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Donic Waldner OFF JO Shape

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.5
This is a limited edition blade commemorating Jan-Ove Waldner, who retired from competitive table tennis in 2016. To honor the "Mozart of Table Tennis" Donic crafted this limited edition blade with the "Drop" shape that was introduced by the Master himself. The blade is lightweight and comes with 5 plies of wood that allow for high speed playing with maximum control. This blade is made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

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15/04/2019 Classic Review by Dusan Stamenkovic
Classic offensive (off-/all+) wooden blade. It has a great filling/control but at the same time, it is fast enough for attack with spin or flat hit from the middle distance.
11/04/2019 Good Review by jiaji ma
Good blade. The blade has been adjusted for 40+, the secode veneer becomes thinner, the middle veneer becomes thicker. Nice! I bought two of them, but there is a handle that is not very well-proportioned, Donic's quality control needs to be improved !!! Donic Waldner OFF is also made in Wood House. Why are Yasaka's products always better quality? If Donic's handle is square not oval, it would have been better.
26/11/2018 God of All Blades Review by Ravi
First of all, the person who came up with the idea of JO Shape was great (legend JO Waldner himself), not just because the way he played, but also because of his invention of JO Shape in Table Tennis Blades. In JO Shape blade, there are no annoying wings, plus you can switch your racket from Forehand to Backhand (and vice versa) faster, plus you have a better grip on your racket which provides great stability and control to your game.

Now talking about wood composition: it is a light weight 5-ply limba-spruce-ayous-spruce-limba veneer construction. Top ply of Hard Limba provides stiffness which works great on drives and blocks. Spruce ply provides the extra kick in your shots and since the inner 3 layers are soft wood, it gives you tremendous capability for looping.

So if you are an offensive all-round player (from intermediate to advance level), this can the best blade you can ever have to play table tennis.

Rubbers: Medium Hard to Hard Rubbers work well with this blade (as this is an all-wood looping blade).
Evolution EL-S Rubber (Max Thickness) on both Forehand and Backhand can be one of the best combination (as EL-S plays like controlled version of Tenergy 05, because EL-S has less catapult effect than tenergy 05), so EL-S is easy to loop as well as block.

After EL-S, if you want to upgrade rubbers, then-
On Forehand Rubber upgrade, you can use Evolution MX-P Rubber (max thickness) which can give you more power.
On Backhand Rubber Upgrade, you can use Evolution MX-S Rubber (max thickness) which can be little bit harder and fast on your backhand.
16/11/2018 57 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Una madera buenísima de muy buena performance con buena velocidad t excelente control
26/06/2018 1 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Muy buena raqueta para jugadores all around
15/03/2018 Good blade Review by palnt viet
Excellent in defense. A little vibration; good control and attack with hard rubber like H3 or Tenergy 05.
19/02/2018 Best blade Review by Agron Sverkaj
Best blade very friendly good speed and spin and very good control.
06/01/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Good feeling but decent finish only. Should have been better finished and sanded since they are limited versions. Price quite high
16/12/2017 Superb Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Weird shape. Good for collection. Hard and vibrant blade.
24/11/2017 Excellent Review by DO VAN HIEU
Nice good blade, my friend he get this blade from me never use butterfly supper mizutani jun after using this blade.
02/11/2017 Great Review by Frank Aguilera
This my third blade. Choose anatomic. Love it.
14/10/2017 softer Review by Achmad Haitamy
Beautiful blade.
Scandinavian design.
More softer feel compare to old waldner offensive blade.
21/07/2017 Good off- blade Review by Aleksey Loktev
Very well balanced,comfortable off- blade. I like it.
10/07/2017 Excellent Review by Oleksandr Skrypnik
06/06/2017 WJO LE Review by Dustin
I've owned two Waldner Senso Carbons in the past but could never get over the hollow handle vibration and slight carbon feel. This Limited Edition is all wood and has a solid handle. It is a bit faster than the WSC, balance is perfect and the feel is at the top of all wood blades. I don't think I've felt one unpleasant vibration. Excellent!

So nice I bought it twice!
06/06/2017 Very good Review by nemo
Center of gravity grips gently and gently swings
And bouncy with carbon
Very recommendable racket
18/03/2017 good Review by Jack Dong
good feeling
06/03/2017 good Review by Valery
хорошая основа за эти деньги. доставка супер
06/12/2016 Quality not good Review by Leung tony
I play two times, the blades was broken....
22/11/2016 Good Review by Yu Rong Huang
This is a good blade, stable but offensive, maybe kinda weak in today, but definitely a good blade
18/08/2016 Excellent All Wood Blade Review by Martin Bremke
Perfect Blade between WSC JO Shape (stiffer) and Rosewood XO (more elastic), so I would classify this blade nearly stiff. I use it with Tenergy 05 and T25 FX: Perfect weight of 176 g, great spin an speed, controlled touch and passiv play, also in countertopspins.
24/07/2016 Excellent Review by P L
Top quality blade, lightweight (78grms). This was made to celebrate J.O,s career and similar to the old waldner blades of the 80,s. I would rate this with the best. I was a bit concerned about the shape at first ie ball catching the top edge! but this happened no more than other blades.This blade is faster than the Stiga OFF C but a bit slower than the Rosewood. Still has plenty of power and very good control. Fitted with Airoc astra M 2.1 (FH), Barracuda 2.0 (BH) gave me more than enough power looping on both sides but still had plenty of control for touch, pushes, flicks etc. blocking is so easy with this blade. This is i bit like a Dicon with more control and lighter! Quality OFF blade! Also very quick service (3 days to UK).
Donic Waldner OFF JO Shape