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Donic Bluestorm Z3

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Rubber type : inverted
Bluestorm Z3 is the softest rubber in the series. The Bluestorm series of rubbers have a thin topsheet allowing an increase in max sponge thickness. The topsheet is soft and the sponge is medium soft in hardness. This rubber allows for great control but still has higher speed than one might expect. With its medium-high throw angle, you can generate great pace and spinny loops.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

24/07/2022 Maybe one of the best soft rubbers Review by Haavard Salamonsen
Quite soft rubber which doesn't lose grip of the ball. Nice blue color
19/07/2022 Excellent Review by Gary S.
It can generate good top spins while looping.
14/07/2022 Rubber z3 Review by Andrew
Soft, spinny, and controlling. A bit slow for my liking. I will order Z2 for more speed.
04/07/2022 Good Review by avichai jackson
I'm enjoying it.
28/03/2022 Great feeling of the ball Review by jacques casas
I used this rubber for my forehand. If you are a player that loves to feel the ball this is the perfect rubber. Use it with a fast blade it gives a great combination of speed and feel of the ball. This rubber is not very spiny however, the feeling of the ball when you loop is great.
31/01/2022 Above Average Performance Review by Jo Yamit
Paired with Carbonado 145 and Xiom Zetro Quad, adequate control, grippy, very good for looping with nice consistency. Very good in the service department. Performs better with Zetro (forehand) I reckon.
10/08/2021 Rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Love this blue storm rubber.
03/11/2019 Good rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Best control rubber
24/09/2019 QUALITY Review by Tom
Great offering from Donic. The Z3 (2.1) enhances my WALDNER WC89 blade. Great speed, spin, control, and most of all blocking & ball placement comes easy. Tried Donic Bluestorm Z2 (2.1) and Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX (2.1) which are also very quality rubbers but the Z3 seems to play just a tad better for me (my preference). As always Tabletennis11 making table tennis fun and enjoyable and offering nice products at very affordable prices. Very fast shipping and quality packaging. VERY PROFESSIONAL TEAM. Highly recommended.
23/09/2019 QUALITY PLUS RUBBER Review by anonymous
Paired the Bluestorm Z3 (2.1) with a Waldner WC89 blade and the performance is outstanding. Great speed, spin, and most of all control. Ball placement comes easy with solid blocking when needed. As always Tabletennis11 providing awesome products and very affordable pricing. Fast delivery service and awesome packaging. VERY PROFESSIONAL COMPANY.
17/09/2019 Top Notch Review by anonymous
Put the Z3 (2.1) on a Waldner WC89 blade and it performed outstandingly. Awesome speed, spin, and most of all control, touch, and feel. Very nice backhand and forehand rubber. Z3 enhances the performance of the WC89 blade (great blocking combination). I've tried Z2 (2.1) and T05-FX (2.1) on this blade and the Z3 seems to play just a little better in speed and spin (personal opinion). As always, Tabletennis11 providing nice products at an affordable price. Super fast shipping and packaging from the Tabletennis11 team. VERY PROFESSIONAL.
02/08/2019 An all around rubber Review by IDUB
This rubber gives you the opportunity to make all the strokes. It is not too hard to prevent passive play but not hard enough to force you into expending excessive energy to produce the most dramatic effects with your shots. The soft supple feel of the rubber provides good feedback to the user as they brush the ball and gives a nice consistent spin to the ball. Great for the intermediate player and serious upper-intermediate alike. A great backhand rubber if you enjoy spinning with the backhand. If you like smashing then you would want to try something else.
12/06/2019 Excellent Review by Yousif Nissan
I like the Donic Bluestorm Z3 rubber because it’s amazing for topspin and for flat smashes too. Very easy to control, very good with short and long pushes, very good combination with most blades. Thanks.
15/11/2018 Powerful Review by Amit Aisikowitz
This rubber is one of the best speed to control ratio there are. Put it on an all wood blade like the Tibhar Samsonov Pro Black Edition (On the forehand side) and it's a monster.
Don't try it on an OFF or OFF+ blade. It's way to powerful. Go for and ALL+ or OFF- blade.
04/07/2018 Good product Review by ilan rozner
Enjoy playing with it
18/06/2018 Very good product for all levels Review by Daniel Chen
I like it
29/01/2018 This is an awesome rubber. Review by Petar Georgiev
Good rubber with spin and control, so speedy.
25/12/2017 Not for me Review by DS
The sponge is very soft and bouncy. Not many years. I prefer Z1.
15/12/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Raul Ramirez
I have used this black rubber and I am really satisfied with it.
02/11/2017 10 Review by Frank Aguilera
Love this rubber
03/10/2017 Very good. Review by jonathan costanzo
Love this rubber. Fast with good control and spin
16/09/2017 Perfect balance between speed, spin and control. Review by Genrel
I tried max on a Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade.

Speed: 9/10
Spin: 9.5/10
Control: 10/10

Like a Donic Barracuda that is faster, better feel/control, and same spin.

I'll try it soon on a 10.5mm American Cypress.

Donic Bluestorm Z3