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Donic Coppa

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Rubber type : inverted
For aggressive offensive players who operate with top spin, counter top spin and block technics and who win their points with hard strokes. The ideal tuning between the high-elastic, spinny playing surface and the relatively soft, but dynamic sponge grants you an outstanding ball control.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

12/12/2020 All in one Review by Vlad
As for me, Donic Coppa can be used for intermediate players as FH and BH, as all-round and offensive rubber.
My flexy Yasaka Sweden Classic (ALL+) plays as OFF- with Donic Coppa red max and it's only with classic topspin technique.
I see no difference in speed with my previous fiberglass setup Yinhe Mercury-13 with FH Palio AK-47 Red.

10/10/2019 Decent rubber. Review by NEIL ZINN
Not bad. have not used very long. Getting more used to it but agree with the review that said they wanted more spin. I got it because it was 21 dollars at TT11. I think I would prefer Mark V. Still, I think Donic has good quality and I would prefer this to something cheap definitely.
05/02/2019 Good offensive rubbers. Review by pawel abram
Good for offensive players But not the same level as Donic Acuda Or Tenergy
25/12/2018 Excellent Review by SATHIAMOORTHY BALASUBRAMANIAN
Excellent rubber with good spin and speed. It's medium hard and is perfect for players looking for control,spin and speed.
It can't be compared to tensors in terms of speed if you are looking for high speed rubber.
I got this at discount and justifies my purchase with respect to other rubbers available in the market having similar characteristics.
25/12/2018 Excellent Review by SATHYA
This rubber provides good spin and speed. You can control the placement of the shots. I am completely satisfied with it.
30/07/2018 Old but gold Review by Lucas Cabral e Silva
Classic rubber with medium hard sponge, offers a lot of spin, very good control and enough speed for beginners and allround players.For the offensives fits well of course, but need an carbon blade and/or booster, so you will have the old speed glue sensation.
07/06/2018 Soodsa hinnaga endiste maailmameistrite kumm ! Review by Marek Arras
Soodsa hinnaga tasub proovimist (ostsin allahindlusega). Olen ise lauatennist mänginud alla aasta, seega algaja vaatenurgast täiesti korralik kumm. Panin MAX mõõduga Stiga Allround Classic WRB alusele ( nii eeskäsi kui tagakäsi), ilmselgelt oleks õhem kumm parema kontrolliga, aga saab hakkama. Vinti tõmbab täiesti korralikult, kiirus on algaja taseme kohta vägagi hea.
26/01/2018 Quality Products and Fast Delivery Review by Rithy Lim
Will purchase from this seller again. Highly recommended seller.
06/12/2017 Good late beginner/early intermediate forehand rubber Review by Andrew Malone
Got this rubber in 2.1 black on the FH of a 5ply off- wood blade.

Speed: Acceptable. Slower than my 2.0 mark V but faster than my 1.9 sriver, but nothing compared to things like tensors and chinese rubbers like skyline/hurricane.

Spin: decent spin, more than sriver/about the same as mark v, but still nothing special compared to chinese rubbers. To be honest, while the spin is good, I was frankly disappointed, as spin is supposed to be this rubber's greatest strength.

Control: As to be expected, the control is excellent. This rubber shined in touch play, and helped a lot with serve placement (It even allowed me to chop when I did). Better than all tensors I've played with (not an exhaustive list though).

Summary: While it's good, if you are more than a beginner there is no real reason to get this rubber. Without the discount I got it for, it's quite expensive for the performance, and there are a number of good faster/spinnier and still controllable rubbers out there such as the Mark V, DHS skyline, DHS tin arc, Target National, Gambler Wrath, and the many euro tensors such as the Andro rasants.

While I enjoyed playing with this rubber for a while, I'm switching it out for a chinese/euro hybrid rubber: the dhs tin arc 3. IMO, this DHS rubber is better than the original COPPA rubber in every way, except for maybe the price.

Final verdict: If you are a beginner looking for a forehand rubber with acceptable spin/speed, good control, look no further than this rubber. If you are past the early stage, go for something faster. The only time I would recommend this rubber to someone more advanced is if they are a chopper who wants something slow but still capable of attack on their forehand.
18/10/2017 great as usual Review by alaa mansour
very nice
18/10/2017 very nice rubber Review by alaa mansour
very nice rubber
27/03/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnaja nakladka posle bustera falco long buster
13/03/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnaja nakladka na FH iBH otlicno igraet s busterom FALCO LONG BUSTER
07/03/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnaja nakladka na FH I na BH.Tolko nado lozit dva sloja FALCO BUSTER.Igraet SUPER.
11/01/2017 For allround and offensive players Review by Calvo Zeledon Ronald
Excellent control, good spin. perfect for allround players. Also for offensive players
11/01/2017 Good for allround players Review by Calvo Zeledon Ronald
Excellent control, good spin. perfect for allround players
17/08/2016 Hule para iniciación Review by Zuly Mar Cuenca
Este hule esta muy bien para ser usado por una niña que está en etapa de iniciación de entrenamiento del tenis de mesa. Nos gusta su calidad y está a muy buen precio.
07/06/2016 VERY GOOD Review by Nilton Silva
20/11/2014 RETURN OF MISSING ITEM Review by Saheed Buhari
Unbelievable! I thank Tabletennis11 for inclusion of the missing item (Donic Coppa rubber) in my previous order to the order which I received some minutes ago. I commend the sincerity & honesty shown towards my plight. I must say your services are also excellent & your prices and quality of your products are commendable. Am also happy for JOOLA RUBBER which have recently been introduced but prices are on the high side. Buhari
10/04/2014 value for money Review by shiny rajesh
Nice rubber with good spin and speed !
25/03/2014 good rubber Review by shiny rajesh
I am using this coppa series for the first time. good feel, spiny and controlled rubber !
20/03/2014 Very good Review by Groshev Andrey
Very good
13/03/2014 A classic rubber Review by Vladimir
Don't buy it if you expect speed :)
Old classic rubber, quite hard, yet I prefer it a lot over Sriver L which should be the equivalent.
Great rubber if you like to play controlled all/off game, but you have to win the points, it won't do it for you.
It is a bit overpriced when not on discount, but you guys have great prices here, so no complaint at all!!!
04/03/2014 Отличная накладка для скорости и варщения Review by Groshev Andrey
Отличная накладка для скорости и варщения! И цена порадовала! Из минусов - отсутствие ламината на накладке
23/02/2014 Fine for blocking and close to the table play Review by Lorenzo
This rubber blocks just fine! It isn't fast as hell and I seen more spin on other rubbers but it is nicely balanced, more allround then offensive orientated.
15/07/2013 Hole in one! Review by Alejandro Rodriguez
Awesome rubber. I have them on my Donic Applegren Allplay S2 and they feel great. I'm a beginner but I can feel the difference between these and a cheap preassembled racket. The spin capability is top notch. I use a lot of backspin on my serve and 80% of them go unanswered. Does whatever it's master commands it. I can't imagine what it can do on the hands of a andvanced or pro player. On the cheaper side too vs. other beginner rubbers like butterfly sriver or yasaka mark v.
27/02/2013 Good rubber Review by Slavisa Paunovic
Its basically for players who want a mixture of speed and control with a lot of spin. I can produce slow spinny loops, loop drives and flat hits with ease. Blocking and short game is also very controllable with this rubber.
Donic Coppa