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Donic Acuda Blue P3

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Rubber type : inverted
The new DONIC ACUDA BLUE rubber sheets captivate by its outstanding playing characteristics such as very good control and complete the features of the successful DONIC Acuda S rubber sheets by a high flight arc with topspin balls due to the grippy surface.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

30/01/2023 GOOD Review by Andrejs Reshetnikovs
14/05/2021 Feel good rubber Review by Tami chacha
If you want to have the Acuda experience but are a bit slow (or lazy) just take the Acuda Blue series. It's a bit slower but the control is great.
Your strokes won't be as hard as with the normal Acuda but the control is better and the spin remains the same. Good for guided blocks.
You won't win more because of power but the rallies last longer.
15/12/2019 Great rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
16/09/2019 Perfect! Review by Alvaro
Good rubber
07/08/2019 Soft rubber, very spinny Review by Don Dettmore
Using this on my BH. Very soft and grippy, lots of spin, sponge has some pop when you hit it forcefully. Decent but not great control. I'll probably stick with this awhile as I seem to play well with it.
10/06/2019 Más veloz que el S3 y mayor sensación Review by Alvaro Gal Lino Cueva
Un jebe que agarra más la bola y te brinda mayor sensación.
30/05/2019 Soft rubber and sponge allows ball to sink in Review by David Crow
I now have this on both sides of my 2 blades. I like the way it grips the ball.
15/06/2018 5+ Review by oleg popov
Отличная пушка.
10/01/2018 Nice Review by Paul
Good at touch with nice control. Not enough power from distance for me.
05/01/2017 100% Review by Nikolai Rutkinen
Не самая дорогая, хороший спин и отличный контроль. Остановился на этой накладке... советую.
02/08/2016 more spin Review by jorge adan aranciaga
jugaba sobre el drive con una desto acuda me resulta mas dura...pero logro mas efecto...pero mi sensibilidad pareciera hacia alguna goma mas blanda...ya compre y probare cuando se gaste la acuda actual una uan desto f3 big slan
05/05/2016 Slow rubber for beginner looper Review by Chris B
I am a beginner player at club level, around 1300 in my club.
I selected this rubber because it has maximum spin according to the Donic website; I also owe a JP01 which was attached using speed glue - I find that rubber uncontrollable for touch/ push game close to the table, but it feels really nice for FH topspin/ counterdrive practice.

Back to the Acuda, initially I used it on a TBS for both FH and BH. I was amazed on how slow it is especially compared with my other racket Amultart with Spinart on both sides. However, the control was up in the sky for this new slow racket ! In one of the first matches I won a game at 0 against a guy who is about the same level as myself. Just couldn't believe it. So, this rubber is good to counter a fast game of an opponent with blocks.

For serve is not such a good rubber, especially compared to Spinart, meaning not much spin. I even tried at home on the floor, and the spin is considerably worse than both JP01 ( first ) and Spinart ( second ).

Eventually I figured out that the FH loop in practice was way easier to do with Acuda vs Spinart and I put Spinart on BH. This combination suits me, I get good BH for serve and push and controllable FH.

Conclusions :
Excellent for :
- control
- block
- counter a player with a powerful style
- slow loops with emphasis on placement not on power

Not as good for :
- serve
- power loops from far away
- spin based attacks

It's a rubber worth a try but I'd go straight to T05 if I had a second chance.
22/03/2016 Berfect Review by Omar Jamal
Good at spin and have a good touch on the ball
22/03/2016 Berfect Review by Omar Jamal
Good at spin and have a good touch
16/12/2015 Good soft rubber Review by Zainudin Jaafar
I succeeded in making a lot of spins with this rubber. Recommended to all spinners!
01/12/2015 great rubber Review by voice83
thx donic thx tt11 super soft rubber nice speed and sound i love it
25/11/2015 La sigo usando Review by Julio Villarroel
Aparentemente da resultado la construcción dirigida a las nuevas pelotas de plásticos.
05/10/2015 Mejor desempeño que con Bluefire M3 Review by Julio Villarroel
Me resultó más controlable que la Bluefire F3 que usaba antes, y con más efecto
05/10/2015 Mejor desempeño que con Bluefire M3 Review by Julio Villarroel
Encontré mejor control y más efecto comparada con la Bluefire M3 que usaba antes
Donic Acuda Blue P3