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Donic Bluestorm Z2

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Rubber type : inverted
Bluestorm Z2 is the most balanced of the series. The Bluestorm series of rubbers have a thin topsheet allowing an increase in max sponge thickness. The topsheet of Z2 has a thinner pip structure allowing for an increase in dwell time. Combined with a medium-hard sponge, this rubber has a medium to medium-high throw angle and excels at controlled looping while still having very high speed.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/08/2022 Fast and spinny Review by Carlos Gil Arroyo
I bought the max since I wanted a rubber that was fast and good for loops. I come from Rakza 7 Soft and Mark V, and I found this rubber too fast for me. Taking into account that I'm beginner-intermediate, and my technique is not correct, so I had many balls flying out of the table on the other side that would normally land with my old rubbers.
Don't take this comment negatively, the rubber is very spinny and fast, and if you have the right technique and experience it will be a great rubber, the shots that went in were difficult to control for my opponents.
Ended up using it on my backhand, and it was surprisingly fast, even for flat shots and blocks (I'm a leftie so my backhand is much more consistent.
Went back to Rakza 7 soft on both sides since they are one of the best rubbers to learn new shots and be consistent.
04/07/2022 Great Review by Kiwiboy M
Great softish rubber, amazing control, and huge spin.
05/05/2022 Rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Great rubber.
26/04/2022 Excellent rubber, recommend Review by DJ
Excellent rubber. The throw is medium, has decent spin (both lower than Bluefire M2 which I have on my FH of Donic Waldner WC 89 OFF blade) but good speed and loads of control. Loved it on my BH. I liked the fact that it doesn't have a ton of catapult - you can do a short play as well as drive the ball fast. I switch to Z2 on FH when I need to drive the ball or I am far from the table. The feeling of Z2 is direct as compared to the ever-so slightly mushy feeling of M2.
01/03/2022 So good Review by Nurmukhammad Khamidov
Better in every way than Tenergy 05.
08/12/2021 Awesome Review by chanyang Shin
I will recommend whenever.
05/02/2021 EXCELLENT RUBBER fun Review by Tommy K
Great rubber (2.1 thickness on both sides) for my Donic Waldner WC89 OFF blade. Has all of the tangibles to win at this game. Has a very nice touch & feel, speed acceleration, and can be very powerful when the need arises. Easy to block with and ball placement comes easy. Definitely one of my favorites. Donic did a great job in creating the BLUESTORM rubber series for the poly ball and the modern table tennis game. Tabletennis11 providing nice equipment at very affordable prices with quick delivery. VERY PROFESSIONAL TABLE TENNIS COMPANY and easy to use WEBSITE. Very happy I found them.
07/03/2020 Better version of Bluefire Review by Alberto Law
The feeling, speed, control, is very similar to Bluefire (my last rubber), but the catapult effect is better.
15/12/2019 Great rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Bit slower than Z1.
03/11/2019 Control rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Good rubber
18/03/2019 very good Review by Darko Veselinovic
Low arc and great control. Very good in keeping ball low on net play and serves and returns. But not very fast, which can be good or bad depending on player that uses it, and bat on which it's on.
17/09/2018 Excelente Review by RUBEN CECCOLI
Absolutamente una tormenta de energia muy buena goma.
14/05/2018 Great rubber Review by Rogier Wijker
Nice and fast rubber.. but has enough feeling and spin
25/12/2017 Not for me Review by DS
The sponge is very soft and bouncy. Not many years. I prefer Z1.
18/12/2017 its ok Review by ABDULRAHMAN ALGASAAB
good ..
with H long 5.. average.
stiga 290.. not good
stiga 190.. very very nice. its the best for BH for 190
05/09/2017 Excellent spin Review by haider mohammed
The best rubber in all donic generation
Donic Bluestorm Z2