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Donic Crest OFF

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Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.9
The Donic Crest OFF is a fast blade that, despite its nine plies, is actually relatively light. The composition of this blade consists of an outer layer of Limba wood, a Kiri wood core, and extremely thin carbon layers and Carbon ZF plies. A distinctive difference between the OFF and the AR+ is that the OFF version has the carbon layers between the outer plies, while the AR+ has the carbon layers between the central ply and the inner Limba plies. This blade is truly a shining example of German manufacturing at its best.

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28/09/2015 High quality Review by Sober
Excelent touch feeling, There is more control and also more speed, very comfortable for Topspin rallies
Donic Crest OFF