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DHS Set Wang Nan Classic

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
Blade Type : OFF+
Exclusive Wang Nan blade and National rubbers (one with blue sponge, another with orange one). Delivered not assembled. Double happiness "WANGNAN classic" table tennis bat set The racket and configuration of female world champion, famous Chinese player WANG NAN Blade: DHS H-WN blade (flared handle, off++ type, 5-ply wood, 89±3g, 5.5±0.1mm) 2 pieces of rubber: hurricane 2 national team edition (2.15mm, 41 hardness), hurricane 3 national team edition (2.15mm, 39 hardness) Fitted for quick loop drive attack. Accessories: one prize medal shape USB drive with Wang Nan's game videos inside, an autograph album and a leathery gift package
DHS Set Wang Nan Classic