket isn't as fast as I thought. .I had Rakza 7 Max Soft put on it and all is good.
22/08/2019 Nice blade Review by boris raguz
Nice blade, can produce fast and safe attacks. You can catch one more ball because the blade is in big size XXL, especially those who have faster footwork. Fits very well in hands, worth the money.
23/05/2019 Fulfils my needs. Review by Grzegorz Sobkowski
So far I am happy with it.
04/04/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Good feeling and finish blade. Very weird head size 160 x 152mm like Chinese blades. Should be produced in standard size 157x150.

Big head size makes the feeling very odd. I had to sand to normal size. Then everything was OK. Good price.
28/03/2018 Excelente marco para jugadores ofensivos dentro de la mesa Review by Erick Perez
La verdad tengo dos años con este marco pero concavo, y no lo cambiaria, ya que brinda una velocidad muy alta pero con un control muy bueno, dentro de la mesa puedes bloquear con gran velocidad y control, apesar de ser un marco muy rígido.
Fuera de la mesa puedes jugar de manera ofensiva y ademas brinda un giro alto a la pelo al momento de atacar. Yo le combine un Bluestorm Z2 en derecho y un Hexer Duro en el revez, y me permite jugar de manera ofensiva y defensivo, pero imprimiendo un alto giro en la pelota durante el juego.
08/08/2017 Fast, looping, smashing offensive blade Review by Alberto Law
I am using this blade with 2.0 Donic Blufire M1 on FH and 2.0 TSP SpinPips on BH. You can feel the drive and blocks, but it doesnt vibrates a lot. This blade is perfect for any type of offensive players. Your shots are going to be taken seriously. But because of its speed, i dont recomend it for beginner players.
23/02/2017 calidad Review by Erick Balam Perez
Es una excelente madera!! muy rapida y con muy buen feeling! Y ademas se entrega en los 5 dias prometidos!

Volveré a comprar aqui sin dudarlo pronto!
16/05/2016 Good quality blade Review by Farzad Kassam
Great well made blade. Quality is good, Suggest you get the correct type of handle. The ST is a bit bulky for me since it is a square straight (the bigger kind)
10/03/2016 хорошое основание Review by Aidyn Mukhametzhanov
хорошое основание покупал для друга
25/02/2016 Good blade. Fair price and quality! Review by Toan
Thank you Donic for making great product. Thanks TT for fast shipping.
19/02/2016 Fast but controllable! Review by Stephen.W
This blade work best with mid-hard rubber like Xiom Omega IV/V Europe on the FH... if hard rubber, I found too fast for me. This blade is quite balance... it has both speed and control!
12/01/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
very good
01/01/2016 Good Review by Sammy
Good quality blade
30/11/2015 nice blade Review by voice83
highly recommend very good blade
06/11/2015 . Review by Hussain Al shunit
This reackt is heavy with dhs hc8 hard. And. Asia V. Iwell bought dhs hurricane 8 blade
23/06/2014 First Class Blade Review by Gennady
this my second Waldner Legend Carbon, I'm broke the first.
12/06/2014 Nice product Review by Konstantin Kuybida
Nice product. My first no Chine blade. Exellent with Bluefire JP01 on BH and FX. Need will to improve technique. :)
12/06/2014 Very good blade Review by Konstantin
Very good blade with "BlueFire JP01"
07/05/2014 good Review by john anderson
nice light blade, very comfortable slimmer handle. great service from Table tennis 11.
28/04/2014 excelent Review by carlos liebana
muy buen producto lo que esperaba
01/04/2014 excellent blade Review by benny glass
i have been using butterfly blades till now , tried jun mizutani zlc , innerforce zlc , innerforce tamca 5000 , all these to replace my old gergerlys and this is by far and large the best for me . the jun mizutani and innerforce are also excellent but very expensive and this suits me just as good
21/03/2014 Great feel and power Review by NS
Only thing noticeable is the handle where some areas are not sanded properly but that isn't a big issue for me however only for that reason i have 1 less star.
10/12/2013 Blade Review by Ishay Baruch
Very good blade
19/11/2013 Powerful Hinoki carbon blade Review by Myeongseok Chae
It's very powerful Hinoki carbon blade. Good quality and reasonalbe price.
13/11/2013 having fun with the blade Review by Thomas
matched with M2 and S1 - gives a great combination of control and speed. enjoyable in practice as well as matches. not expensive as well.
11/11/2013 excellent Review by Hong Chuong Dang
Comparation DHS PG7 vs Waldner Legend
Blocking 9-9
Serve. 9-10
Drive. 8.5-9
Speed. 8.5-9.5
control. 9-9
I really love it

24/06/2013 blade Review by armin choqueticlla diaz
Muy buena madera y buen precio
12/03/2013 Perfect blade for around attacker who likes softer feel. Review by Yin Loo Tan
Very nice blade with hinoki top layer. Excellent soft feel and excellent control. Not too powerful. Good for player who like to exert force themselves. Perfect blade for around attacker who likes softer feel.
01/03/2013 Reviewing Review by Cesar Palacios
First time with this paddle, and with acuda s2, it is a very good option.
Very good power, very good block, and sping fast. Not very speed.
Donic Waldner Legend Carbon