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Donic Acuda S1

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Rubber type : inverted
ACUDA S1 is a very fast rubber with outstanding spin qualities. Close to or away from the table it is possible to play "loop-loop" as in the days of speed glued rubbers. Despite its medium hard sponge ACUDA S1 is easily controllable and has a great feel. You can count on ACUDA S1 even in an awkward situation. This rubber may be fast but ball control is excellent. Basic character: spin-optimized, high precision fast rubber. Player's style: aggressive, first ball attack, close to the table

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/04/2021 Great Review by Denis Dezan
Fast rubber good for aggressive players, we will see about durability, so far so good.
03/07/2020 Fast rubber better installed to a slower blade Review by Walter Li
Responsive, fast, and quick return of balls with strong spins. Good for higher-level players as not easy to handle with less control. Recommend to pair with slower blades to achieve better controls. Overall its is a very good offensive rubber at a reasonable price.
25/06/2019 Nice rubber Review by Jessica Leu
Good speed in looping and a nice feeling of contact when blocking.
04/04/2019 Хорошая накладка Review by Orunbek K
Хорошая накладка, жесткая, достаточно быстрая
22/02/2018 Отличная накладка Review by Orunbek Kenzheev
Контроль, скорость, вращение. Есть задержка мяча.
10/01/2018 good ! Review by Paul.
Excellent rubber . It`s heavy but still great with lighter blade .
11/09/2017 quite satisfied Review by Bernard FONTAINE
Very good sensations. My forehand topspin has immediately improved. I finally found the rubber I was looking after.
10/11/2016 Excelente Review by Analia
Como siempre esta goma es muy buena.
Buen control, suficientemente rapida y excelente spin
24/10/2015 Very good rubber! Review by Samuel Revales
Very good rubber for all around game and good control too. Very reasonable price!
21/10/2015 Perfect! Review by Andrei Zakharyashchau
Good rubber!
14/10/2015 Excellent handling & control Review by Walter e
Perfect match for my Butterfly Innerforce blade. Tried other brands and stayed with this one. Control is better than its Turbo version which is a bit faster than the S1 . However the S1 is the most reliable and confident rubber for every shot.
Recommended for the aggressive attacker although spinning is a little less than
desired .
19/05/2015 For backhand Review by Cheng-Hsi Yang
I put it on BH aiming for blocking. Bought it on sale, nice rubber.
06/04/2015 Simply great Review by Mustafa Tirhi
I use it for forehand , it very good for looping
03/04/2015 Good for counter hit & block Review by Leo Cheung
Good for counter hit & block.
But poor quality looping when the ball drop below the table.
26/03/2015 Exelent Review by Ivailo Nachev
Perfect combination with Senso Carbon JO shape.
Thanks of TT11 team :)
13/03/2015 Good spin, Good stability Review by B. Won
This is not a kind of powerful one I think.
But very stable and makes good spin. It makes me easy to loop against backspin.
I am using it both side of the blade but going to change the front side to another rubber for more power.
Very satisfied on the back side with S1. I will keep this on the back side.
04/03/2015 Good Quality but slow shipping Review by dinesh deshappriya
Good Quality but slow shipping
26/01/2015 Very good Review by Andrei Zakharyashchau
Про эту серию уже много написано, добавить нечего))
Магазин супер, отличные акции, доставка на этот раз просто шикарно - 10 дней и в Минске!
06/12/2014 Fast and controllable rubber! Review by Ronald Allan Drilon
Blade: Donic Senso Ultra Carbon - JO Shape
This rubber with my blade feels perfect. I can serve, drive, spin with minimal effort and I can easily control the spin that I will apply to the ball and the trajectory where the ball will go.

This rubber is very fast but little bit slower than NITTAKU Fastarc S-1
29/11/2014 Excellent Review by Nir Hukayma
Good service good prices
10/08/2014 Excellent! Review by Valeriy Suhorukov
29/10/2013 DONIC Acuda S1 Review by Ludo
Very happy with Tabletennis11. Product shipped very fast and received within 10 days (to USA).

Now for the rubber.....
I was looking for a lighter and lower throw rubber (vs Tenergy 05).
What a disappointment. It's super heavy; 50gr cut (max black).
Supposed to have a medium hard sponge, it feels soft and mushy.
The throw is ridiculously high.
Basically, it's a Tenerygy 05 clone.
Not happy at all with this rubber.
23/10/2013 woooww Review by Emiliano Lusin
excellent speed and spin!!!
03/10/2013 excellent Review by matias mel
very good product, thanks.
03/10/2013 excellent Review by matias mel
very good product, thanks.
03/10/2013 good Review by Dmitriy Venediktov
good ruber
29/08/2013 acuda s1 Review by jan bogdan
Fast with great spin and very durable.
01/08/2013 Excellence Review by Basil Doan
Good speed
07/03/2013 fast and spinny Review by Martin
Using this rubber for backhand, fast and spiny, medium throw, quite bouncy. I like it.
02/03/2013 operacion perfecta Review by marcelo carlos braceras
productos originales envio rapido exelente atencion en linea gracias
11/02/2013 Good tire, maybe with a little more spin. Review by Mario Preziuso
The rubber is in excellent condition, the speed is good, I expected a little more spin. Delivery to Italy is a bit slow. Perfect packing. I apologize for the translation.
10/01/2013 great Review by Deki
Good rubber, great service, excellent price (bought it on special offer).

Big thumbs up for tt11.
26/12/2012 very good Review by sebastian aguirre
nice package, typical donic package.

medium sponge, a bit on the soft side.

elastic, lightly sticky.

playing characteristics:

very good speed from all distances.
a bit slower than tenergy but when you loop aggressively speed comes.

not very high specially for those who like me come from a tacky fh rubber.
you feel the lack of spin most in the short distance.
as you go back it feels better.

very good.
good speed in control shots but not extreme, controllable in the short game.

not very spiny, placement is easy.

counterlooping close to the table:
very good, nice rubber for counterlooping.
loops don't have extreme spin, just medium.
speed is good.

counterlooping far from table:
good speed and acceptable spin.

easy, rubber has good control and placement.

nice blocks, good control and good placement.

lacks some spin.

looping chops:
lacks spin.


this is a great rubber, no question about it.
the only department where it lacks is spin, specially when trying to make those deadly loops close to the table like you do with chinese rubbers h3 style.
due to this I didn't like it much as a fh rubber.
I do like it a lot as a bh rubber.
I would place it at the top of the chain as a bh rubber.
right there with tenergy or any tensor you could think of.

10/12/2012 acuda s1 review Review by sebastian aguirre
I wrote a review on this rubber here:
Donic Acuda S1