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Donic Baracuda


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Rubber type : inverted
Donic's Baracuda is somewhat unique. While not lacking in speed, the primary focus of this rubber is extremely high spin and the highest throw angle of all rubbers that are currently available. This high throw angle and spin allows for a greater ability to attack backspin and a greater margin to clear the net on counter loops. This rubber is made for players with a spin first game style and use it as their primary attacking weapon.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/10/2023 Spiny Review by AJ Collins
26/09/2023 Good rubber for backhand Review by Anand Rathnasamy Muthusamy
Good spin and speed, reliable touch for backhand.
18/09/2023 Great spin Review by Paul Aldcroft
Super rubber. Great spin and not slow like some have suggested. Depends on blade. Forehand or backhand perfect control.
18/09/2023 Best rubber Review by shoaib khan
Perfect speed control and spin, looping is easy very good control
22/08/2023 Spin, Spin, spin Review by Mihai Anghelea
Incredible spin, control not s-o fast
11/07/2023 BH Review by Emilio Aragao Mendonca
A little bit slow, but it has so much control. Excellent spin.
10/07/2023 Great and easy to use Review by Mohammed Mousa
First of all I use Viscaria blade.
I used to play with Tenergy05 for both FH and BH, but for me my shots always got an extra kick so I drop many points out of the table because my style depends on placement and straight shots, so and I have tried many rubbers ( Rakza Z, Bluefire M2 , Dignics05, Baracuda and H3 neo commercial ).
I found the combination ( H3 neo FH , and Baracuda BH) is what I'm looking for.
But H3 neo commercial doesn't last long (6 weeks) and hard to clean specially if the balls of training have some dust
so I changed to Baracuda for both FH and BH (Max thickness) that makes great combination with my blade: great control, great spin and acceptable speed also good for blocking.
07/07/2023 Very Good Review by Kostiantyn Retivov
I like it, good spin !
19/06/2023 10/10 Review by Steven Myles
The product came quickly and its quality is excellent.
05/06/2023 Good Review by Askhat Suleimenov
16/04/2023 Affordable blue rubber with excellent performance Review by Chung Ting Lao
I had the blue version so this is not exactly the old version. I put it on my backhand (RPB). Uncut weight is ~70 g, not exactly light but not heavy either. Very spinny when I commit to my strokes, has enough speed for me to take initiative and attack, more of a spin monster than a speed monster. One minor issue is that it is noticeably spin sensitive, so half-hearted attempt to flick/open up will not work.
11/04/2023 5+ Review by oleg popov
Классика! Лучшая в этом ценовом диапазоне.
11/04/2023 Super rubber Review by Askhat Suleimenov
This is super rubber! Very good control for not a lot of money! For biginner is excellent. Thanks!
10/04/2023 Excellent Review by Bunbun Bunyamin
Good rubber for FH
30/03/2023 Great rubber for someone moving into the offensive! Review by Dany Matta
I can do better spins with it.
And the speed and control are very good.
My serve is becoming hard to answer. My strikes are faster, and hit in the table more and more.
It is an advisable rubber for someone moving into the offensive!
17/03/2023 Fast rubber. Review by Luke
I use it as backhand one and it delivers! I originally saw it used by another player who is more skilled and it works like magic. Decent spin and speed.
15/03/2023 Suitable for all levels Review by Anonymous identity
Medium to medium soft sponge but an overall solid and stable feeling. Safe arc when topspinning, excellent grip and more than enough speed to hit great shots. Useable on both forehand and backhand
08/03/2023 A power-oriented rubber that is so-so on flat slams Review by Alex
This rubber is an interesting one. This was for a friend, so I only am reviewing based on our discussion and hitting with his paddle for ~30 mins. His opinion might have changed over time.

It's for combination hitter/loopers, but has a little trouble getting the ball over the net for flat hits and slams. It has great feeling and control, and is probably best for intermediate players whose loops still resemble spinnier drives rather than true, pure-friction loops.
18/12/2022 Good Review by Bunbun Bunyamin
Good rubber for FH
02/12/2022 5 Review by oleg popov
Немного медленнее Ракзы7, очень цепкая.
30/11/2022 Soft touch with lots of spin Review by TableTT
U2100 rated player will love it. Easy to spin, block and smash with soft feeling. Good control at close table. Perfect match with stiff blades.
31/10/2022 Underestimated rubber. Review by Oleg Kopistko
Amazing rotation on BH and FH. Works a few months ( 3 times in a week during 3 hours) without visible changing of rubber surface.
25/10/2022 Still around after all these years Review by orlando gallardo
The Barracuda rubber has been around for years but still holds its own in the presence of new rubbers sprouting around. The speed, spin, and control are still sought-after qualities of this rubber. The sponge's softness makes the brushing stroke easier, yet it provides a good speed. The control is good too.
21/09/2022 Outstanding rubber! Review by Daniel
FH 2.0 black on a Tibhar Stratus Power Wood.
I have played with Rakza 7 Soft, Rasanter R37, H3N unboosted, Hexer Grip SFX.

This is the best of them on FH.

Vicious SPIN!!!
Great looping.
High arc, not a problem.
Good grip.
Lifting backpsin like a breeze.
Not very bouncy.
Nice control.
Several gears.
Decent speed.
Blocks easy.
Pushes well.
Serves spinny.
Softish feel.

I say try it!
17/08/2022 Best Control Review by Emilio Mendonca
Soft but not too much and Controlled. I like at backhand, but some friends likes at forehand.
10/08/2022 Great spin,good control and nice feeling Review by Humberto Garcia
If you're like me an intermediate semi-decent table tennis player this rubber will suit you very well, the short game is very safe with it, the spin that generates is very deceptive and dangerous for the opponent whether it's heavy backspin or topspin loops, also good control for passive and active blocking, of course this rubber is to help you progress in your tactics and game as it's not one of the top gear sheets in the game, in conclusion great spin and powerful enough to play forehand strokes with this rubber
20/07/2022 Excellent Rubber Review by Bunbun Bunyamin
Good Rubber for FH.
08/06/2022 Good all round rubber Review by Stephen Chan
Good control and spin. Not the fastest rubber on the market and it is good for intermediate players who are developing their skills.
29/04/2022 Excellent Review by Gary S.
A good rubber with spins.
11/04/2022 رائعة Review by ahmed yacoub
مطاط مفضل
22/03/2022 Very good rubber Review by Thien Trinh
Very good rubber.
18/03/2022 Nice rubber Review by Tt player
Wanted to give some feedback on Barracuda rubber since I used it for a few months now. I´m using it with Stiga Rosewood Xo concave blade. I put speed glue(didn't have normal glue at that time) on it once and used it later with normal glue which is working very well. But the speed glue probably affects the overall feeling now. Max thickness on both backhand and forehand. This combination is a little bouncy, but very strong and heavy topspins if you can control it. I´m trying a few things because I´m starting to play table tennis more than previously, but this is indeed a very good combination for someone who wants maximum spin on openings and who wants to smash with the forehand. Not using the racket at the moment, but It´s definitely top quality. Maybe rubbers lack a bit of power on other blades, but if you have a pretty hard stiga blade for example you will get an excellent rubber. And I think some sort of booster will work well with the rubbers to give a little more power or you have to use it together with hard blades. The feeling is good, rubbers are light and give better players than me an opportunity to open with flicks and so on where you use your wrist. Maybe not the best close to the table but that´s due to my blade. Rubbers seem to last for quite a while, not worried about that personally. The short play is decent but maybe a weakness, but overall I´m happy with rubbers, they are pretty much what I expected!
01/03/2022 Good Review by Daniel Drimba
Very good product. Control, spin, speed for an intermediary like me. Good service from Tabletennis11.
24/02/2022 ممتاز Review by ahmed yacoub
جلدة طرية تجمع بين الكنترول والسرعة تجربة مفيدة تصلح للمتوسط ومحترف
10/01/2022 Приятная накладка Review by ANDREY ILLARIONOV
Очень хорошая накладка для бэкхенда, хорошо крутить и принимать и блок ставить и подрезку делать. Для любителей лучший, наверно, вариант
05/01/2022 Product is good Review by Ruel Rubio
Perfect rubber, though too bouncy for my current blade.
18/08/2021 great rubber Review by Dača
Excellent rubber. Perfect for the aggressive attacker.
A lot of spin & speed, and you can block, too.
With this rubber, You can do everything, of course, if you know...
30/06/2021 Great rubber! Review by Damir Dejanovic
Amazing rubber.
22/06/2021 Rubber for beginner/intermediate players Review by Stephen
Good non-tacky rubber. The rubber is not the fastest in the market but spin is good and good control. Good rubber for people developing skills to a higher level.
05/05/2021 Donic baracuda Review by David
Very good spin speed end control... little soft, grippy.
13/03/2021 Barracuda FH Review by Edwin Carmen
FH on the Viscaria blade. It has very good grip and a forgiving high arc. Speed is less than Tenergy 05 but fast enough and has better control.
10/01/2021 5+ Review by oleg popov
Отличное вращение и скорость, незаслуженно забытая накладка.
13/11/2020 Good rubber Review by Igor Fefelov
Medium hard rubber, I play backhand. It rotates well, gives a high arc of the ball flight, there is no strong catapult. Keeps playing properties for a long time.
09/09/2020 Good spin and wear resistance. Review by ALEX SHILENKO
Good spin and wear resistance.
03/07/2020 Доник Баракуда Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Если вы играете не первый год и у вас в коллекции несколько ракеток без Доник Баракуда вам не обойтись. Идеальный вариант для смирения слишком буйных ( для моих кривых ручек) OFF + Ксиом Игнито и Xiom Feel ZX2. Губка 43гр. топшит как у 05, только без не комфортно плюющейся катапульты. В толщине 2.0 + чайная ложка Джонсона – скорости и контроля океан, все в стол, из рук выпускать не хочется. Аналогично для OFF - Joola Rosskopf Emotion также идеально гармонично работают Nittaku Fastarc G-1 2.0мм.
19/03/2020 Дорогой друг Review by Yuriy Zryachih
08/03/2020 Not bad Review by George Kilpatrick
I found this rubber a bit heavy and sluggish, not what I wanted. The high trajectory meant it popped the bell up too much.
07/02/2020 Be aware of the high throw Review by Gibsound
For my (low) level the Baracuda has enough gears (spin, speed) and the high throw can help to pass the net :) sometimes it makes the table too short!
The performance/price ratio is good and it does not lose the grip too much.
Played before with a carbon blade (Timo Boll Forte) and now with an old 1 ply Hinoki Tibhar 1-9 that gives more control.
03/02/2020 Old favourite Review by Ralph Taylor
Still a great rubber on an OFF or OFF- blade.
The 'throw' suits my backhand.
15/01/2020 Дорогой друг Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Использую эти накладки 3 месяца. Все устраивает, подрезка, топс, накат, пассивная игра все в норме, 30 часов тренировок а они как будто из магазина. Износостойкость на отлично. Хороший товар.
14/01/2020 Spiny Rubber Review by ANASTASIOS TASIONAS
I found this rubber to be very fast but its best characteristic is the spin. You can feel it also on the surface and I find that the sponge hardness is medium to soft (probably more to soft). Although the hardness, it lacks in control but in time (and practice) you can use to it. It has high throw so you must beware if you use it with fast blades. It does not affect so much from humidity like other rubbers and it lasts a long time. I ordered a red sheet and I also have a black which I find to be spinier than the red, although is a year older and with a lot of hours playing.
Overall a very good rubber at a logical price.
07/10/2019 Donic Baracuda Review by Ruslan Taymazov
Отличная резина, можно сказать "классика жанра"!!!!
Я её рекомендую очень многим игрокам среднего класса или выше! Средней мягкости хороший контроль и вращение, я всегда её заказываю чтобы было прозапас
22/06/2019 Nice rubber Review by Stevan
A lot of spin and speed, enough control.
16/05/2019 Buen hule Review by Kevin Alejandro Martinez
Tiene buen agarre.
14/05/2019 A bit less than expectation Review by Owen Lee
It's definitely an older generation rubber. For its time, it was a very good rubber. But in the company of more modern rubbers, it's showing its age a bit. I am very used to playing with MX-P, and slightly less so with T05. This one just feels a bit less control and less spin overall.

I think it's lower price makes it suitable for up and coming developing players until they can move up to the higher end rubbers.
07/04/2019 All time best ! Review by
All time best !
18/03/2019 Good BH Review by Vladislavs Lisovs
Yes, it's really good rubber! High ark strange for the starting, but then you understand - the ball touch the edge of the table in most of cases, just a little regulate angle of the attack. Good control and speed. Spin under the process. Ok for the backhand.

Хорошая накладка, высокая дуга, и чуть регулируя угол ракетки понимаешь, что в край стола всё равно попадёт. Контроль, скорость. Кручения осваиваю. Ок слева.
20/01/2019 Recomendo seu uso no nível intermediário Review by JANDIR JOSE MOTTER
Ótima borracha para quem procura um material de bastante spin, bom controle para jogo próximo da mesa. Alto poder de rotação!
07/01/2019 I like Review by Sabian Finogwar
I haven't used it long, but for the price, this combined with Tibhar Stratus Power Wood+Yasaka Razka 7 feels to be faster (and less forgiving) than my Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power with DHS Neo Hurricane III+Xiom Vega Europe.
The combination also smashes much better, feeling like I can go without hesitation right to where I want it.
31/12/2018 ***** Review by Daniil Mikheev
Наверное лучшая накладка налево, актуальна до сих и под новый мяс D40+.
06/11/2018 Excellent service and good discount in the price Review by Sajad Baqir
Excellent service and good discount in the price
30/10/2018 Отличная накладка Review by Natalia Rylskaia
Отличная накладка проверенная временем.
17/10/2018 Отлично. Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Отличная накладка. Имеет хорошие врашение.
10/10/2018 COOL Review by Michael Barsky
Fast shipping. Cover is good, but quickly showered.
06/07/2018 love this one Review by Igor
After one month,on BH to Stiga Infinity VPS V. Great rubber.
21/06/2018 Spin Spin Spin Review by JEAN ANDROUTSOS
I find that I've had difficulty playing the faster tensors. I've had no difficulty playing with the Baracuda. It is very linear, as in what you put in, you get out. The spin created is rather unexpected and totally welcome, with a smile. Great rubber, no wonder even though it has been around for a while, it keeps selling.
19/05/2018 Superbrubber. Review by Mihail Postelnicu
Very good rubber, excellent spin, enough speed and ideal for my playing style. I play with Baracuda for four years. I won't change them.
10/05/2018 Very good Review by Madina Baizhanova
It is the first time I buy rubbers and I can't say is it better or not than other rubbers. But I like it very much. It suits me well. Thank you very much.
26/04/2018 Good Review by Nenad Paunovic
Kupljena za fh (crvena 2.0). Guma dosla podosta iskrivljena na unutrasnju stranu. Malo teze bilo za lepljenje, ali je ok. Ima odlicnu rotaciju, malo manju brzinu, dobru kontrolu. Visoko baca, odlicna za spin na rotiranu loptu. Malo problematicna za blok, ali samo dok se ruka ne navikne. Osetljiva na dolaznu rotaciju prilicno, ali se vremenom navikne. Preporuka za fh stranu
11/01/2018 + Review by Stanilav S
Очень сбалансированная накладка на любую сторону.
18/12/2017 LV Review by Andrejs Ceslis
Ļoti kvalitatīva gumija, augsts izmetiena leņķis, stabila, reakcija vienmēr vienāda. Nav ļoti ātra, "strādā" ilgi, pēc sajūtas, vidēji cieta.
13/12/2017 Good rubber Review by Jacob Reznik
It feels good and spinny but can't compete with modern rubbers.
27/11/2017 Excelente Review by John David Mesa Gama
Nice rubber
30/10/2017 Not P7 Review by Richard Levy
I bought this rubber as a potential BH replacement for Adidas P7. It is a traditional rubber with similar characteristics, but the throw angle is too high for my purposes.
18/08/2017 Still the rubber for me Review by wilkinru
Can I tell a difference between this a T05? Barely - Barracuda has a softer sponge so I feel like I need to execute a slightly more active shot. T05fx feels identical to this for me.

This rubber does have some bounce to it, it is also has loads of spin. It works great looping and has some power for passive shots.

It is rather sensitive to spin on passive shots. It's what you get for having so much spin, I suppose.

Durability wise...I'm the most lazy person on earth with my rubber. I do not clean them except as needed and put nothing on my rubber after usage. I just throw them in my bag. I also live in a very dry area. After about 4-6 months of 4-8 hours of play a week the rubber loses it's spin. A good sign the rubber is done is that the edges will begin to flake off. I've not seen another rubber do anything quite like it.

I think this is a great offensive rubber for intermediate players who have basic looping technique - it isn't too fast. I am personally evaluating rubbers with a bit harder sponge as my game has continued to develop.

One last thing to note about this rubber is that it is one of the top sold rubbers out there and you should be able to purchase fresh sheets from major retailers like tt11.
17/08/2017 Great for backhand Review by Michael Kitt
I've tried this rubber for fh and bh but it's a bit annoying on fh if you're used to Chinese rubber or tenergy 05. The throw angle is quite high on a flexible blade, it's only good if you don't do full on brush strokes because if you do its going off the edge of the table. Tenergy05 doesn't have this problem even though it supposedly has a high throw angle also.
Baracuda on a carbon blade is alright for forehand however, as topspin shots come down on table earlier.
For backhand this rubber is not that sensitive to spin but is good at producing spin, has pretty good speed, and is fairly effortless for doing backspin shots because of the high throw on flexible blade, so you aren't likely to have any shots going into the net.
So my current setup is fh Hurricane 8, bh Baracuda 2.0, on a flexible wooden w-6 blade. I dig it.
26/07/2017 Good Rubber and Cheap Review by ALAN QUACH
Last long, easy to control and a lot of spin.
22/06/2017 Замечательно Review by ALEKSEY TYUFYAKOV
Отличная накладка. Контроль и вращение на высоте. Приличная скорость при прожиме. Что хорошо -без всяких выбросов.
22/05/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnaja nakladka na BH.
17/05/2017 Nice speed Review by Ronald S.
Excellent delivery. Good Rubber, nice speed/spin. Very recommended by the relation quality/price
08/05/2017 Best all around rubber Review by Krystian K
Excellent rubber. I have been playing with this rubber for more than 6 months now. Great spin, great control.
05/05/2017 Отличная накладка Review by ALEKSEY TYUFYAKOV
Накладка просто класс. Очень удачное соотношение жёсткость-мягкость.
Отличный контроль. И единственный маленький недостаток -вес.
05/05/2017 мне нравится Review by Roman Eshchenko
брал в 2.0 на бх,брал на замену более мягкой ксиом вега европа,вращает лучше,губка тверже. На фх стоит ксиом вега про.мне такое почетание нравится,я пока остановился на нем. основание лучшу брать с карбоном для них.у меня ела эмошион.
17/04/2017 Not satisfy Review by Mui Lee
Got the max this time. Big difference than 2.0 . Didn't
like the feel.
Spin and control not as good.. Sponge is too hard. No dwell time.
I prefer 2.0
22/03/2017 Has a lot of spin Review by Benjamin Garcia
This rubber isn't too heavy and has a lot of spin. I use this rubber on my FH side and looping instantly became easier. I feel like you need really good form while using this rubber. This rubber is really good for close to the table blocking but needs more effort put into hit when away from the table. Thanks to tt11 for the fast shipping and excellent service.
06/01/2017 fine rubber Review by Andrey Shmakov
Fine rubber
23/12/2016 Very Nice Review by Guo Lu
One of the best rubbers I have played, and I will tried it on different blades.
12/07/2016 Good Review by Sammy
Good Spin & Control
20/06/2016 Excellent Review by celicom
Excellent speed/spin/control balance. I play red 2.0 on the fh.
09/03/2016 DONIC Baracuda Review by Andrey Shubin
очень достойная накладка для игры с бекхенд.
07/03/2016 DONIC Baracuda Review by Xuong Luong
Acuda is probably better, rubber is soft for loop not smashing as i thought. I play a few times and traded for Tiabar evolution FX which is harder rubber and smash and loop well.
22/02/2016 Good price Review by alvin tso
Only have experience with it from a friend. I am not ready to comment at this time
05/01/2016 excellent rubber Review by Jamie Matthews
I've tried a lot of rubbers of the past couple years and this is probably the best all around, spinny, stable rubber that i've tried. It has plenty of gears, lasts a long time and it's very well priced. Like everything i've received from tabletennis11 it's shipped fast and well packaged. Great product - great table tennis equipment company!!
01/12/2015 all type of play Review by voice83
great rubber
01/10/2015 Good rubber, good spin Review by Hoang Trinh
The rubber is a bit slow so I put it on BH side. The spin is good.
26/07/2015 Good Review by Georgina Wong
Good weight , response and control.
21/06/2015 Exillant Review by Taher Othman
Top spin Exillant Rubber
21/06/2015 Excellent Review by Taher Othman
Very Good Spin
26/05/2015 Best for bh Review by Igor Solovyov
for now I find it the best for bh from all rubbers I tried. Perfect grip, very good control and enough power.
15/05/2015 Excellent wood blade! Review by Shawn C.
Blade: My blade weighed in @ 84.2g which is very ideal for me. This is my 4th blade and only anatomic style blade which I like very much. Slightly larger head size: 158x152mm @ 6.15mm thick. Good initial quality with the edges sanded from factory. I've been playing the Powerwood for 4 days consecutively.

Power: when playing normal rally, the power seems about 8.7 out of 10, but when you smash hard(8), it lacked the carbon backbone & speed of the fast blades that I have. I would say the overall speed is 8.5. Not very fast but not slow either. However, it makes up with more spin in loops and higher throw and that was the main reason that I bought this blade. Blocking is very good when using harder rubber. I have Galaxy Moon Max (FH) + Vega Pro 2.0mm (BH) both sides are harder rubbers. TSPW blocks like a wall, very solid and good feel. I really like the solid feel comparing to my other carbon blades which feel somewhat numb vibration free. Next time I would like to try medium hard rubber for the backhand. Overall, it's a very good blade at exceptional good price.

TT11 service is excellent, people are very courteous. I mistakenly input the wrong mailing city and the parcel was returned to the sender. TT11 sent me my order twice without charging me for the shipping. I really love the good price and service they provide here. This is my first purchase and will be many more. I also told several of my club members about the website and I'm sure they will love to do business as well.
07/05/2015 накладки Review by ANTON KOZLOVSKIY
все отлично для любого уровня игры
07/05/2015 все отлично Review by ANTON KOZLOVSKIY
Отличные накладки для любого уровня, можно мощно атаковать и при необходимости сильно подрезать, особенно мощно вылетает мяч с дальней зоны
28/04/2015 Hi Im Noobie Review by Amir Scheruebel
Medium + rubber
Very grippy, good for opening on underspin.
Bad performance at topspin and countertopspin when only hitting with topsheet and without sponge. When hitting with sponge the arc is good (very spinny).
But brushing is only good on opening loops. If u want to brushloop blocks or opponent topspins, the rubber behaves disastreous. Balls just dropping into net.
Good control and spin at pushing.

Rubber really shines when the Ball digs into the sponge. When you try to brush loop it is not good.
28/04/2015 Відмінно) Review by Viktor
10/04/2015 Fantastic spin! Review by Aidyn Aubakirov
Since I started playing with this rubber, it keeps me amazed by its grip. Spin is at very high level. I am pretty sure that so many people love playing with Donic Baracuda, so I dont even have to say anything about it. Very modern tensor rubber, high throw angle, good and soft feel, good control, good quality and durability. I will keep on always using this rubber. I have it on both BH and FH side (2mm on Yasaka Extra). Good rubber for European style attacking players.
01/04/2015 Good rubber Review by Muhammed Bello
The rubber is good. I recommend off or off+ blade.
07/12/2014 excellent Review by Yaoli Ye
I purchase this rubber with a discount price, I think it is great. best ever
08/10/2014 excellent Review by Andrej Zakharyashchau
Very good, fast shipping to Belarus, the best tt shop!
09/07/2014 Отличная накладка Review by Tetyana Repina
Это одна из моих любимых накладок, очень изнозоустойчивая. Достатчно контроля и вращения. накладка не быстрая.
03/07/2014 Good rubber Review by Eric Li
Spin and good control. I bought one 1.8 and one 2.0. Now I use it for FH. I think I will move it to BH when I need another FH rubber with higher speed.
01/06/2014 Great Review by Attawit
Very Good
08/04/2014 very bouncy Review by Xiaoyang Feng
i like it. very bouncy so need a while to get used to it. it will be a good weapon for me
18/10/2013 excellent rubber Review by Emiliano Lusin
excellent spin, very good control, good speed
30/09/2013 excelent. second time bought Review by Emiliano Lusin
is the second time that i bought this rubber. excelent spin, medium speed excelent control
17/08/2013 Awesome Review by Attawit Chaliawkriengkri
Extream spin, suitable for topsplin style.
03/05/2013 Perfeita Review by matheus
Muito boa, pega bastante efeito.
26/04/2013 a good rubber Review by Roger Stillabower
tried this rubber at different times and it seems like the sheets vary from one another, don't know if any one else has experience this. I've had some that played very good, but I got some that was crazy fast and unpredictable.
14/04/2013 ok rubber Review by VINCI JIANG
People say DONIC Baracuda is soft, I don't think it's soft at all! It's medium hard!! Medium speed, spiny, high throw. Ok rubber.
09/04/2013 muy buene Review by Nicolas Consigli
muy buena
09/04/2013 exelente Review by Nicolas Consigli
04/04/2013 Good spin and feel but OK speed Review by Jie Liu
This is a great rubber in terms of the price. I like the spin but I need a little more on the speed.
18/03/2013 Great rubber - great spin Review by Jonathan Reinfeld
Not the fastest rubber in the world but great for spin. I have it paired with an All+ blade and get great control and spin on my backhand. Have used it as a FH rubber as well - cannot go wrong this rubber
15/03/2013 Baracuda Review by jan bogdan
Very good rubber not so fast but spin is huge,trow angle is high ,hard to beat for the money.
Donic Baracuda