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DHS Skyline 3 Neo

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Rubber type : inverted
NEO Sky line 3 allows you to play in an aggressive manner with fast and frequent looping. NEO sponge, with its high energy potential, returns the ball extremely quick. This rubber is recommended for continual fast attack, without any interspaces. Surface – Gripy. Sponge – Hard. Strategy – OFF.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/12/2022 Good rubber Review by Jesse
Better feeling than H3 neo, but a little less powerful
01/04/2022 Very spin Review by Tu Pham
29/12/2021 Very Tacky but does not have good spin Review by Nikhil Solanki
Very tacky Chinese rubber, but does not have loads of spin, need to impart a lot of effort from your body to get spin out of this which might not be the playing style for all. Using this on my FH for the last 2 months.
26/07/2020 Returning customer Review by Pawel Goralski
Returning customer - I do love this rubber on my forehand.
10/12/2019 Spinny & fast but sticky. Review by WLTTL
I went for the same rubber on both sides (different colors of course) as wanted good topspin and control. These rubbers do the job and I am getting good loops and top spins from it as well as some heavy chops that opponents put in the net. I find it helps control the ball well too but needs some getting used to.
However, these rubbers are not fast when it comes to flat hitting and need to change the style of play a little to adapt to the characteristics of the rubber - since they are sticky and primarily focused on spin.
The sticky rubbers, though useful for spinning, are difficult to keep clean and once they get dirty after a couple of games, the spin/grip reduces and required a clean to get them back to their best. I am sure there are better rubbers which may not be sticky but might come at a higher price. Overall, I am happy with this.
11/10/2019 Good quality Review by Pawel Goralski
I'm loving the topsheet grip. Compared to the ones without neo sponge - it allowed me to step back from the table and not worry about ball making it to the other side of the net.
05/04/2018 Slow and too hard Review by Alain Legrand
Good control, spinny, verry slow and verry hard, even with 3 layers of Falco Long!
01/03/2018 Good rubber. Review by Nelwan
13/02/2018 Spinny and powerful Review by Edgardo Donoso
I was expecting to make a big effort to produce speed and spin, but I was surprised when my blocks were powerful, my hits very spinny and fast. Very nice rubber.
09/01/2018 play with spin Review by Alexandre Carvalho
Very good for service, receive and first spin.
19/12/2017 One of my favorite rubbers Review by Yi Zhang
I'm a returning customer for Skyline 3 Neo. I can use this rubber for both forehand and backhand and it's great! Normally, I only use this as forehand rubber and some tensor rubber on backhand. It has good control, spin, and speed. You can't really go wrong with it.
07/11/2017 Great looping rubber Review by Yi Zhang
Comparable to H3 Neo. To be honest I feel like there's very little difference between H3 Neo and Skyline 3 Neo. Both are very consistent forehand looping rubber when paired with off-/off 5-ply wood blade. I tried it on both Stiga infinity and stiga intensity, both worked well.
13/09/2017 great Review by SACHIN PATIL
i have boosted this rubber with xtreme revolution and placed on both sides of 729 bomb and i played today with great control close to table and far away.I was able to block all the loops with excellent placements on the table and win points easily.It is a beast when boosted.I am not sure why after boosting the chinese rubbers become more consistent.Thats my experience
with xtreme boosting it will last the life of the rubber.
20/08/2017 great rubber Review by Sachin Patil
this is 10 times better than h3 neo and more quicker and the best loops and topspins most members in my club have trouble with this rubber when i loop and spin with it.It has a weird arc and it skids up on touching the table difficult to block.I have played with h3 neo but this rubber has a lot of kick in it should be put on a blade with lot of dwell time and with great technique ur loop will just above the net and ur opponent will shell shocked and they cant return it.I felt the same how ma lin hits the return shots.This rubber must be played with great technique and it is not forgiving,but if u technique is good it is the best forehand better than tenergy 05 and it is great at blocking with ease.I used this rubber on purpose to learn the correct technique for both fh and bh and it has helped me a lot.This is my go to Forehand rubber.It is very close to tenergy 05fx.Good at back hand too for returns and soft touches.
03/08/2017 nice rubber Review by nicolas diaz medina
18/06/2017 Good rubber for backhand Review by Mohammed Abdul Mukarram
It's a good forehand rubber, Heavy to songs can be generated, still sticky, tacky , bought it for forehand but I'm using for backhand،،
12/05/2017 Suits forehand of RPB style Review by Pedro Einloft
Skyline TG3 has more spin and control than Hurricane 3, but has a lower arc. TG3 suits the RPB style better than H3. It does need about 8hs of practice to reach its playing characteristics. Anyhow, it is intended to be used with booster oil.
TT11 service is always the best.
24/01/2017 Nice Review by Andrey Chuvakov
Very good for FH!
23/01/2017 xorosho Review by Jevgenij Bragin
xorosho na FH
23/11/2016 Chinese bread and butter Review by Pedro Einloft
Nothing special to say about TG3 Neo. A reliable rubber with a little less spin than H3 Neo but with a bit more speed. Ball arc is also lower. Good for close to the table play. For me, it thrives in open drives against backspin. Just open the racket angle and smash those insignificant backspins =D
10/11/2016 Excellent rubber Review by Pedro Einloft
IT is an incredible chinese rubber. Arc a bit lower than hurricane 3. A little bit faster and a little bit less spinnier than H3. Excellent close to the table and at mid distance. Fast footwork, muscular explosion and good use of the wrist required to extract its full potential.
26/09/2016 Very low arc loop Review by R.Shimizu
There is no similar rubber as of the arc.
With your full swing, the ball goes straight as fast as T05 and drops sharply in front of the opponent.Of course with heavy spin.I recommend this rubber to the loop player!
20/09/2016 Hard Review by Calvin Chia
Too hard for bh.
26/08/2016 The best acceleration-rubber Review by R.Shimizu
This is the fastest of all the DHS tacky rubbers, however never loses the quantity of spin.The most important characteristics is the 'acceleration' after your ball bounds on the table.
If you swing horizontally, your ball will surprisingly accelerate!!
('Horizontally' means the surface of the table and that of your FH blade is parallel.)High-arc H3-NEO, Sharp-acceleration TG3-NEO, each is the best work by DHS.
13/07/2016 DHS Skyline 3 NEO Review by TT Player
Typical and great Chinese rubber for the price but too heavy for me.
Requires boosting for better performance.
01/12/2015 good Review by voice83
thx tt11 nice rubber with good price
17/12/2014 very good Review by XIAN DE ZHU
nice chinese product.
07/04/2014 okay rubber Review by zach
This rubber was more disappointing than i thought. maybe i got a bad sheet, it wasn't very spiny and the sponge felt very dead, topsheet had glossy look but was spinless compared to tg2 and h3
29/01/2014 Sounds nice but not very powerful Review by LOUIS TAN
I'm comparing this rubber with hurricane 2. My hurricane 2 could serve with more spin and smash at higher speed. I'm not sure why either. Maybe hurricane suits my style more.
26/11/2013 Fragile Review by Andry JOHNSON
Revêtement intéressant mais doit être utilisé avec un bois tendre parce que ça fait des bulles très facilement.
18/11/2013 Nice Service Review by Alex
Price is fine, if can have the hardness will be better
18/08/2013 p Review by Loukham Subash
same with neo hurricane 3 nation version blue sponge
02/08/2013 ok Review by Slobodan
19/07/2013 Good speed Review by Ved
This rubber is very grippy slightly less tacky then hurricane 3 neo but has a very good arc And it is excellent in long actions loop and this rubber performs outstanding when boosted.
Overall this is the best rubber i have ever played.
12/06/2013 DECENT RUBBER Review by Sonny John Abraham
11/06/2013 Good for topspin play Review by Feng
Good control for topspin and looping, just exactly as what the description says.
05/06/2013 Good for BH Review by Robson
Good Speed
Good Spin
DHS Skyline 3 Neo