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Donic Ovtcharov/Original №1 Senso


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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
This is one of Superstar Dima Ovtcharov's favorites. Two layers of Acryl-Carbon surround the inner ply. This blade is distinguished by enormous acceleration, yet has great feel and relatively soft touch. The Senso handle ensures a light weight and transfers the contact point to the top of the blade. Donic is in the process of changing the “Ovtcharov” blade line to the “Original” blade line. The Ovtcharov blades were very popular among Donic‘s customers, so they kept the design and modality of the blades unchanged and have merely revised the print and lens. They are the same blade. Once we run out of Ovtcharov blades we will be sending out the new “Original” version.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/05/2023 A Donic branded HL5? Review by Juan Camilo Mora Zoppi
This product is amazing.
It is not a fast blade when playing at low speeds. For serve, receive, and touch play it feels identical to any wooden 5-ply racket with the soft feeling that limba gives.
However, when playing at medium to long distance an extra gear kicks in that gives you some support for the speed.
It has a comfortable handle (although I have small to medium hands for a man) and realized that its FH to BH transition is pretty easy to do since it has great balance and a reduced weight with the senso handle. However if you have bigger hands I would not recommend this handle unless you are used to the thinner handles that come in blades nowadays. As comparison, I had an EU Primorac before and that feels like a tennis handle to me now (a bit clumsy). Also the senso handle makes the blade feel more agile and literally feels hollow in your hand which is a feeling I have liked.

I sincerely think this blade is a HL5 produced by DHS with a different handle design and given to Donic for sale. The handle dimensions, blade size, and blade composition are identical to HL5. Also the most telling thing is the lense shape. It is the only blade in Donic's catalog with a shorter, rounder lense like the DHS ones instead of the longer, thinner ones that are normal with Donic. The quality of the blade is quite good, no rough edges, but some sanding of the wings is required since they are quite sharp.

Overall very pleased with the blade. The flexibility makes it great to combine with chinese rubbers and makes open ups very easy. If you like to play a spin and forehand oriented game, you can't go wrong with this blade. The soft limba and the inner carbon make it great.
23/01/2022 Great Control Review by Christopher Elkin
Very good touch and feel to this blade. Different kinds of weight distribution due to the hollow handle. Easy to play with and has plenty of speed when required.
22/02/2021 Very good Review by kabuli balkheimer
This is the second time I bought this blade, very happy with it.
19/02/2021 Soft, feeling and pretty fast Review by .
A little bit soft and plenty of feeling in the shot but still fast enough to finish a point good with long pips.
28/01/2021 Excelent blade! Review by Jose Delgado
Excellent blade! Good control, fast, good weight.
29/12/2020 One of the best Review by Coach Wickham
Most top-level players are going to the wood-wood-carbon-core-carbon-wood-wood setup right now. That's what this is (obviously). This what Dima WAS using until he just recently went fully over to Butterfly. Now he's using something unavailable to the public, specially made by Butterfly for him. I'm going to guess that it's the same setup as this is, which is fantastic. This blade is especially lovely due to the senso handle. For me, the senso handle is all about LIGHTNESS. Yes, it does give great feedback, but many other handles do so as well. Also, this blade is great for playing the counter from close and mid-distance on both sides (FH and BH). Basically, this blade is great at playing the same style as Dima plays, which is counter from both sides from close and mid-distance. You feel lots of control with this blade, especially when swinging all-out. But, be prepared to have to swing with all you've got on every possible shot. That's what this was made for. And for that reason, I'd say that this is meant for highly competitive players who are able to swing with 100% power every chance they get. When you're able to give that effort, you get great dwell and control for an attacking blade. And because of that, you can generate a ton of spin of the ball without losing power. Just like Dima, you can loop/counter-loop with heavy spin from mid-distance on the FH, while still being able to counter-loop or hit pretty flat with power from close to the table on the BH. Serve and receive are as great as YOU are, plus are highly dependent on which rubbers you team with this.

And yes, the handle (FL) is quite thin, which I absolutely LOVE because I do not have huge hands and this allows me to generate extra spin (if you understand the FL handle Chinese technique, you'll understand what I mean)
16/11/2020 Donic Ovtcharov/Original №1 Senso Review by Amil Fridman
Very good blade. Improved game for my sun.
03/09/2020 Great racket Review by kabuli balkheimer
Improved my game tremendously.
19/05/2020 Natural shot feeling of inner fiber Blade Review by Sor_TT
I think this blade is the version that made the DHS Hurricane Long 5 more natural. The grip is quite thin.
However, the best performance is still good and the average weight is not heavy.
Senso technology is applied to the hand, and the sense of delivery is very immediate. It is necessary to pay attention to the durability of the hole at the bottom of the grip.
16/04/2020 Too thin handle Review by JUNGIL KIM
The handle is too thin.
14/03/2019 Very Good Review by BYUN Han-Seok
Very good blade!
I think that the grip is fitted with small hands.
09/01/2019 Отлично Review by Elena Tsvetkova
27/11/2018 Great Balance Review by Alvaro Gal Lino Cueva
Balance, feeling, weight, all are the best combination.
Donic Ovtcharov/Original №1 Senso