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Donic Waldner Senso Carbon JO Shape Limited Edition

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 81
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.6
This is a limited edition blade commemorating Jan-Ove Waldner, who retired from competitive table tennis in 2016. To honor the "Mozart of Table Tennis", Donic crafted this limited edition blade with the "Drop" shape that was introduced by the Master himself. This blade is the JO Shape version of the famous Donic Waldner Senso Carbon.

Customer Reviews

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11/12/2022 Best shape Review by Piero Carella
Allows better grip and balance than regular one
05/05/2021 Donic waldner senso carbon Review by David
Nice blade, no too fast, good control for me.
St handle is good, the overall finish is not as good as my Yasaka Sweden extra or tibhar vs unlimited... the feal is rush and the plastic on the handle is not suited properly. also have the Donic Waldner Senso carbon jo shape limited edition there is the same bad finish as on the regular Waldner Senso playing with this blade is really fine, even for beginners, the blade feels more wooden when playing not strong hard strokes, the carbon comes in only after you hit the ball hard... using Donic Baracuda 2.0 on four-hand and Donic Acuda P2 on backhand... good spin and control on both sides the sweet spot is good too
13/02/2021 elasticity blade Review by jiaji ma
Waldner's weapon in the 2004 Olympics, elasticity is big. This blade should cooperate with hard or medium-hard rubber that has less elasticity so that to reduce the blade's flexibility close to table.mid and far to table, the blade's flexibility will help to release good speed and power. More suitable for high-density sponge rubber sheets.
27/08/2019 Donic Waldner Senso Carbon JO Shape Limited Edition Review by bislan chich
Привет ! Доволен покупкой. Доставка и качества продукции на высшем уровне .
09/08/2019 104 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
una de la mejores raquetas que existen en esta tienda
06/06/2017 good Review by nemo
Center of gravity grips gently and gently swings
And bouncy with carbon
Very recommendable racket
17/04/2017 Waldner's Weapon Review by Luther
That's good.
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon JO Shape Limited Edition