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Donic Defplay Senso V3

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 5.5
Created for allround players who like to switch between defensive and offensive playing styles. This 5 ply allround blade has two dampening outer plies of elastic Gabon and Anegre wood. The head size is 3mm larger than the standard blade size. The dampening effect is facilitated by the Senso technology, which employs the specially developed V3 hollow engineering.

Customer Reviews

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19/09/2019 Excelente Review by Ezequiel Correas Espeche
Excelente madera! La mejor...flexible y liviana ideal para los que tenemos una defensa moderna, sin resignar el ataque de drive.
10/09/2019 Good control! Review by Alexandr Buss
Отличное основание с очень хорошим контролем. Учитывайте, что это больше размер, чем обычно . Это защитное лезвие , но атака тоже хорошая. Я очень доволен этой покупкой и если Вам нужен контроль в игре покупайте без раздумий.
Excellent blade with very good control. Keep in mind that this is a larger size than usual. It's a defensive blade, but the attack is good, too. I am very happy with this purchase and if you need control in the game buy without hesitation.
21/05/2019 Love this Defplay Senso V3 Review by yuerong wu
5 stars, I love my paddle.
07/02/2019 4 Review by nachum shamis4
16/11/2018 Best low-cost DEF+ blade Review by MATTHEOS KOTZIAS
One of the best (if not the best) low-cost blade for DEF+ (ALL- maybe??) that money can buy.

Excellent in chopping, very good at attacking!
26/08/2018 Nice thin blade Review by Yap Chun
Lots of vibration and used max rubber yet still quite light. Nice good feel on the handle. Overall its pretty good blade.
18/07/2018 Best Defensive blade with balanced attacking Review by Ian Dominguez
Defense is a tricky style. Defenders, espeically modern defenders, are always have to decide where to compromise on elements of defense vs. elements of attack (control vs. speed, spin vs. spin resistance, etc). Some DEF blades attack very at the cost of some safety against pace (Like the Joo Se Hyuk blade) and some are overly defense oriented at the cost of the ability to attack (Toni Hold White Spot).

The Defplay is set in a nice place, not too fast to where it doesn't provide safety and dampening, but not so slow that you can't attack with confidence and put away a point. Blade feel is a very personal decision, but for me it is the best looping defensive blade. it's not the fastest, I would rate it at ALL or ALL+ (but again, that's all subjective). It's flexy, which is a huge plus for looping.

The hollow senso handle is great for feedback, and you can really feel the ball with each stroke. Attackers who use stiff, carbon, muted blades find this to be disconcerting, but if you are a true defender, feedback is one of the most important aspects of chopping and chop blocking.

It has more feel than the JSH blade and the VKM blades. It is lighter than any of them as well. And it has more feeling (again, subjective to the user) than any defensive blade I've tried. And, it won't break the bank!

Wu Yang and Masato Shiono both use this blade proving it is viable at all levels.
19/05/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnoje osnovanie dlia igri shipi + Gladkaja nakladka.
12/05/2017 Gracias TT11 Review by Julian Posadas
Exelente combo con Dornenglanz!!
14/04/2017 Good Review by Andrej Reshetnikov
Horosheje kontroljnoe osnovanie Po moim vpecatleniam ono blize k aalround cem defens
15/01/2017 Great Review by Danny
What a bargain. Great feel, amazing control - and overall perfect blade for me. I can hit any shot whether it be FH, BH, chop, loop, side spin or just blocking - this blade is great.

The flared handle seems a bit more flared than most normal flared blades (if that makes any sense) and I prefer the straight handle for this one.
14/01/2017 The weight Review by eun keong park
Defplay Senso V3 offers fantastic control when defending and is very powerful when attacking. I use C7 1.0 on backhand and Hexer HD on forehand. But you had better be careful when you choose the weight of blade,especially if you have weak wrist. I recommend you to choose blade-weight 10~15 gramms lighter than what you have used.It is because the center of gravity of Senso V3 is placed on head-side, feeling heavier than real weight.
06/01/2017 great blade Review by raymond joe
the blade is great, has great feel to it I'm using tsp p4 with .5mm sponge. It provides great dwell time for chops, shots feel controlled and it is light. I would recommend a harder sponge for forehand, it smashes and loops great. Tenergy would work well with this blade too but its a bit rich for me. I use xiom vega asia which I like the feel of
06/12/2016 좋아요 Review by semin kim
도닉션소 3의 기술력으로 인정감 대폭향상
윙 부분이 크다보니 손이 큰 사람은 어색할 수 있음
롬핌플 보다는 숏핌플에 궁합이 잘 맞음
31/05/2016 Great feeling Review by Ivo Thomasson
I use this blade with LP on BH and Vega Euro MAX on FH, it gives great feedback on chops as well as brushy loops and has an overall awesome woody feel. It's also very affordable and looks good, what's not to like?
31/03/2016 Love this blade! Review by Douglas Wruck
This is my first time using a defensive blade, and I absolutely love it! What I was looking for was a setup for a "modern defender", and this was just right. It has very good feel, and I can block and counter hit well with it, while also keeping the ability to win points off of forehand hits and attacks with my long pips.. I can already feel that both my defense and offense are improved, and for the price, you can't beat the quality of the blade. I highly recommend this blade for anyone looking to both defend and attack.
11/05/2015 Nice Blade Review by FABIO
My new racket competition, good control and works well when I need to attack.
01/04/2015 Excellent! Review by Viktor Jovicevic
Nice blade for modern deffence game.Loop is amazing with this blade,controll too.Nice price for sucha a good blade!
31/12/2014 Fast shipping. Thanks. Review by ÖNDER ORHAN
Fast shipping. Thanks.
23/04/2014 very good Review by shi yi rui
good product,better service
03/02/2014 Very good defensive blade Review by Ahmet Sözmen
Donic Defplay Senso V3 is a very controlled blade. It has a medium soft feel. Combining it with a 1,8 or 2,0 mm attacking rubber you may also produce powerful spin.
23/07/2012 One of the best blades Review by Jason S
This Donic defplay senso is a large headed modern defence blade. It weighs around 85 grams. It's not as slow as you would imagine because although it's quite slow on passive shots it does have a wide range and more than fast enough on the offense. It's a very accurate and consistent blade and makes more topspin when looping than any other blade I've tried (I've use 40+). The blade will be very head heavy with two heavy inverted rubbers due to the headsize, so is more ideally a combination blade.

On the other hand it's good enough to consider adding weight to the base of the handle or even reshaping the head for allround inverted play.

The ST handle is round and fairly small, FL is about normal. The finish on the blade can be a little rough as with most Swedish blades, but the quality is in the play where you really want it.

One thing notable is the bounce, sound and dwell of a ball on the bare blade is indentical to a 1960/70 Stiga Alser. Several profesional modern defenders use this blade and I can see why. Very impressive.
22/07/2012 Great blade at a great price Review by the_theologian
This is one of only a couple commercial blades which have blown me away. All around players should really consider it. This is truly a blade which delivers dizzying topspin.

Mine was 85.0 grams on the nose, just as it was supposed to be.

Thanks tt11 for this great blade.
Donic Defplay Senso V3