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Donic Waldner Dicon JO Shape

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.6
The Donic Waldner Dicon JO Shape comes with the iconic "drop" shape made popular by World Champion JO Waldner. Due to its JO shape, the head is 4mm longer than most standard blades. The blade was designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

06/11/2018 Excellent job Review by Sajad Baqir
Excellent job
18/07/2016 Great blade Review by hyun park
Good control and affordable price
26/08/2015 good blade Review by jiaji ma
Waldner's classic blade. Beautiful shape
05/05/2015 Solid 5 ply blade Review by Yin Loo Tan
This is a solid 5 ply blade with good control! No wonder Waldner wins his Manchester World Championship without losing a game!!
20/01/2015 topspin with control Review by Alexandre Carvalho
An OFF- blade. Very good for offensiv game with great control. With this weight (82 grs) you can paired with ligth or heavy rubbers. You can play a controlled topspin game but there is much reserve to accelerate. Very good all wood touch an feel of this blade.Typical topspin blade (ayous, spruce, limba). One of the best blades i have tried, for the weight, the balance, the touch and the price. Recommend!
19/12/2014 A good surprise! Review by CHRISTIAN G. HAUNER
I play table tennis for over 30 years. It was for me a great surprise ognize the Tabletennis11 mainly because it can be again the DONIC WADNER DICON oval ST! This wood is a classic and a tremendous "tool" in the game! Congratulations to Tableennis11 however this done!
20/06/2014 good value for money Review by PETER LEE
Waldner is my idol and the blade is great!
13/01/2014 good control Review by wang shuai
good blade
10/01/2014 great ball feedback but loud noise a bit annoying Review by Huang Jiunn Min
Excellent blade due to very good control and the JO shape ensures that there is no annoying wings. The Sweden style rough handle takes a bit of getting use to it although it probably functions to avoid slipperiness from sweaty hands during the game. The Senso type hollowed out handles gives excellent feel and feedback of the ball to the hand is a big bonus although the hollow twang noise takes a bit of getting used to it. If not for the unusual loud thwack sound, I'd give a 5 star for quality
16/11/2013 good stuff Review by Nathan Darby
First the service, unfortunately they did send me the wrong blade by mistake, however this was dealt with speedily and they dispatched the correct blade the same day. Top stuff! And of course the blade itself is top shelf material, mind you anything with waldner written on it is normally the dogs bollocks. I would recommend this blade for people who like to feel their blade more through the rubber, you get a nice tinny feeling with it, fantastic consistency, lovely angle of trajectory and amazing control. Jan-Ove won the 97 worlds without losing a single game with this blade so dont take my word for it, treat yourself.
Donic Waldner Dicon JO Shape