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The German company, which has its headquarters in Völklingen, has earned its position as a market leader by continuously developing innovative technologies and products. For example, only ten years after the company was founded, DONIC’s compact roller tables were already used at the 1987 World Championships in New Delhi. Since then, DONIC has continued to be a table supplier for many major international events, including the 2006 World Team Table Tennis Championships, the majority of European Championships in the past ten years, and all of the Men’s World Cups since 2011. The three Swedish giants, former world #1 Jan-Ove Waldner (1992 Olympic champion, 1989 and 1997 World champion, 1990 World cup winner), Jörgen ... Persson (1991 World champion, 1991 World cup winner), and Mikael Appelgren (1983 World Cup winner, 3-times European Champion) have been supported by DONIC through most of their careers. Many contemporary and future stars have also partnered with DONIC including Yan An (4-time ITTF world tour event winner), Margaryta Pesotska (2018 European championships silver medalist), Jakub Dyjas (2016 European championships bronze medalist), Joao Geraldo (2014 European Team champion), and Sam Walker (2016 World Team championships bronze medalist) to name only a few. DONIC’s blade range includes recent additions like the New Impuls and Extension lines, more established offerings such as the Crest, Dotec and Epox series, and well-established classics like the Appelgren Allplay or Waldner Senso Carbon blades. DONIC’s rubber range includes the BlueGrip, Bluestorm, and Bluefire rubbers, as well as the classic Barracuda, Acuda/Coppa and Vario rubbers. Did you know that DONIC is sponsoring rivaling sides Gazprom Orenburg and AS Pontoise-Cergy who have won seven of eight European Champions League seasons since 2011?   Show more Show less


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