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DHS Tinarc 5 Mid Hard

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Rubber type : inverted
TinArc 5 combines both great feeling with elasticity allowing for powerful stroke execution. TinArc 5 rubber allows the ball to rebound rapidly with a soft sponge and a highly elastic topsheet, ideal for feel with quick loops, ball handling near the net, or off-court play. This outstanding elastic rubber with thicker pimple design beneath the topsheet enables strong power with minimal effort. The new sponge also uses MACRO-CELL & High-Elasticity Particle Osmosis technology, providing powerful attacking capabilities. TinArc 5 is specially designed to enhance the speed of 40+ celluloid-free T.T. balls and is suitable for continuous offensive play.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/09/2022 excellent rubber for beginners Review by Daniel Valdes
nice option if you want to develop technique or if you are a beginner..
12/12/2021 Good rubber Review by Syd Montgomery
It is just a wee bit too slow for me but I am sure it is a very good rubber.
24/06/2019 Muy buen producto Review by Enzo La Paz
Muy rápida muy buen efecto ideal para juego ofensivo agresivo responde muy bien aun cuando se aleja de la mesa.
12/02/2019 4 Review by nachum shamis4
08/05/2018 Good rubber Review by Nam Nguyen
Good in price range. If you use Falco Long oil, you will have shots that sound louder than Calibra Sound.
12/09/2017 Buena Goma Review by Renzo Vizcarra Gutierrez
Esta goma es buena tiene buen spin..pero no es tan rapida como pense
23/02/2017 BackHand awesomeness!! Review by Hugues Lapointe
This is a very incredible backhand rubber ,a must to have on one of your blades !!!!!!!
22/02/2017 Good rubber Review by mohammed al hadi
Good rubber
12/10/2016 Excelente precio calidad Review by Juan Paulo Hernandez Hernandez
Muy buena calidad y gran cambio de esponja con respecto a la anterior
22/09/2014 A+ Review by A+
Very good rubber. Outstanding performance and control quite spiny. The rubber is heavy to somebody who don't like heavy rubbers to consider. No fast and crazy catapult effect when blocking, very easy to over spin incoming ball, if you have some technique. At the beginning I thought the rubber is too hard, feels little harder then Tin-arc Gold, but now after a month did get use to it, and again found that rubber is very good.
04/09/2014 It's great but not awesome Review by Yewhan
I've spent about 20 hours with this rubber so far.

First, given that I'm not a pro or anything so this review may be biased. This rubber was tested by 3 different people at my club and the opinions were similar.

The surface is not tacky, unlike what I was expecting as a chinese rubber. Sponge was quite hard. Compared to Tenergy 80FX which I previously used among other 'tensor rubbers' it has distinctively a bouncy feeling. This results in very effective block as well as fast attacks. Due to its short dwell time I needed some adjusting but not much. Drive shots were good but not exceptionally fast.

Spin was something that I was expecting this rubber to excel, but was slightly disappointed. Especially after having used hurrican 3 NEO (which I enjoyed) in the past. The surface is grippy but almost non-tacky. This surface along with short dwell time had negative effects on my serve and drive shots.

I feel that this rubber is very effective in smashing and blocking. If you are a looper I do not recommend this rubber.

One thing worth mentioning is that in humid conditions, It looses grip completely, unlike other grippy rubbers that retain some grip in the same conditions. The ball will just slip and land right on the net or even worse fall to the ground.

Also, I don't know if I received a defective rubber, but the sponge is inconsistent. Instead of having 'pores' like Rasant or Tenergy, it is dense without any visible pores but has large (up to 1mm large) air bubbles in a few places. I am not sure if it actually affects the performance of the rubber.

Some say it's comparable to Tenergy 05 but I disagree. It has completely different characteristics. Less spin more speed and less control I feel.

All in all, the price seems high for the performance it brings. If you want Chinese rubber I'd rather recommend Hurricane 3 NEO as it is much cheaper and the performance is very similar if not better in my opinion. If you are into Japanese or European style rubber (i.e. Tensor Rubber) I think you'd be better off without this one.
08/07/2014 Great Rubber Review by Filipe
It´s simply de best rubber that i have played for forehand! Good speed, fantastic spin and control.
DHS Tinarc 5 Mid Hard