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DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid-Hard

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Rubber type : inverted
CONTROL + LOOP Sticky Rubber + Soft Elastic Sponge Skyline 3-60: classic sticky rubber + new soft elastic sponge Classic Skyline 3, equipped with a soft and elastic 60 sponge, brings a unique sense of depth with ball contact. Skyline 3-60 is designed with a unique sponge-rubber combination. It absorbs and responds rapidly on ball contact, providing for excellent elasticity and speed. Such dynamic properties make Skyline 3-60 ideal for continuous and high strength loop attacks. Minimal effort is needed. The soft elastic 60 sponge and pliable rubber is perfect for making fast attacks and subtle technical changes with the wrist, to deceive the opponent. Skyline 3-60 generates strong and changeable spin. Supported by soft elastic sponge, the sticky rubber optimizes such spin potential. Players using Skyline 3-60 will not be limited to one certain type of loop but have the option of making varied loop techniques. Skyline 3-60 is the optimal combination of classic sticky rubber and elastic sponge. HARDNESS: approximately 35-37°

Customer Reviews

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18/05/2022 Gives all the spin, power and control necessary Review by William Danson
Me: As a teenager in the 1960s (Johnny Leach blade with pimpled rubbers) I played regularly in a London league and trained with English Kent County payers and could hold my own but football seduced me and I gave up table tennis until a month before Covid struck. I’ve been coached twice a week since then, got a robot, and played in a low division this last season.

Blade: DHS Hurricane 301: see for review by Patrick Hrdlicka

I read every review I could find for this blade and Patrick’s convinced me to get one eighteen months ago.

The first rubbers I put on it were 6-month-old Xiom Euro DF max on both sides from my previous unknown blade. The improvement in shot quality was significant but I soon changed the rubbers to Xiom X max FH and Xiom Japan 1.8 BH with another improvement. After a few months, I changed the Japan 1.8 to Japan max with another, albeit smaller, improvement. Then I changed to Xiom Vega Pro max on both sides with a further improvement in control and quality.

However, with all these rubbers and no matter how much I practiced, I felt dissatisfied with the amount of spin I was achieving with serves so after researching a number of rubbers I decided as the blade is DHS perhaps DHS rubbers would be best, and again, Patrick’s reviews persuaded me to change to DHS Skyline. This rubber I use on BH.

All these rubbers were affixed using latex adhesive, one coat on the blade, and two on the rubber.

This rubber has made the biggest difference to my game: not only are my serves now loaded with whatever spin I want but so are all my other shots. My coach says he feels my loops ¨biting¨ his rubbers now. Pushing long and short has more backspin and is more consistent. Blocking (which I prefer to do on half-volley) is as good as ever and deadening the block is not difficult. I also like to chop and it only needed a minor adjustment in technique to avoid overshooting the table and my returns are more consistent.

At this moment in time, I see no reason to ever change this rubber and blade combination.
31/01/2022 Good rubber Review by Anthony Dias
Good for counter-backhands and punch blocking.
07/11/2020 not so fast but consistent Review by MUSTAFA YILMAZ
Not suitable at every blade and so I gave up this rubber after using a new blade. My friend still using this rubber and he can make fast drive shots even against slice balls with this rubber.
15/09/2020 Perfect Combination of Speed, Spin and Control! Review by Sven Tade
The Skyline 3-60 (black 2,1 mm) is my Forehand Rubber for over 3 years and I doubt, I will try next future to some other Rubbers. Playing at Barwell Fleet and also on testing blades (actually I´m testing Nittaku Ma Long Carbon LG) it´s my choice. This rubber isn´t one of the fastest, not one of the tackiest Rubbers, but it gives me a really good combination. For me, it´s important that a Forehand rubber is good at service-return (an important point in my style of game), sure and spinny at first Topspin, direct at Blocking, and with good precision and power at Forehand-Smash. This is the force of Skyline 3-60, it combines all the Points in an excellent mixture, also the Rubber is more dynamic as a classic Chinese Rubber trough the elastic sponge! My favorite weapon at Forehand!
19/03/2020 Отлично качество Review by Vano Azizyan
Хороший товар.
06/12/2019 Love it but... Review by Malcolm
I’ve tried all the DHS tacky rubbers and this is easy to use. Boosted it has speed and is very spinny with good control/touch.
It does seem to bottom out when I hit hard, that is you can feel the blade being hit.
As a result, I ordered some of the Hard version and that is much better.

I am an average division, one local league player, attacking style. I use this rubber on my forehand.
08/11/2019 Awesome spin, control and blocking on backhand (RPB) Review by Ericson Calderon
Coming from using tensor (Yasaka Rakza 7, Nittaku FastArc-G1), I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was definitely searching for something slower and more controllable but with the same ability to spin as my previous mentioned BH rubbers. I was also hesitant to switch to a sticky rubber on the BH as I generally used the spin insensitivity of the previous tensor to my advantage on spinny serve returns.
Despite being sensitive to spin, this rubber has excellent control! If anything, the spin sensitivity forced me to recognize spin better and improved my serve receive game.
The rubber is a bit higher throw than what I was used to but I adjusted quickly. The amount of spin I can generate with this rubber is insane! Backhand flicks (Chiquita) over the table are almost automatic. Receiving against backspin on the backhand side is really easy to lift and, frankly, attack.
The reduced catapult has certainly upped my consistency and control while still being able to generate lots of dangerous spin. I really enjoy this BH rubber and I don’t foresee myself changing to anything else in the near future!
All use has been on a Chinese penhold Nittaku Acoustic.

PS: directly compared to H3-50, this is a little faster and slightly lower through. This has a better “feel” in my hands and is a bit less effort than H3-50. H3-50 requires lots of physical effort to put pressure on the opponent unless you’re only using control/angle and spin. H3-50 also feels more dead/subdue. Maybe slightly heavier. I think the H3 top sheet is more slippery in humidity vs. the skyline 3 top sheet.
04/04/2019 Best rubber for control and looping! Review by Mr.SW
It's my main rubber for BH. I love it's control.
23/02/2019 GOOD Review by AN-94
06/11/2018 Alright rubber Review by Ryan Hong
I used this rubber on a Hurricane Hao backhand for RPB. It is alright, but you need a near perfect stroke to use this to the full potential and make good shots. Makes a very loud, pleasant sound when hit. Sponge, however, very very brittle, should be cheaper. Didn't really like this rubber, so I changed to the Hurricane 3-50...a much better option.
19/06/2018 Good rubber for close table player Review by Kun Xiao
Great spin and control, very good for close table on BH. Put it on FH with fast blade, still OK. 2nd time buy.
22/02/2018 BOA BORRACHA Review by jansen assis
11/02/2018 Good rubber Review by Alain Legrand
Good rubber! Amazing control, good spin, not very fast, but with Falco Long, it is an other world! Killing machine!!
30/01/2018 verry good but not verry fast Review by Alain Legrand
Verry soft rubber, amazing control, spinny but not fast enough, may be better with Falco Long Booster , I will test.
13/01/2018 Отличная накладка Review by ALEKSEY TYUFYAKOV
Замечательно подошла на back сторону. Контрольная и в меру быстрая. Нет лишней катапульты и при этом за счёт липкости хороший контроль при скидках и скрутках.
26/09/2017 Good for backhand only Review by Jensen Wong
Good speed and spin for backhand only
29/11/2016 Awesome Forehand Rubber Review by ITTF2400
Spin Machine (High Throw), good for blocking, high control, descent speed, spin sensitive. Suitable for spin oriented players, this rubber is not meant for defense.
26/09/2016 good for defense Review by rashed Al Mutawa
this rubber is very slow and not spinny compare to hurricane 8 and Skyline 2, but it is extremely good for blocking.
16/08/2016 spin attack Review by How Wong
I personally like DHS rubbers for good price quality ratio. Excellent for spin attacks. Not design as fast a rubber for flat hits.
Very suitable for close table attacks. Very good rubber to use on a all wood blade for spin and control. Requires high swing speed to use its characteristics for advanced players.
13/08/2016 Best rubber Ive tried so far Review by Pedro Einloft
This is the best rubber I have tried so far on my forehand. Perfect touch game, incredibly spinny and great for looping at close/mid distance. Amazing!
08/04/2016 Great Review by Andrew Couper
This rubber has a Medium sponge, which gives it a lot of spin & pace. i use it on my Backhand. It's good for looping & chopping. I like DHS rubbers more then any other brand i have used. I always come back to DHS. They create the best spin. They also are the best to flat smash or hit with.
01/03/2016 Otima compra Review by Alexsandro Silva Almeida
Ótima borracha, bastante efeito e uma muito boa!
09/01/2016 Great Review by Hanson Wang
Fast and has strong spin
03/09/2015 Review by kui deng
24/06/2015 good Review by Liu Wukang
it is suitable for me
03/06/2015 skaline 3-60 mid hard Review by Guillermo Acuna
Very nice rubber nice control an speed .. But could be more fast .. The spong are vrey handle .
25/04/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
this product have a low price and good quality,It is worth to buy
25/04/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
this product have a low price and good quality
26/12/2014 Soft but powerful Review by Alex
rubber from DSH
05/12/2014 Found it too soft Review by Vitor Massa
It's spinny, but lacks some speed and the sponge is too soft. I prefer H3-50, it has more gears
04/12/2014 Good Review by MY
Been using TG2 for years and H3 NEO, compared to both, DHS 3-60 is softer and more elastic, I feel like I can hit the ball harder. Speed is about the same as the other two, maybe marginally faster. Great short game but need some readjustment since sponge is softer. Much much faster on blocks and flat hits.
DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid-Hard