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Donic Original True Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.5
True Carbon comes with five wood veneers and two layers of carbon. The blade offers a perfect balance of speed and feeling.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

12/07/2023 A big improvement over my Tibhar Black Carbon Review by Ahmad Haris
I am using it with MX-P on FH & MX-S on BH. The same combo is much better than on my previous Tibhar Black Carbon. I love the sound of the strokes. I can play from near and far from the table with good (low) angles. This one has a larger sweet spot which gives me a greater advantage and improves my game. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for OFF+ blade.
11/01/2023 Good product Review by Sobitxon Alaboyev
Ajoyib taxta, narx ham qulay
03/01/2023 Good product Review by Sobitxon Alaboyev , Namangan
O'rtacha darajadagi uyinchilar uchun, tezlik va boshqaruv uyg'unligi
09/12/2022 Ajoyib Review by Irvadon club Namangan
Tavsiya qilaman , qulay narx va boshqaruv uchun ajoyib
29/11/2022 Fast Crispy Blade Review by Vic
Fast blade good for top spin

crispy direct feedback when contact the ball

good quality
27/06/2022 Зачетная доска Review by Pavel Zaytsev
Я очень люблю компанию Donic и их продукцию.
Часто экспериментирую с инвентарем, в поисках той самой волшебной ракетки)Про эту основу много слышал, пару раз брал на турнирах у ребят, чтобы попробовать её в деле. Моя основная ракетка это ТБ ALC c 19 FH и 05fx.И мне нужна была сборка под улицу, играть в парках, но бюджетный вариант т.к. на улице Тенерджи умирают в разы быстрее и основу искал бюджетную, но с хорошей скоростью и большим контролем чем ТБ.
И я её нашёл это-Donic Original True Carbon,сборка была сопряжена с накладками TIBHAR Evolution MX-P в максимальной толщине. В итоге получился прекрасный атакующий комплект с отличным контролем.
Серийные топсы-всё в стол, меня отгоняют от стола-ухожу во вторую. в третью зону возвращаю все в стол, на меня идет атака -подставка супер. Резюме -отличная основа для вариативной игры, добротный универсал, квалифицирую как чистейший-off.Ручка тонковата-подматывал.Баланс получился хороший-чуть в голову, это уже кому как нравится. Попробуйте такую сборку и вы не разочаруетесь точно.
30/07/2021 Me ofrece un buen equilibrio entre los golpes de ataque y los defensivos Review by Pablo Mayer
Estoy muy conforme con la madera. Para mí nivel de juego, es lo que precisaba. Me ofrece un buen equilibrio entre los golpes de ataque y los defensivos. Es mi primer paleta con carbono, ya que use, unos cuantos años una madera ofensiva butterfly Jonyer-H-FL. El mango es cómodo, y el tiempo de adaptación a esta nueva madera fue de aproximadamente, un día de entrenamiento.
10/06/2021 Отличное основание Review by Aleksandr Klimentev
Основание хорошего качества изготовления. Вибрация незначительная. Ручка FL меньше, чем у Carbospeed. Лёгкое. Контрольное. Но не для агрессивной игры. По скорости ближе к OFF.
18/12/2020 Best Review by Max
Nice handle for me and good control.
21/03/2020 Советую Review by Nikolay Berdnikov
В комплекте с Dignics 05 отлично.
18/11/2019 It's meant for those who want low trajectories Review by Marlon Macadaeg
The quality is excellent but this blade isn't for me. I'm used to soft blades with limba or hinoki outer ply. This blade has nearly no dwell time so it's not meant for. It's for drives, block, counter spins.
19/10/2019 Good Review by Ravi Sinclair
The new design delivered. Much more beautiful and impressive. Quality same as the old version.

14/08/2019 Feels good. Review by Sang Hyuk Moon
It's a little heavy for beginners and ladies but I like the look and feel of it. I am not a very experienced player so I cannot really describe it in a "professional way", but it plays way better than my previous racket. I love it.
07/08/2019 fit to all level player Review by Mohan Yang
Very good feeling with Donic or Tibhar rubbers.
14/05/2019 This is my 5th true carbon blade Review by Owen Lee
Excellent and consistent as usual. The true carbon blade may not play exactly like a Butterfly ALC, but the consistency makes up for it if you need more than 1 blade to back up your game.
07/12/2018 Good Review by Anton Valovenko
Качественная досточка, очень схожа с Viscaria.
19/07/2018 Good speed and control Review by ALI HASSAN
Good speed and control, very nice handle, comfortable. Be careful with rubber selection. I am using this blade with Tibhar Evolution MX-P this is the best rubber choice.
27/02/2018 S Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Fast, hard. Boll ZLC alike. Very good finish and design.

Very low throw angle. Be careful with rubber selection. Most suitable for highly catapult rubber like Tenergy 05, Vega Japan, and Tibhar MXP.
23/02/2018 Excellent! Review by Rami Faiume
Good. Fast. I love it. The control is very good.
18/02/2018 Nice. Review by ABDULRAHMAN ALGASAAB
01/02/2018 Best blade Review by Brett Hansen
This is the best blade I’ve used so far. Good speed and good control. I highly recommend it.
29/01/2018 Revie of Ovtcharov True Carbon Review by Looper
Cheap price compared to Butterfly Viscaria. However, it can't be Viscaria's replacement as people said. Medium throw, good with T 05 on FH. Good blade for the money.
25/01/2018 Offensive blade Review by Ivan Bozok
Very nice handle, comfortable (if you have big hands, might not be the perfect choice for you) ,has good control, but I would say it is not an OFF+. It seems to be more like OFF, however, you get a perfect response from the blade when doing spins, smashes and loops.
23/01/2018 Powerful weapon Review by Robert Zheng
Unlike other carbon blades, this one is easy to excel the power. And it provides a better control than Boll Spirit does, which I used before. Also, the ST handle is very comfortable to hold.
16/01/2018 Great control for carbon blade Review by Yi Zhang
I'm used to fast 5-ply pure wood blades. I have Stiga infinity, intensity, and maple wood V. At first I was worried that Ovtcharov True Carbon might be too fast because it's a carbon blade. To my surprise, this blade has really good control that is comparable to 5-ply pure wood blades. IMHO this should be an Off blade, not Off+.

I suggest medium to hard rubbers for this blade if you are an offensive player. Use medium soft rubber if you are an allround player. Don't use soft rubbers, because it will likely be too slow.
16/01/2018 Хорошее основание Review by Orunbek Kenzheev
Одно из хороших оснований Donic. Похожее на Timo Boll ALC или Viscaria, но более медленнее, вес небольшой.
В целом интересное основание.
10/01/2018 Great blade, one of the best blade which I have had so far. Review by Hrvoje Dujmovic
Excellent blade, very fast, well balanced, great control. I use blade with MX-P on FH and Rakza X on BH and these rubbers make an excellent combination.
17/11/2017 Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Review by Bo Vu
I had the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC , and after playing both rackets with same rubbers Xiom Vega Pro ( FH & BH ) , i think the speed are almost identical , the only thing that the handle of Donic Ovtcharow is smaller , but after using the overgrip to cover the handle , then it feels fine and it need more time to get use to this new racket ! and i am happy with this ...
08/11/2017 Excellent Blade Review by Chee Lee Chew
Excellent Blade
06/11/2017 Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Review by Vance Taggart
My favorite paddle to date. I own 2 Ovtcharov True Carbon blades, having one as my backup as well. Right now, I am using Tenergy 05 on my primary paddle and Donic Bluestorm Z1 (black & red) rubbers on my secondary True Carbon blade. I have rather large hands. The Ovtcharov True Carbon feels good in my hand and not too small unlike other blades. You do not need large hands for this blade though. It would fit anyone's size of hand, really. I am just a fan of the shape and feel of the straight handle. The Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon along with good rubbers like the Donic Bluestorm Z1 can produce a great amount of speed and spin. Pushes, flicks, and loops are a breeze with this awesome blade. I highly recommend it to intermediate - pro table tennis players. Table Tennis 11 has the absolute lowest price that you will find on this blade and everything else for that matter. I suggest buying it from TT11and save $10-15.
10/10/2017 Fast attack blade Review by Owen Lee
I had the opportunity to play with 4 of these blades recently, as well as two recent production Viscaria. All 4 Donic true carbon were purchased at TT11, two were flared handles 86 and 87 grams; two others were strait handles 89/90 grams. Rubber used were tibhar MX-P, EL-S, and a few others.

It seems to work with the MX-P the best, producing a lively and powerful combination. This is a very good attack platform, but will require good skills to handle. The combo is all conquering when the technique are sound and the player is focused, but the margin of error is a narrow band.

Compare to the Viscaria (flare handles, 91/92 grams), it feels stiffer, faster, and produced a flatter trajectory. It also feels a bit less solid, sending a bit more vibration to the hand. Whereas the Viscaria feels more muted and buffered, and provided a bit more margin for error.
17/08/2017 AAAAA Review by Bill
Excellent blade at all aspects, lighting speed, looping machine, great control
31/07/2017 Great Offensive Blade Review by Brandon Eiler
I've used many blades over the past 10 years and I have never written a review until now, that's how much I am impressed with this blade! Just like other reviewers have said, it is very comparable to the Butterfly Viscaria. Even though the OTC is similar to the Viscaria, there is just something about the OTC that fits my game better. This blade has great touch at the net, serves well, slow spinny loops, fast power loops, BH punch, active/passive blocking! I use MXP on both sides and it's a great combo! I really can't say anything bad about this blade. If you are a more advanced player and are looking for a little more speed in your game, this would be a great option for you!

Also, TT11 is a great place to order from. I live in the US and have recently switched over to ordering from them. Quick deliveries and the best prices online! You can't beat it!!
07/06/2017 Well balanced blade. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
I play with Zhang Jike ALC, but I buy a lot of arylate carbon and aramid carbon blades.

This blade is very well balanced, has a lot of speed and control. The handle is very nice, but a little shorter than average. If your hand is large, it may take a couple of sessions to adapt, but you'll get it.

Aramid Carbon is slightly slower than arylate. But just a very little. Other than that, you can feel a fine amount of power from this blade.

It looks awesome, with the german flag colors. Very nice blade, I recommend it a lot...
12/05/2017 Ovtcharov true carbon Review by Jan Bogdan
Good blade ,very similar to Viscaria
27/04/2017 Fast blade with good control Review by Chi F Cho
This blade can do it all and fast if proper technique is used. One of the best blade in the market.
20/03/2017 好板子 Review by 弗雷德徐
25/01/2017 Buy it when it's in stock Review by David L.
Very balanced, comfortable blade. Excellent in offense game. Can't go wrong with the price at tabletennis11. Definitely one of the top blade.
17/01/2017 A good alternative for bty alc Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Comparing to Butterfly Viscaria, which I'm currently using. Speed is identical but the OTC is a bit softer on feeling compare to Viscaria. Over all, this is a great blade to own. A good replacement of the later blade if budget is the issue.
02/01/2017 Excellent Review by Bill
I really like this blade, similar to Viscaria, but faster. The handle is smaller, but ti feels good.
Donic Original True Carbon