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Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon

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Number of Layers : 6+2
approximate weight (g) : 89
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon 8ply is the original blade used by Ovtcharov himself during his rise to the top of table tennis elite. The core of this blade is a unique formation of two Ayous plies treated and glued at high temperature and under great pressure. It is then cooled and prepared for the next stage. Two carbon plies are added to the core to maintain blade stability and the appropriate hardness. Dima Ovtcharov said: "This blade was a huge help to me on my way to the world's elite. Donic's "know-how" and the Swedish blade technicians have created a blade precisely to suit my game. It is everything that I could wish for. As a result of their expertise I can develop top speeds when attacking but am able to retain super control when under pressure. This blade was made for me!"

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/10/2019 Fast & Stiff Review by Kaleem Dawe
Quite fast and stiff blade even compared to normal carbon blade. Yet the feeling not so hard and still easy to make spin as long as paired with medium rubber.
Using it with hard rubbers required a very high level of techniques.
07/10/2019 Donic Ovsharov senso carbon Review by Ruslan Taymazov
Хорошее основание, отличное вращение и контроль.
Прекрасное соотношения цены и качества! По скорости чуть выше среднего как и заявленно.
19/02/2019 Good Review by Gaven S.
High-quality blade with low price.
30/03/2018 Отлично! Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Отличное основание
21/02/2018 Good control and speed Review by Yi Zhang
The hollow senso handle is a really nice feature. It reduces the blade's total weight and makes the blade a bit head-heavy, which I like. The speed is good, something between off- and off. The control is very good. You can easily direct the ball anywhere without it going wild. It has large sweet spot, as carbon blades usually do. The dwell time is also good for a carbon blade. It's a great blade for looping and blocking. If you use medium rubbers, you can have a racket with very good control. If you use hard rubbers, you can have a racket with high speed potential.

The only issue I have with this blade is the lack of feeling. It doesn't provide sharp and clear feeling for touch shots and short balls.
09/08/2017 One of the best blades Review by Kouros Zirak
I should mention that it's for a while I'm trying to find a blade for may game as I changed from penholder to shakehand. In general, this is a remarkable blade. In comparison to Butterfly Viscaria and Stiga Infinity VPS, this is my conclusion:
Pros: More spin generation in every shot. Softer feeling so that you can feel the ball in your hand. Better service by producing more spin. You will find you will have a better backhand on loops or blocks. Your backhand block will be so crisp. Excellent price per performance. You cannot find such a good blade with this price.
Cons: This is a head heavy blade. The handle is a bit thick due to my choice of the ST handle. I haven't tried the FL, yet. The attacking power on the forehand is not as well as backhand. Stiga Infinity VPS is a better choice, if you want to achieve a faster attacking game on both wings. If you like a spin oriented game with emphasis on backhand, go for Ovcharov SC.
12/12/2016 Donic Ovtcharov original senso carbon Review by Boznea Daniel
It 's a good blade, with big sweet spot and good stability. Good balance between speed and control.
28/01/2016 exellent blade for control Review by SaSho Stojanovski
exellent blade for control iin play
25/01/2016 Fantastic Review by José Silva
One of the best blades I ever tried. Speed and control is all there.
12/03/2015 Powerful blade Review by Kevin Chang
I have tried a few blades and currently use MJ SZLC. This blade can loop very easily with a beautiful trajectroy and powerful enough but the short touch is not so clear. It is a blade for strong attackers.
Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon