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Donic Waldner Black Devil

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.9
For the first time Donic has combined Carbon and Balsa into one blade. The core of soft Balsa wood gives this blade excellent control while the Hard Koto and Carbon plies provide the stiffness needed for producing speed and power. With a light weight, and a large sweet spot, it is perfect for attacking players.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/04/2019 Cool blade Review by Yap Chun
The blade have weird sound need time to get use to it.
10/07/2018 Bueno Review by jorge luis polo parada
Bueno , cumple con su función
25/06/2018 Powerful blade Review by seyed saadat
Powerful blade with great touch on many shots, but blocking against a strong incoming loop is challenging and requires significant amount of practice compared to other offensive blades. It is somewhat bouncy against incoming powerful shots. At slow speed and short game it is not bouncy and it shows great control, and of course it shows great power when you attack with it. Overall a great blade for the price.
07/11/2017 Good Speed Review by Muhammad Abdullah Khan
This product is definitely worth the price and really amps up the pace of the rally.
30/12/2016 Best value for money Review by Pitou Oum
Delivery time was faster than expected and come in good package. An amazing blade with reasonable price. This blade is fast with good control, best even with hard sponge and spin rubbers.
15/12/2016 muy buena rapida Review by RUBEN CECCOLI
excelente madera (esqueleto) muy rápido, me gustaría que fuese un poquito mas grande 0.5 cm mas de radio. es mas chico en comparación con cualquier otra madera
mi experiencia es valedera tengo las mismas gomas en dos esqueletos distintos, las donic blue fire M2 negra y roja en esta madera y en la madera donic ovtcharov y en esta ultima debo hacer mas fuerza para lograr la velocidad que logro con Donic Waldner Black Devil
mucha velocidad y topspin con mucho efecto
aunque al momento de pegar plano, mejor Donic Ovtcharov
22/03/2016 Berfect Review by Omar Jamal
Great speed and have good control
19/02/2016 Fast blade Review by Millie Kam
Good value for the price! Thanks TT11
23/06/2015 Excellent blade Review by Zainudin Jaafar
A very fast blade. I used it together with Rakza 7 Soft for FH and Acuda 3 for BH. And I love it. I recommend it for aggressive players.
17/12/2014 Fantastic Blade Review by Onkar Dhamu
This is an extraordinary blade. Super fast and light. It's a stiff blade so I highly recommend soft rubbers. I made a mistake and got the M1 Turbo and Rasant Powergrip, these rubbers are awesome but didn't suit this blade at all. I have actually placed an order for softer rubbers.
25/11/2014 rename it as speed devil Review by gaurav
excellent service by tt 11. recieved my bd in just 6 days ie from Estonia to India.i have already recommended the site to my co players.i will certainly order from u the next time. coming to the blade, its a big surprise in a small packet. awesome speed and power. it took me 2-3 days to adjust to it and now i am enjoying the benefits of this powerhouse
21/11/2014 should have been named speed devil instead. Review by Dr. GAURAV SHARMA
its lightening fast and with my mark v on both sides, my mark v has become a major major threat to my opponents. never thought mark v could do this. it took me 2-3 days just to get used to the speed and power of this blade. control will come after some practice. however there are just 2 little problems with this blade- 1. rubbers dont stick easily on the blade 2. blade has edges which need filing with sandpaper.
13/02/2014 very good Review by Carlos Augusto Nunes
very good racket, light, small and fast.
03/02/2014 extream speed Review by surya vidyadhar-banglore-india
This blade has very good speed and control a bit low, very careful while selecting rubbers, use only soft rubbers dont use hard rubbers,the blade sounds hallow but good speed , i received my order in 10 days and they given 3 3*** neottec balls free with my order.. 10q TT11.>>>>>>>>>>>>>
14/01/2014 fast blade Review by surya vidyadhar donthamsetti
i received this product in 10 days, i am frm india - bangalore and the packing was vry gud..
careful in selicting rubbers dont use hard rubbers use soft rubbers only..
i used joola mambo H on FH and donic sonex jp gold on BH this was great combination to this blade..
17/12/2013 Disappointed Review by Ryan Henry
Hollow sounding and slow....extremely slow.
Can't see how this can be an offensive blade.
09/12/2013 exelente! Review by rodolfo abelardo kamarauskas
Mejor de lo esperado
05/12/2013 Excellent Review by Muhammed Bello
Fast delivery, good blade. I recommend Donic bluefire m3 on it
30/11/2013 My second and getting a third Review by Peter V
This is my second BD after I totally wrecked my first when I hit the table while looping. Very light and fast but delicate compared other fast blades.

I am getting another for my spare/backup blade. In case I break one again
20/11/2013 Excellent Review by Muhammed Bello
I am very impressed by TT11 services, I recieved my parcel in just 1week (Estonia to Nigeria) woow!. My previous blade was Donic burn off, after using Donic B/D for a week with Donic bluefire m3 on my FH and Donic Acuda s3 on my BH, I got to realise that my blocks/counterloops were done with ease. Rallies (my favorite) was with little effort. I recommend this blade for fast players.
24/10/2013 Order from Italy Review by andrea tcheon
I have ordered this blade for a friend of mine, the quality is ok, it seems no fake. The shippment was very quick and the comunication was good.
My point of view is that the seller is ok.
09/10/2013 You have a delighted customer in fareast!!! Review by Puneet Sehgal
I am amazed with quick delivery. I have got very good product and service at very good price. Good Job Guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!
07/10/2013 Good Review by Ajay Agrawal
product delivered in a very quick session....Quality is also very good
13/06/2013 Fantastic!!!! Review by Rustem Suncheleev
Excellent blade. Very sensitive to rubber selection. Not working well with some of my favorite rubbers, such as Tibhar Genius or Nimbus soft (these are very good rubbers). With Donic Bluefire M2 and M3 it is just fantastic. Spin, speed and control are excellent. My recommendation: use it with soft to medium hard rubbers. Thank you Donic. Great stuff. Thank you Tabletennis11. Excellent service.
17/04/2013 fast! Review by sotirios tsagalos
very fast blade with decent control...not for amateur players...also,very light
09/02/2013 light and speedy and powerful Review by Keunho Ma
light and speedy and powerful
30/08/2012 Nice blade Review by Steve
I've found this to be quite light and easily use, it has great speed and good control. This is blade i'll use for a long time. Works great with the Rakza 9 rubbers.
Donic Waldner Black Devil