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Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 75
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 7.7
The Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon comes with a Limba outer ply, carbon plies, and a Balsa core. This combination of Limba, Balsa, and Dotec technology defines the unique performance of this blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/09/2019 Continuación de balsa carbón de gran equibrio Review by Cordova Matias gabriel
Muy buena madera, la balsa te da un un gran control así como también el carbono,el mango anatómico necesita que te adaptes y entrenamiento!!! Muy equilibrada!!
23/07/2019 Madera liviana con mucho control, se necesita empujar la pelota tanto en el bloqueo como en el topspin! Un mango de corcho distinto, qué necesita entrenamiento!La balsa le da mucho control Review by Cordova Matias gabriel
Madera liviana de balsa que necesita empujar el golpe para tener volumen de juego! Muy equilibrada y de mucho control, mango de corcho anatómico que se necesita de entrenamiento para acostumbrarse!
31/10/2018 The best blade I have Review by Amit Aisikowitz
I have about 8 blades so far and this one is the best of them.
The handle is the strong point. Very comfortable, fits right in the hand.
You can really feel the large sweet spot the the carbon gives. It's very forgiving but at the same time super powerful.
I'm using it with DHS Hurricane 3 NEO on both sides and it's great. My backhand game went up a couple of levels.
13/12/2017 Very interesting blade Review by Jacob Reznik
Regarding the speed with Acuda P2 and Baracuda rubbers I would say it's on OFF, OFF- side. Good control and perfect for FH topspin. LH drives need adjustment and it may take time and patience. The handle is very comfortable and actually I didn't had any problems holding it in both ways.The only problem I had was LH strokes adjustment and surprisingly bad sweat absorption by handle (cork).. On usual handle I would just use some grip tape, but with this blade the handle is too thick on it's own.
09/11/2017 Best blade Review by MKAM
I gifted it to my friend at the club as a back up racket. She has been using it for the last 7 years and simply love it this kind of handle.
12/08/2017 Blade for 80euro best Review by Kestutis Stasiulis
Best blade for 80euro price-quality- control-speed= very,very like. I bought this blade second time! Play 5 years this blade:)
11/04/2017 one question Review by moshe iacobovich
i bought this blade and measured the weight of the blade.

i was surprised !

instead of 85 gram it weight 97 gram .

so i wander why ?
27/01/2017 Best bat Review by Roy Iranta NZ4630122
By comparison of all the blades that I have in the past, so far …this is the best bat that I have right now. It suited my style of play, and the handle is amazing…excellent anatomic design which prepares your hand for FH and BH loop and counter drive. The wood combination is deadly…it is fast and good control with solid sound. To be honest, my winning points dramatically increase after I have been using this bat. The price is reasonable and the delivery is fast. Cheers to you Tabletennis 11!!!
27/01/2017 Different from the last one Review by Farzad Kassam
This is my 2nd blade, and the handle was a bit thicker than the first one. I had to sand it a little. Been playing with this every day for about 6 months and it is getting to the point I think the handle might be too thick for certain things. But when I first used it I though it was the best blade ever!
16/07/2016 The bat is popular with our members Review by Dale Allen
This product is rated highly by our Club's members. Over time we have purchased several of them. It is reasonably priced with good control and speed.
17/02/2016 Excellence Review by Long Chang
Excellent Products, Services, More Orders, Well Done !
22/12/2015 Want to order some more Review by Long Chang
26/07/2015 good Review by Georgina Wong
This is my fourth Donic racket. I like the shape of the handle and the feel
of these rackets. One thing bothers me is all four racket handles are slightly different size and weight of the rackets are not the same as well. So there is
always a short adjustment time for every new racket.
04/06/2015 Speedy and good conrol. Review by jiho
This blade is good control and speed.

and 78grams. light blade.

Thank for fast delivery.
22/04/2015 Game changer Review by Avihai
FH - S2 Acuda
BH - Razka soft
The Dotec is a weird creature which is actually a monster.
The wood combination is very nice. It is quite light and makes a perfect sound.
The curvatures between the handle and the surface is very smooth and high, which reduces the friction between the wood and your fingers to zero.
The handle is made out of cork which is very soft but it lets you hold the blade very firmly. The anatomic design is very good.
With my setup:
FH - Very good topspins. OFF- speed. I would go for a faster rubber if you are an experienced player.
BH - Perfect spins, perfect block. High accuracy.
27/10/2014 very good. Review by Tatyana
Мне очень нравится.
02/10/2014 Well constructed blade Review by Nabil Rezk
Light and comfy but very fast blade ... I liked it so much.
09/05/2014 The Best of Donic Dotec Review by Patrick Haubruge
Amazing blade with all possibilities of game.
26/04/2014 Amazing blade Review by Patrick
I playing with this wonderful blade for one year.
It have so many control 9/10
Better than indicated (57)
I think it's the 4mm of balsa in the core.
Very good speed and spin 9/10
Waouw, I shall never change ;-)
11/04/2014 Super Review by Roberto Roeder
Very good grip
20/03/2014 Best quality and good price Review by Simon Tan
This paddle is quite light and has a good weight balance bouncing very well and good ball feeling. I likes the grip, ones you get used with this grip you will not go back to the normal handle.
29/01/2014 4 Review by Massoud Tahmassian
19/11/2013 Top service and quality! Review by Irena Lovrić
I got it in 10 days! I am very satisfied, its really high quality blade ! thank you! you can expect a new order soon and of course I will recommend you to all my friends! wish you successfully further business!
Best regards
09/06/2013 It plays alone Review by abel ruben alvarez
DONIC WALDNER DOTEC CARBÓN + NITTAKU FASTARC S1 2.0 ..... you leave her on the table and it plays alone
26/03/2013 very very good.... Review by chul sik oh
very good.....zzz
09/02/2013 Great Review by Keunho Ma
Grip is wonderful
22/12/2012 Great blade Review by Alexandra Dimitrova
I am loving this blade, gives the ball a certain amount of spring and is amazing for blocking. The grip is very very comfortable too!
28/10/2012 EXCELENTE MADERA!! CONTROL Y VELOCIDAD Review by abel ruben alvarez
Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon