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Donic Defplay Classic V3


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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 70
Blade Type : DEF
thickness (mm) : 6
The Defplay Classic Senso V3 was designed with a classic defensive game in mind. It is suited for long range defense as well as fast attacks close up. Among its modern counterparts, this blade is a featherweight, coming in at a mere 70 g. The weight is even more surprising when you consider that the head size is larger than the standard size for most blades. This blade has two balsa wood plies in the center with the two outer plies made of Koto and Ayous wood.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

19/04/2021 Very good blade for defense. Review by David Jacobson
This is a particularly slow blade, with a balsa core. It has great control, but must be matched with the right rubbers. I use a tacky rubber (usually Hurricane 3-50) on the forehand (so low-arcing loops) and long pips on BH for good chopping defense and close-to-the-table blocks.
16/08/2020 Great for Chopping & Hitting Review by SC
This is the new version with the single balsa core & glass fiber plies.
I picked up this blade to have a spare. I tested it with Donic Bluefire JP01 1.8mm and a couple of different long pips. Chops are just as good as the more popular Defplay Senso V3, and is MUCH faster on flat hits & smashes. Despite being a balsa blade, you still get pretty good spin on loops with it. If you tend to attack with more speed than spin, I'd choose this blade over the Defplay Senso V3.
03/10/2019 Like this wood the most Review by Nited Leangsomboon
Wood is lightweight and very cheap. Importantly better than other expensive wood brands.
21/08/2019 great DEF Blade for long pips, maybe DEF- Review by CYW
Totally different blade compared to Defplay Senso, due to the BALSA CORE,
much softer.
Both Defplay blades can make slow but great arc and nice stroke with high stability.
Excellent performance with FH pimple-in BH long pips when doing near table playing, but too soft to chop with long pips with a sponge or soft long pips.
If you want to make more spin, choose a harder blade.
With hard long pips, it can make both great attack and block; with soft long pips, it can do great block. When the opponent making powerful hits, you can fill kinds of huge vibration and lost some control, put hard rubber on the other side can solve this problem somehow.

搭配較硬長顆也可隨心所欲地進攻, 速度不是非常快但落點精準.

搭配日德皮時上旋球弧線非常好, 速度雖慢但出球蠻直接的不會拖泥帶水.
但擋球時球拍太軟還是會偶而掉球, 搭配較硬膠皮可以減少這種狀況.
28/12/2017 As expected Review by Ruben Kvamme
This blade was not for me, but I tried a few punches with it and I was really content with the feeling. I liked the speed too, combined with Lkt pro XP and RITC 802-40 it made for a really good cheap defender racket.
26/12/2017 exelent ! Review by Edvards Parijancs
One of the best defensive blades. Using with correct rubbers will be perfect as for beginners as for professionals.
Special thanks for your service ! Delivery time = OFF +
01/09/2017 Excellent blade Review by Pete Sliney
Not slow and able to swop between defence and attack easily. I have four of these blades now and my current favourite blade
01/10/2015 No es la de la foto Review by Rodrigo Carrasco
No es igual a la imagen, ya no es de color azul, es del color de la madera, pero es buena hoja, cumple el propósito para la cual está hecha
28/04/2015 Добре Review by Viktor
26/11/2014 From classical to modern defence with eligible rubbers Review by LUTFULLAH BESIROGLU
I have been using this blade by combinig 05 fx 2.1 and CLoud fog 3 1.1. It is faster than i thought. However,even with tenergy, it presents satisfying feeling of control. Compared to bottom up movements, it is more likely to produce effective spin with top down movements
18/06/2014 nice Review by Orel Ohana
a nice very light blade for beginners or just for fun.
10/04/2013 Gracias tabletennis11 Review by Julian Posadas
He recibido el pedido, muy buena madera!
20/02/2013 Great blade Review by Fred
Good price, Perfect for defensive player.
17/02/2013 Good choise Review by Rimas Teresevicius
Good control
Donic Defplay Classic V3