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Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.8
This blade is similar in construction to the Waldner Legend Carbon with the slight difference of having a somewhat thicker inner ply together with a top of the line Hinoki outer ply. The Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed is a fast carbon blade especially suited for players who like to counter attack aggressively.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

04/07/2019 Good Review by david redmond
Fast control to me better than Butterfly Photina and a lot cheaper. Bought another one, but it is a little slower. Price, shipping and service are great at TT11!!!
28/06/2019 Great speed and sound Review by thao hoang
Love this blade. Bought about 15 of these for our players and everyone loved them.
08/02/2019 Well made Review by david redmond
Very fast with MXS on it. Great with Calibra LT Sound. Faster than my Butterfly Phontio.
30/01/2019 Too hard Review by Faizal Jaleel
Speed is good, but the paddle is way too hard. I do not like this paddle.
23/01/2019 Awesome Review by Ricky
The blade has a perfect balance and the delivery time was impecable.
25/10/2018 Great price. good blade Review by thao hoang
Got this for a good discount because of quantity purchased. Produce good sound and good speed when combine with Tibhar Evolution MX-P rubbers.
28/03/2018 Excelente marco Review by Erick Perez
Es un marco con una gran velocidad, combinada con un hule Bluestorm Z1 aumenta aun su velocidad para aquellos jugadores super ofensivos, pero si prefieres un juego con mas giro, te recomiendes que compres este marco y le combines unos hules Hexer Duro, y le brindaras una velocidad y efecto muy altos al jugar fuera de la mesa.
22/02/2018 Good Review by Kruno
Fast and strong blade for all out attack players. Of course must be in high level to use this.
08/02/2018 Nice Review by Igor Kopcev
Отличное основание за смешные деньги.
29/12/2017 No 1 Review by Avraham Kastiel
Very very very fast and good i love it its the best for attack
15/12/2017 Excellent wood Review by Raul Ramirez
I have used this blade for 1 month and I am really satisfied with it
26/09/2017 Try this before you buy any fast blade Review by Jensen Wong
Fast but still maintain a very high level of control. Good blade!
11/06/2017 Watch out; it is fast. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
This is like a Tamca 5000 blade from Butterfly. Super fast. If you have very good control, and your strokes lack some power, this may be a good option for you.
The feeling is very stiff, this is a hard blade. If you like plain carbon blades, this is a good option for you...
02/03/2017 fast Review by nikko alejandro
if you want power, spin, and looping. get this.. heavy but it suits me well,. i like heavy racket. the racket is hard. good feel for me. the SPEED is GREAT!
02/05/2016 the best Review by ORMOND MARSHALL
i have enjoyed this blade so much i purchased 2 of them and attached tenergy rubbers on them.the speed and control are amazing,i am very very happy with these blades.i also have a few more donic bladeswhich i purchase d from this fantastic company tt11.
15/03/2016 Kupaianaha! Review by Hauoli Thelk
Maika'i loa. Mama loa a me wikiwiki.
14/03/2016 Good price Review by Zhao Ming Zeng
I'm buying two more
01/12/2015 very fast Review by voice83
this is a very fast carbon blade hard to control, control come with trainnig
14/02/2015 good Review by 王 中人
14/01/2014 отличное основание Review by Aidyn Mukhametzhanov
отличное основание, не хуже чем баттерфляй zlc
29/06/2013 Stiff Fast Blade Review by Fattchoi
This is a fast blade. Good for smashing, blocking and looping too. The outer hinoki wood helps tame this wild beast as it gives a good soft feel to an otherwise stiff fast blade. I love this blade.
12/10/2012 Speed and Power Demon Review by Roy Santiago
not for the faint of heart and those with poor technique!!
Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed