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Donic Bluestorm Z1

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Rubber type : inverted
Bluestorm Z1 is hard and powerful. The Bluestorm series of rubbers have a thin topsheet allowing an increase in max sponge thickness. Z1 has a medium to medium-low throw angle and excels at drives close to the table with high speed and at long distance counterlooping.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

17/02/2022 Excelente Review by Pablo Torena
Me gustó mucho esta goma, muy buen control y una velocidad aceptable.
01/02/2022 Excellent grip and control Review by Edgar Leon
This rubber has a very good grip, its sticks to the ball. It's not so fast when it comes to counter-attack or block. Very spinny inputs a lot of effect to the ball.
05/07/2021 Good Review by Ahmed Ismail
Good control.
15/03/2020 Very good rubber Review by Nikita Churakov
Great rubber for forehand (2.1 mm)!. Not very durable but control, spin, speed, and power are ok.
13/02/2020 Very Good Review by Alvaro
15/12/2019 Great rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
My favorite.
03/11/2019 Love it Review by Frank Aguilera
Good speed.
18/10/2019 A lot of spin Review by Alvaro
Power and a lot of spin.
13/08/2019 Sigo usando la Bluestorm Z1 Review by Julio Villarroel
Mucha satisfacción con esta goma, buen control y velocidad, la uso de ambos lados de una madera Person Powerplay Senso V1.
07/12/2018 Excellent Review by Anton Valovenko
Отличная накладка, хорошо подходит для мяча 40+ , но строк службы не очень.
06/12/2018 Отлично. Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Накладка супер!
31/10/2018 Incredible control Review by Amit Aisikowitz
This rubber is super fast !!! but non the less it's control is awesome.
I could play short pushes and land close to the net most of the time, and when I decided to topspin (and actually landed on the table) no one could return my shots.
13/07/2018 Best rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Best rubber ever bought
13/07/2018 Great rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Best rubber ever
09/06/2018 Spin Review by Daniel Mellado
Despite it wearing out very fast, it keeps the spin alive It's very controllable and fast.
01/05/2018 A great step up from the Bluefire Review by Orel Ohana
It's lighter than the Bluefire, but the control,speed and spin is great. If you feel like Bluefire is a bit heavy for you, then go for this, you won't be sorry.
27/04/2018 Excelente para el reves Review by Gean Alberto Diaz sepulveda
Excelente caucho, buen control, buena catapulta y buen shock, lo mas parecido a un tenergy 05 pero con muchísimo mas control.
27/04/2018 Velocidad y control Review by Julio Villarroel
Una buena elección mudar de la Acuda P1 Turbo a la Bluestorm Z1. En pocas horas me adapté al cambio y estoy asombrado del control y la velocidad con que he mejorado sustancialmente mi rendimiento ante jugadores más veloces y talentosos que yo. Espero que su duración también sea mayor que la Acuda P1
14/03/2018 Great product Review by Rogier Wijker
Needs a bit of time to get the right traction.. but then speed and spin are good as well as the control..
21/02/2018 Great buy Review by Frank Aguilera
Fast rubber with good control
21/02/2018 Fast rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Fast rubber with good control
13/02/2018 Fast, Spinny, Made for Pros Review by Edgardo Donoso
Very good.
29/01/2018 Fastest of the fast. Review by Vance Taggart
This rubber is loaded! 47.5° sponge gives you good control, very linear loops but has the ability to lift the ball up from low places. Great for looping, pushes, flicks, etc. This is nearly the only rubber that does it all other than Tenergy 05 and it doesn't bottom out during rallies like the T05. I've experimented with many different rubbers and there is not a one of them that does it all for me like the Z1! I love it!!
11/01/2018 Rubber Review by Pavel Dunaevsky
Very hard rubbers for my feeling. I like it a little soft.
25/12/2017 good rubber Review by ABDULRAHMAN ALGASAAB
it will be good with carbon blade
18/12/2017 the best FH rubber . Review by ABDULRAHMAN ALGASAAB
very nice rubber for FH .. mach with any blade.
its fast and spiny .. with good control. i think its too fast for BH.
i try it with :
H long 5 .
donic true carbon
stiga infinity VBS V.
stiga 190
stiga 290 not recomended.

thank you TT11 for great services.

15/12/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Raul Ramirez
I have used this red rubber and I am really satisfied with it.
13/12/2017 Excellent choice Review by Bennett Alfred
I use this rubber with Yasaka max carbon 3D blade with excellent results. Very good for topspin shots and in defensive volleys. Good speed with control and very good for spinny shots too.
22/11/2017 Creat backhand rubber Review by Mike
I was using Acuda S series on my backhand for years. IMO, it was the best backhand rubber in the world until Bluestorm series. Bluestorm Z1 has the same or even better control, the great versatility and, at the same time, feel livelier than Acuda.

As for forehand, it is still a good rubber. Personally, I have not noticed any advantages over Bluefire series (both M and JP). It is not worse but it is not better, IMO. Overall, it is just a bit different flavour. Ultimately, it comes down to player's style and preferences.

But Bluestorm Z1 is the best backhand rubber!

02/11/2017 Fast Review by Frank Aguilera
Fast and controllable
17/10/2017 Good rubber Review by Amarjeet Nandra
I was using butterfly rubbers but I am finding this rubber very good except for I have to make adjustment with the speed to my shots and loop. Butterfly T energy rubbers are not long lasting I felt and hoping these will last more.
06/10/2017 Perfect rubber for attack player Review by Kenneth Quan
Excellent speed with very heavy spin. The throw angle is higher than the Acuda P1 and the weight is much lighter than the Bluefire and Acuda. It is ideal for heavy looper and fast attacker close to the Table and mid-table player.
20/09/2017 Best table tennis rubber that I ever used! Review by William Dely
This is my favorite rubber to use with my Waldner carbon classic. It's a very fast rubber that loops better than anything that I've used before. And I really like how my serves are working now. I use it on my forehand and backhand.
18/09/2017 Best rubber at a cheap price Review by CC Lee
A versatile rubber designed for the new ball and new tactics in today's table tennis.
Good quality, easy to adapt, why paying twice as much for the ordinary Tenergy ?!
This is the new technology for the game.
I'll highly recommended the Donic Blue storm Z1 to all levels of players.
Donic Bluestorm Z1