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Donic Appelgren Allplay

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 80
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 5.4
The Donic Appelgren Allplay is a highly sensitive allround blade manufactured in Sweden. Depending on the rubber used, it is suitable for all modern playing styles where ball control is vital. This blade excels at returning fast, spinny attacks.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/11/2019 Хорошая цена, универсальный клинок Review by Kair
Хорошая скорость, наверное я бы оценил как off-. Гибкости практически нет. Плоская игра- отлично, игра вращениями- хорошо. Хорошая цена, хорошее качество.
27/03/2019 Exclusive control Review by Anton Delchev
Fast delivery. / thanks a lot /.
I've been playing for three weeks with the blade (I would describe myself as a all round player). Extremely pleasant sense of control when playing the ball. I bought this blade on the basis of the comments from the other people who bought this blade. Thanks a lot to these people, I also confirm their impression.
07/03/2019 happy with the blade Review by octavio hombrados martinez
It is my first blade, I'm happy with it, but very slow combined with Donic Coppa rubber.
29/01/2019 Perfect for my style of play Review by Roy Marques
Great advice, great product and speedy service. Have recommended to many people already!
17/09/2018 Buena Review by RUBEN CECCOLI
Buena madera para principiantes.
19/07/2018 Very Good Blade Review by Zesty
Excellent blade, I opted for one weighing around 85 grams. It’s a perfect blade in that weight range. Controlled, very good speed, excellent for anything and everything. I recommend all beginners and intermediate players to not use carbon woods and stick to blades like Appelgren. If you want a slower one, choose a lighter version. A heavier one is for more speed.
23/05/2018 Must try this LP Review by Yap Chun
Read alot about user good review. A little pricey. ordered and tried it. Fixed on barricade blade. Excellence in control. Fantastic LP! Thanks to all the user who shared their experiences over this LP. Worth a try.
22/02/2018 MUITO BOA Review by jansen assis
10/01/2018 Very good for low price Review by Paul
Great control and good power with T64
02/10/2017 OTIMA MADEIRA Review by jansen assis
30/06/2017 Excellent Blade Review by Dennis
I am a beginner and bought this blade due to all of the reviews. I typically use a bit of spin and play all around (def/off depending on opponent). I have gotten significantly better in a matter of weeks with this.
28/06/2017 1st class Review by Anthony Low
Was sent a different blade to what I had ordered in error,Dmitri was 1st class sent me the the correct blade straight away free off charge so I got 2 blades for the price off one.Dmitri was great and I would be more than happy to buy products from again.
Kind regards
06/05/2017 Very very good racket Review by Gerardo LUNA
Very very good racket
14/03/2017 for beginners Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
nice blade for beginners
12/02/2017 Unbelievable Review by Debashish Mitra
I have thousands of dollars worth of equipment (the latest and best) and I was amazed when I first played with this extremely reasonably priced entry level blade. Very good control and speed. You can place the ball wherever you want, loop, smash, chop - all are good. If you want to improve your game keep all the fast and expensive equipment aside and play with this. Then when you come back to your more expensive and fast blades you will be amazed at how much better your game became - you will have great feel, control and movement and will find much more pleasure in your game - thanks to this great ALL+ blade
04/12/2016 Best Allround Blade Review by Levent
Light blade with very good control. Nothing much to say. Simply the best
29/11/2016 ordinary piece of wood ! Overrated blade! Review by Ivan Michieli
I was extremely disappointed with this blade! It is maybe for kids and total beginners and that is also questionable!!
14/10/2016 Best of all blades Review by Levent
Control, feeling and reliability. These are the best words for this blade.
İt is unbelievable such a good blade for such a price !
02/08/2016 Great blade for all round play Review by Viswanatha Gopalasamudram
Excellent blade for allround play. Provides wonderful control of play.
09/06/2016 decent Review by khaldoun khader
- it is a bit slow, but offers great control
- the ball does not go flying off the racket like carbon blades, so it does have a great dwell time. it is for recreational purposes, not meant for heavy and professional play.
14/05/2016 Great blade Review by Mike Wells
great blade at a great price
22/04/2016 Great allround blade Review by DRAGOS HAIDUC
I am a beginner developing player, started using this blade (FL handle) with the LKT Pro XP/LKT Pro XT combo.

After 3 months an opportunity appeared and I switched to Tibhar 1Q Sound rubbers, same blade. Great combo for me.

Excellent feeling of the ball, weight is also perfect for my level. I will continue using this setup, with 1QSound rubbers for at least another year.

Thank you TT11 for the great service and delivery.
22/03/2016 Отличное основание. Review by Yuri Skiter
Играю этой деревяхой в защите, шипы ОХ + гладкая. Контроль отличный, и пульнуть при необходимости можно. Очень удобная ручка(FL).
16/02/2016 excellent blade for beginner Review by Shiv Shankar Dinakaran
an awesome blade that offers unbelievably high control with still enough speed for it level. Would recommend to use with faster rubbers if planned for a more aggressive game. Otherwise a perfect control blade. Highly recommended.
10/11/2015 blade Review by christopher angus
First had this blade years ago and have always liked it, could not find this
blade thinking they do not make it anymore!!! well i found table tennis 11
and the rest is history.
18/05/2015 A superb allrounder Review by Jeff
Fast, precise attack and solid, controlled defence. Large sweet spot extending into the tip of the blade. Almost no vibration. Using it with LKT Rapid Speed on both sides - outstanding!
13/06/2014 A classic and rightfully so. Review by Lourens Willemsen
I bought 2 of these. It's a classic and rightfully so. Great control and feel, maybe not the fastest but that's why it's an ALL blade. Fantastic option for a beginner's first blade. for a very competitive price.

I used the free lacquering service and rubber- blade free assembly with Mark V rubbers. Both blades were perfectly assembled, excellent work and highly recommended if you're unsure assembling yourself.

I would like to make a compliment to Dmitry. He noticed I made two almost identical orders and made an effort to ask if that wasn't a mistake. It wasn't but it could have easily been. I really appreciate this level of alertness and service.
10/05/2014 Great All-round blade Review by Simon
Really nice All-round blade suitable for both attack and defence. Great price too, highly recommended for both beginners and more experienced players alike
21/03/2014 bigger sweet spot than I anticipated Review by Gary Marsh
lovely controllable bat very consistent, I came from a butterfly carbo x 5 OFF but much prefer the control I am getting with this bat, with fast rubbers and a strong arm I still get all the speed I need, but with the Appelgren I also have more gears and more ability to deal with a strong attack i.e. my blocking and ability to place the ball with spin iis more accurate
31/08/2013 DONIC ALL PLAY Review by Claudio Maeda
Good racket DONIC. Caters for both beginners and players who like to exchange a lot of balls during the rally. No need to close both the paddle so that the ball does not fall off the table. Good job 11 TABLE TENNIS!
13/08/2013 All control blade Review by Kyori
Good control.
I use 64 TENERGY the backhand and the ball does not fall off the table at all! Exceptional!
On the right use TENERGY 05 FX. Speed ​​drive and smash against well-aimed loop drive!
Thanks, TABLE TENNIS 11!
08/07/2013 Decent starter blade to build your skills Review by Abhay Hegde
You cannot go wrong with this blade. The result of this blade is proportionate to the effort you put in your strokes.

Make sure you select the right rubbers as that's really important. I am using a Tibhar 5Q(2.1) on Forehand and Tibhar Aurus (2.1) on Backhand. The resultant setup is slightly on the offensive but still very well controllable.

Kudos to TT11 for their gesture. I had ordered ALLplay and they initially shipped ALLplay senso v1 ! . They shipped it again without any questions ! It took around 20 days for the second shipment to arrive (to India)
27/02/2013 Good blade for all play game Review by Slavisa Paunovic
Good blade for all play game
19/02/2013 Good blade for all play game Review by Slavisa Paunovic
Good blade for all play game, light, good for all the strokes.
18/01/2013 highly recommended Review by Mustafa YILDIZ
it has great feeling, control is good, enough speed...highly recommended for beginners and the one who wants to improve...good blade quality and price...

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15/10/2012 Very good blade. Review by Oscar Sepúlveda Puga
This is an allround blade.

Gives you a lot of control, all strokes are very controllable with it.

The price is very good.
Donic Appelgren Allplay