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DHS Skyline 2 Neo

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Rubber type : inverted
A unique production process means Neo Sky Line 2 has gained the outstanding characteristics of a speed glued rubber with a high friction coefficient and strong catapult effect. The special Neo sponge loads the ball with additional energy. With Neo Sky Line 2 you can play an aggressive loop game with powerful spin without losing control in your playing variations. Surface – Gripy. Sponge – Medium Hard. Strategy – OFF.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

04/04/2019 Sticky spiny Review by Hongzhao Li
Great stuff to generate and control spins. Sticky surface can catch dust, so needs regular cleaning. During the game, I apply moist air from mouth to make it wet and rub dust off with hand, so it keeps spiny.
14/12/2018 Tacky and Gear Ratio is great. Review by Zane Cundiff
Great tackiness, Gear ratio is high on slower blades, fast when input is fast, slow when input is minimal. good for serve/receive. Great for looping and flat hitting when boosted. Great for chopping and spinning on slower blades.
21/06/2018 Pretty good rubber Review by Charles
Excellent service from Tabletennis 11. Pretty good Chinese rubber. It has a lower arc than H3 neo. I feel it has a bit less spin than the Hurricane series but is a bit faster.
10/04/2018 Best penhold forehand rubber Review by Cheng Peng
Best penhold forehand rubber
23/03/2018 Skyline 2 Neo Review by Mika
A great pleasure to play with this rubber.
27/12/2017 Very nice forehand rubber Review by M_J_
If you like tacky rubber, which has good control & excellent spin, try this out. Not too expensive for testing purposes. For me this is okay, but I prefer tensor rubbers.
04/01/2017 very good after you "break it out" Review by Enrique Guarner
this rubber is very spinny and fast after you put some hours of play into it. Before that it feels dead and useless.
29/12/2016 horoshaja Review by Jevgenij Bragin
horoshaja nakladka dlia FH na pravo
03/12/2016 xorosho Review by Jevgenij Bragin
xorosho igraet na FH.
29/11/2016 bad rubber!! Review by Ivan Michieli
nothing was good with this rubber!!
05/11/2016 Great spin and control Review by Mad-zap
I was first skeptical of this rubber on my initial trial. However, I read the other reviews, kept an open mind and continued playing. I now love this rubber more than most rubbers I have used all my life.

Excellent rubber for intermediate player trying to learn loops/top spin and side spin. Serves (when well executed) leave the opponent reeling - but if they manage to somehow return the serve, we will be able to kill the ball easily if you know how to anticipate the return. The speed on this rubber is fair but its by no means a fast rubber. As other players have mentioned, this rubber requires big wing movements of the racket (like chinese players do) and is ideal to learn the stokes. Be warned that even blocks and pushes will need some extra effort if you are used to a faster rubber. Requires periodic cleaning (I use Yasaka rubber wipes) as it collects a lot of dust. Initially smells like fish.

Overall, I would rate this rubber highly because its tacky (as advertised), puts a great amount of spin on the ball and has excellent control.

My rating (could be wrong)
Speed 7.5/10, Spin 9.8/10, Control 9.5/10
04/09/2016 Seems good Review by Sabian Finogwar
I'm using two of these with the TSP Black Balsa 5.0, and it seems really good. It feels like it has great spin, and I don't know if it's the blade or not, but it hits really slow, when pushing or blocking, but smashes really nicely. I'm not great at looping, but it also seems to loop well.
16/05/2016 wrong item Review by Necati Kösedağ
I ordered dhs neo tg2. But you send to me neo h2.
01/12/2015 good Review by voice83
16/11/2015 Great Review by Barbalata Lorin Constantin
100% original

Great site
23/06/2015 first time Review by Andrew W S Chau
not use yet, only got it, because I trusted the other review
04/11/2014 good ruber Review by GUANG YU CUI
Good speed and spin. Just now sure the life of this rubber. As usually, DHS's Chinese version rubber can only be used for half year, as my experience.
19/09/2014 great Review by andy spring
great forehand rubber control spin and speed this rubber has got it all. takes a few days to break in to reach its full potential
15/09/2014 Exceptional rubber with this price Review by zhen lu
This rubber has long be underrated living in the shadow of it's bigger brother Hurricane III. However this is actually a top rubber in my mind. To be more specifically here's my opinion on this rubber:

-better spin than Hurricane III, yes this is not a mistake
-exceptional ball handling close to the table
-less speed/gear in most cases than H3 with middle strength, they are equally explosive when hit ball very hard
-Better life, last longer than H3 new versions

Overall I think this is the best offensive all around rubber without sky high price like Tenergy etc.
13/09/2014 excellent forehand rubber Review by Lorenzo
After trying all sorts of rubbers, this seems to give the best results (forehand). Very nice control (when you play fast loops) even for a player with an average technique. Pushing and flicking are very easy, you will have more confidence when playing those strokes! (I'm using the 2,15 on a tibhar off bat) Use pvc foil to maintain tackiness.
05/09/2014 Good but heavy Review by Lipka
Good spin and also speed if hit well. But, the rubber is relatively heavy compared with what's in trend.
17/06/2014 Eccellente Rubber e servizio ineccepibile Review by Ruggero Merighi
07/04/2014 Great Review by zach
Rubber is excellent in everything, plays like provincial grade hurricane 3 except it is not always as consistent but overall they are better quality than commercial hurricane 3.
08/01/2014 np Review by np
super ok
31/12/2013 excellent Review by Galina Tolstaya
BH Skyline 2 NEO+FH Hurricane 3 NEO= DHS (DOUBLE HAPPINESS).

Good spin, medium hard, high wear resistance.
18/11/2013 Great service Review by Alex
Nice rubber
12/10/2013 Great choice! Review by Pablo Gonzalez
good rubber, with great control and it can produces hughes amounts of spin. The main problem is that its not an european or japanese rubber, but a chinese super tacky rubber from the new era (with its neo technology, it doesnt need speed glue). Can it be a problem? Yes, if you are not used to this kind of rubbers, theres a big difference: It wont give you anything that you are not demanding. Active strokes are needed, as well as a correct chinese big wing stroke. If you achive this, apart from its amazing spin, you will find that it also has a really good speed without losing control. anyway, if you are expecting it to make you a winner without effort, forgot about that. You wont add lots of speed with a passive block... Great serves and short game,... just thinf of ma lin.
22/08/2013 Excellent Review by Galina Tolstaya
Good spin, medium hard, high wear resistance.
18/07/2013 Just do it Review by Kristijan Jankoski
Pair it with a Ma Lin Carbon blade and watch the magic happen :)
This is the most tackier rubber from DHS, has a high throw and is the fastest among the tacky rubbers.
04/07/2013 Great FH rubber Review by Kenta Cipriano
I just bought this rubber and received and tried today in an off+ allwood blade,and even without boosting it, found it great for my looping style and agressive serves.
As i bought some booster aswell,i gonna tried it wit it to see how it feels,cuz i got recommended for so.
Only good to say about the service.
15/03/2013 very spinny Review by dim papaskarlatos
if you have the hands very nice rubber....good placement with pace and a lot of spin
DHS Skyline 2 Neo