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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 89
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The DHS PG9 is the looper's weapon. It's softer than the PG7 and very fast. This means that looping at all distances from the table remain fast and feel great.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

28/10/2021 Perfect for learning Review by Mihai Claudiu Capatina
This blade is perfect for learning before moving to carbon.
26/10/2020 Yahshi tahta Review by Irvodon club
Boshqarish juda qulay
11/09/2020 Good Review by Rodrigo Pincheira
19/09/2018 Very Good Review by Jorgelina Ramonda
Very good blade, thanks.
10/07/2018 Good Review by Jin Su Choi
Love it
31/05/2018 It is a really good blade for me. Review by Whang Hyeonsuk
It is a really good blade for me.

The value is cheap, but the performance is the best.

Is there more than this expression?
30/05/2018 Viteza înaltă. Review by Ion Coada
Prima paleta
Greșeala mea. Am crezut că nu deține chiar așa mare viteza.
Din lipsa mare de experiență mă trezesc că depășesc masa dese ori.
Whatever, mi-a ridicat calificativele fara dubii.
30/04/2018 Very good Review by Martin Andersson
An excellent low budget alternative to Stiga Clipper.
14/01/2018 Perfect for attack Review by Dusan Pejanovic
I'm using this blade 5 years and every year or two I'm buying new one, this is third one.
It's stiff blade, very powerfull, not OFF++ as it writes on description, but good OFF blade. Paired with T05 is hard to controle, but with Skyline TG3N is slower and better.
Koristim drvce već par godina i sa vremena na vreme kupim novo, ovo je treće.
Brzo je ali nije OFF++, već solidno OFF drvce i nesavitljivo je tako da pri igranju ne osećam mnogo vibracija. Probao sam da ga uparim sa T05 ali je bilo prebrzo za moj stil igre. Sa Skyline TG3N koji je sporiji, imam više kontrole.
(DHS PG9// Galaxy Neptune OX & DHS Skyline TG3 Neo 2,15mm 39')
10/02/2017 Power G9 Review by Radu Tuns
At first I felt a strange vibration but now I'm used to it and think it's a very good blade
02/03/2016 I like this blade Review by Calvin Burgess
This blade is a true OFF blade and will help add a lot of speed to your game. Has a large sweet spot, ok almost the whole blade which may seem extreme but I've caught balls close to the edge and still delivered a powerful and controlled shot. Great for loops, block shots and as for that quick top of the bounce f/h smash the sound that it makes, lets your opponent know the ball is coming back fast. A great OFF ++ blade.
26/04/2015 Excellent Review by ANSUMAN
Excellent for Looping & Brushing the ball. Played with Rakza7 on FH & Sonex JP Gold on BH. I was thinking of lesser feel due to Koto outer layer of the blade but wow..This blade is fantastic for the price and punch. Really a Off+ blade. I felt the ball better and able to loop, counter loop or kill the ball better than with Stradivarius, Michael Maze & Samsonov Force Pro..
22/03/2014 Fast Blade Review by Andrew Tam
I got this blade extremely quickly, within under 7 business days.
Came with little to no defects, and I even asked for one on the lighter side. They were happy to oblige and sent me one at 87g. I've only had it for a short time, but the blade seems fast, almost a step up from what I'm used too. It's great for looping mid distance though, lots of speed. It's not bad for blocking either, although the touch is a bit stiff. The handle is a bit rough, but nothing too serious, a bit of sanding and it was smooth as preferred.
So far enjoying this blade.
DHS Power G9 OFF