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Donic Classic Offensive

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 87
Blade Type : OFF
The DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE is very similar to the CLASSIC POWER ALLROUND. The decisive difference: With this offensive table tennis blade, the new textile fibre (flax cloth BF3) forms the core, which is covered by two layers of ayous on each side. The result is a more direct touch, more speed and more force, but since the outer veneer is made of spruce, it still provides good control. Therefore the DONIC CLASSIC OFFENSIVE is not just exclusively for hard-line attackers.Technology: 7 layers of flax cloth BF3 (core), ayous (3+5), ayous (2+6), spruce (1+7)Character: Fast, medium hard, dynamicRecommendation: Table tennis blade for offensive players who are looking for the playing feel of classic blades.Straight, concave, anatomic
Donic Classic Offensive