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DHS Skyline 3

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Rubber type : inverted
More direct and fast version of Skyline rubber. More speed and power allows to play aggressive topspins near the table or from medium distance without loosing control when playing short game or blocking. Surface – Gripy. Sponge – Hard. Strategy – ALL-OFF.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

12/02/2021 Not spinny as H3 Review by Ardak
It has decent power, but I expected better spin. It remains hard even after using 2-3 layers of booster.
30/09/2020 good control Review by ERIC ZHANG
This rubber always gives me better control than Hurricane 3.
12/07/2020 great really chinese style rubber Review by Irtimid_W
Having used lots of commercial Hurricanes, I eventually tried Skyline 3 and now I'm sure I'm going to stick with it. It gives me a real STIFF feeling even if it's boosted. I namely boosted the rubber with 3 layers of J&J oil which I always utilize it got fast but stayed stiff after a break-in.
Drives are not quick and have lots of control so that you need to apply a lot of power to create a strong stroke.
Chops are ok.
Top-Spins have a low arc and are very fast in case you have a good swing and wrist motion like a penhold player.
That's it. But if you're looking for a moderate Chinese rubber with a speedy sponge and ordinary topsheet, you shouldn't better get ahold of it.
25/09/2019 DHS Skyline 3 Review by TT player
Probably the only store offering this rubber in 1.8mm.
It comes at 39g.
Good quality. Slightly softer and bouncier than H3. Plays better at mid-distance.
Responds well to booster and VOC glue.
Great service from TT11.
02/09/2019 Good product Review by Alexandre Resende
This rubber is very good for the forehand stroke. Though it is not recommended for beginners. I improved my spin a lot with it.
19/08/2019 Very good. Review by Rodrigo Pincheira
Very good rubber. It's slow at first but later is fast. Sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish.
22/04/2019 Average Chinese Rubber Review by Zane Cundiff
Spin: 9.2
Touch play: 9.0, great spin and short play with good spin.
Power is hard to enact and keep, easy to counter topspin.
Would reccomend to people with smooth FH strokes and superb footwork.
Boosted and too heavy for my liking but is great for extremely athletic folks.
18/04/2019 Good rubber Review by Artem Kunavin
Good classic Chinese rubber with hard sponge. I like the feeling and control of this rubber.
For me it’s very similar to Hurricane 3, however feels a bit faster and with a higher throw. I can do with this rubber everything that I used to do with Hurricane 3. I don’t like it for BH, however it’s great for FH.
15/04/2018 Great Allround Rubber for ambitious Players Review by Daniel
I`m using it for FH which is unusual but I like the high control factor + incredible Spin. Thats my FH Play.
It is medium tacky and perfect for Loop Shots from medium distance.
18/02/2018 Very good grip, but not fast. Review by Pong Valley
This has good, gripy/sticky surface comparable to Hurricane 3 Neo. Speed is not fast as described in its product description. Skyline 3-Medium Hardness has better speed. Works well for me for backhand.
01/02/2018 Good Review by Thisara Wijesekara
Good for backhand. Have great control and speed.
15/01/2018 Excellent FH in 1.8, also good for BH dropshots on serve receiving Review by Chuck Jordan
I like my racket to have an ESP and a Chinese rubber side. It provides me much flexibility in my shots. I have Skyline TG3 in 1.8 sponge and TT11 is one of a few places that have it. This is my first use of DHS Skyline TG3 and when I read that it was designed for penhold (I am a shakehold), I thought I make a mistake selecting it. I was wrong, very wrong.

I have this (DHS Skyline TG3 1.8 in Red) on my Stiga Intensity as a FH (BH receiving) and Andro Roxon 450 (black) on the BH ((FH serves). I'll twiddle after serving/receiving.

On serve receiving, the harder TG3 allows me to better drop the ball over the net short. Flicking is harder as it requires more wrist turning to keep the ball on the table (but possible). In looping, I'll have a full swing and be able to topspin back, regardless of the spin my opponent gives to me. It counters the topspin of my opponent very good with a low throw. If I have a faster swing, my ball travels faster (very linear). Also my shot placement is very close to where I wanted the ball to go.

Conclusion: TG3 on my FH allows me to put much spin and better shot placement than prior ESN rubbers. If you twiddle the paddle and use it BH on service receiving, it allows excellent short drop shots. I can also change the pace of the rally due to the TG3 rubber. category is slowing down the ball to change the pace. You also get what you put into the shot swing, a faster brush will produce a faster shot.

This can be a versatile rubber for your blade. Why DHS doesn't produce more with the 1.8 sponge I cannot understand.

Try a sheet and see if it improves your game
30/11/2017 Great Rubber for Looping Review by Yi Zhang
I really enjoy forehand looping with this rubber. I think Skyline 3 and Hurricane 3 are the best DHS rubbers for forehand loops. They are both pretty similar. The only difference is that I feel like there's more control with Skyline 3, even when I put it on a harder faster blade. It's tacky, medium hard, and not too heavy. I feel it's just right for me. Highly recommend if you like Chinese rubber.
08/09/2017 Great for defensive players or beginners Review by Yi Zhang
This is a typical hard Chinese tacky rubber. It's not too bouncy, and easily controllable when used on an all or off- blade. It's great for beginners to practice strokes and spins. It also produces a lot of spins because of the tackiness and good dwell time. Just beware of its low throw angle. I prefer rubbers with low throw angle on my forehand, but not everyone likes that.
For the price, I highly recommand it to anyone, especially beginners and defensive players.
03/08/2017 nice rubber Review by nicolas diaz medina
good rubber, for my backup blade !
07/07/2017 Nice. Review by Giulianno Cela
Nice rubber, but stick with the Hurricane 3 NEO
20/04/2017 Nice sheet. Review by Karl Parkinson
DHS has some fine products. This is an example of such.
13/04/2017 excellent Review by bruce
Exceeds worth for its price. Most of my game comes short and spinny so the opponent has to reach for the ball near the net always,then I do a short long combo game and always throws off my opponent. Not extremely spinny but I'm satisfied with its spin. Control is great. My technique needed a little adjustment with its very low arc bounce. Excellent for serves and close-midway returns from the table. No boost needed.
13/12/2016 Rubbers Review by Ray Stapleton
The discount on price encouraged me to place an order for the DHS Skyline 3 but unfortunately a small split on the edge of the black rubber, after just 3 weeks use, left me wondering whether this could be old stock.
06/07/2016 excellent Review by Dusko Grkovic
I use this rubber oh FH. Very satisfied. Completely as described.
10/11/2015 Spiny and has a lot of Control. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Spiny and has a lot of control and I recommend this for F/H.
10/01/2015 Great price great quality Review by Rex Loyer
Great priced intermediate rubber.
09/10/2014 Worth for the price Review by RAMESH JAYARAMAN
Good price. Decent rubber for attacking with lots of spin.
01/10/2014 prodotto di media qualità Review by LORENZO FRANCHINI
La gomma è abbastanza buona ed il prezzo non è eccessivo
27/05/2014 Good rubber but not fast as suggested Review by David Ashfield
This rubber has excellent spin and control but is not in anyway as fast as it is claimed. Personally this is ok as it is actually very good for blocking and surprisingly for heavy chops which is what I wanted but unless it is treated in some way will dissappoint offensive players due to the lack of speed. Honestly I did not find it to be much different than Skyline2 which has very similar playing characteristics.
22/03/2014 Alright. Review by Andrew Tam
Not adjusted to this rubber yet, coming from a tacky user. This rubber is grippy, and hard. Great at looping high speeds, and driving, a bit slower for blocking. Spin doesn't seem to be as high as say the H3, but it's definitely much faster. Good speed, and control close to the table.
23/02/2014 very good Review by LORENZO FRANCHINI
Good price ,very Good product
10/02/2014 good product, good price Review by LORENZO FRANCHINI
Good product, good price
06/02/2014 good Review by Leo
lots of gears, tacky, not really heavy (only 42g for a 2.2mm rubber after cutting to 157x150 size). I think the one with Neo sponse is heavier. not for lazy players - can be very fast and super slow.
15/01/2014 My First Choice Review by Alex
10/01/2014 more speed than spin Review by Huang Jiunn Min
rubber has good feel and touch - I prefer Skyline rubber to Hurricane rubber although both are good rubbers and value for money. Tabletennis11 is the only place I have found which has this rubbers in 1.5mm and 1.8mm. It is hard to source good Chinese rubbers at 1.5 to 1.8mm sizing as most Chinese rubbers are 2.15 to 2.2mm thick and heavy.
10/12/2013 very good Review by Daniel Silveira Roldan
I recommend buying at this shop, honest people and quality products with great prices
18/11/2013 Great Product Review by Alex
One of the best forehand rubbers
09/09/2013 Best Price Review by Roney Zago
The site TT11 is always very responsive in sending.
13/06/2013 great product Review by Hamid Sh
good spin
DHS Skyline 3