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DHS Power G7

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The DHS PG7 strikes incredible balance between being good at looping and good at driving. This blade is really suitable for all types of offensive players who play close to mid distance from the table and want a reliable blade to provide them with enough speed without sacrificing much in control. Previously used by Ma Long himself.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/02/2024 Excellent Review by Vekas Masinovic
very good product, I recommend it to everyone
20/12/2023 Great blade for great price Review by Robert Green
Playing this blade with Hurricane 3 on both sides is the best beginner setup you will find for its price. You can also become quite a high-level player with this blade. If you prefer consistency in your equipment, this one will take you from the level of a beginner to the level of an advanced tournament player.

The feeling of this blade is excellent without losing too much speed. Can't find a single thing to complain about.
20/06/2022 control and power Review by Rosar mihali Crisostomo
good control and decent speed. This blade is good for beginners and developing players. they can develop their strokes well especially when they pair it with Hurricane 3.
29/04/2022 A good blade, I expected more, but it turned out to be average Review by Baxodir Kamalov
A good blade, I expected more, but it turned out to be average.
29/03/2022 Excellent Review by Jari Seppala
Just like the description, nice all-wood blade.
14/02/2022 Excellent Review by Manohar Udgiri
Excellent top spin.
02/02/2022 Good price Review by Ardak
Very good price for such a good blade. Good control, enough power, and speed. It is more flexible than the Stiga clipper, but the Clipper has a better spin.
29/12/2021 Good Review by Daniel Drimba
Very good.
05/03/2020 DHS G7 OFF + Review by Craig Fortuin
I bought this blade looking for more control which I found, but as my previous blade was carbon I found this all-wood blade a bit slow for me. The grip, the weight was excellent maybe I need to put on different rubbers I had hurricane 3 Neos on BH and FH.
23/02/2020 Excellent product Review by Kenneth Teape
Only been playing for three years, but this is one of the best blades I have used so far. handle FL has a perfect fit. Power and control were all I could ask for. Used H3 on FH and DHS 888, 1.8mm on the backhand. Close to table to mid-distance the control was excellent.
03/02/2020 Fantastic, Great feeling Review by Rywin Patcharaput
The blade is soft so you can feel the softness
Of the blade. It provides great vibration too.
31/01/2020 5 star Review by Andi
For me as a beginner player the best blade I ever used. I paired it with Donic Arcuda S1 (1,7) on the forehand and Moristo sp(1,8) on the backhand. The control is unbelievable without sacrificing speed.
Consider the price, amazing.
06/07/2019 I liked the bat Review by Sudheer Varma Dantuluri
Good bat.
12/03/2019 Good for the price Review by A
Has a decent sweet spot (nothing crazy), good feel (you can tell where you've hit the ball), and good speed and spin. The speed of the blade is nothing to scoff (on well timed shots) but the thickness of the blade can impede spin ('cause thicker the blade, lesser the flex) but it's still easy to impart spin if you have a good feel for the ball. Good blade if you want something faster than 5-ply wood blades but aren't ready / don't want carbon blades.
The production quality is okay however, as the piece I received has a slightly crooked DHS emblem at the bottom. Other than that, the blade seems good and durable.
15/01/2019 best value blade Review by Daniel
This blade has a lot of flex, but is still thick enough to give you speed away from the table. It's not as fast as some of the carbon blades out there, but it is deadly in the hands of a player with good technique. Surprisingly good quality considering the price - I only had to sand it a little bit before gluing. Cheap enough to have a few spares. There are no better blades out there for this price. Maybe the Stiga all-round classic.
25/10/2018 Great price Review by thao hoang
If you want a spare racket, this is a good one to have. Can't go wrong with the price.
08/05/2018 A good blade Review by 菜农
If you got the more expensive (the DHS 506 structure) version, such DHS Hurricane 2, 3, 5, you do not have to buy this one.

If you got STIGA CL or Carbo 76, this one is optional to you. They are different animals.

I like this one, because DHS no longer releases the DHS Hurricane 3 with the 161 * 152 blade size. Surely this one is not 161 * 152 as well but the head size is large enough.

Relatively good price, and good performance in terms of block, loop and speed. A good weapon for near the table or mid distance. I did not try it "far from the table" because I think that is the job for Hurricane 2, 3 ,5.
31/01/2018 Great paddle Review by Gregory Stevens
I like the paddle and both rubbers. The paddle is a bit heavy, but it allows me more finesse and less power in my swing.

11/09/2017 Nicest product in this price range Review by Debraj Karmakar
I am using this blade for last 1 year..
Once the blade is seasons you will feel the smoothness..
Real value for money product..
14/08/2017 Very good blade for allround game, excelent control and good feeling. Review by Emerson Hirashima
Very good blade for allround game with excellent control. Mine has 88 grams, It's a little heavy than I thought. I think 83 grams is a good weight for this blade because It's not too fast, but It has enough speed for attacking and counter attacking very quickly. The wood has a soft touch and combines well with hard or medium hard rubbers.
If you use Chinese rubbers, I recommend tuning them with booster. Falco Tempo Booster looks fine. If you use fast rubbers like Tenergy, Xiom Omega Series or Tibhar Evolution, you can have a good speed for attacking.
08/08/2017 Too light for me. Review by Bayu Sampurno
I use it with Joola Rhyzm-P (FH) and Spinlord Degu (BH), for me the bat is a bit too light, and the control is average.
27/07/2017 Excellent value for your money Review by Kenneth Wong
If a 7-ply wood blade is what you want, you can't get better value than this. The wood may not be the very best. But at this price, no complaint.
18/05/2017 Удовлетворительно Review by Sergey
Основание не тяжелое, плотное, вибрации минимальны. По скорости скорее OFF-. Hurricane 3 neo сидит хорошо, руча гладкая и удобная.
Странно, но щечки на ручке разной длины, вследствие чего площадь для накладок разная на сторонах ракетки, из-за этого возникают проблемы с переклейкой накладок. Видимо производственный дефект, жаль.
24/01/2017 ok Review by Calvin Chia
Have not tried it yet but t11 did a great job on lacquering it.
19/01/2017 better than decent for the money Review by Daniel Park
Not super firm, but fast for swing. Its light weight helps in that, I guess. The racket does make a little bit of vibration, but I guess it's from the small sweetspot from already smaller racket surface than most others. Overall, happy with its quality but mostly from its price. I wouldn't mind trying others, though.
31/10/2016 no quite an off+ Review by Travis Snodgrass
Great bat for the price. Not quite an off+, more like an off.
14/09/2016 Good !!! Review by Il'nur Abdurashitov
Отличная доска в своем ценовом сегменте !!!
12/07/2016 Very fast shipping and very good product! Review by Antje Dasdan
02/02/2016 good and cheap blade Review by Bayram Yalçınkaya
good blade for children
02/12/2015 Very good Review by Vladan Savic
Not for novice , even it is all wood blade. Very fast, bouncy, bit heavy. Ballance goes to blockers, flat hitters, not for spinners. Alltogether , good blade for this few coins...
30/11/2015 great Review by voice83
st less vibration than fl very good blade recommended
30/11/2015 good Review by voice83
very good blade generate alot of spin recommended
16/11/2015 ok Review by Barbalata Lorin Constantin
ok 100% original
10/11/2015 Fast and has a lot of control. Review by Alvin Sarmiento
Only thing that I don't like about this blade is the thin handle. overall performance is great. Good for close to mid table table play but needs a lot effort during the far away table rally.
02/10/2015 excellent blade Review by javier delgado
i buy this blade and i must say that is the best for this price, absoluty amazing feeling in the pushes and brushes, very fast and a very good control.

only good things to say.
10/09/2015 Very nice wood blade Review by Tommy
Quality blade delivers speed as you need it. Flared handle fits very nice in my hand. Very easy to control. Try it you will like it.
22/07/2015 Best blade for money Review by Slobodan Lazic
Great 7-ply wood blade - balance of speed and control.Playing with Neo H3 on forehand is a great combination for controlled, spiny short play and close to table looping.
22/05/2015 Ожидаемый эффект. Review by Олег Плахов
Само основание: весом, распределением центра тяжести, жесткостью - определяет стратегию и тактику поединка - раздавить попытки сопротивления. Все по-китайски: никаких сомнений в своей силе и без внутренних оглядок на возможный промах.
05/05/2015 nice blade! Review by Diego Doná
havent used yet, but the price and quality are awesome!
01/05/2015 Excellent Review by Ned Tkalcevic
Mjollnir Lives ! This is table-tennis's "hammer of Thor" !!!!! 10 stars
20/02/2015 Awesome Review by Darko
Incredibly good blade, there is no better
25/01/2015 çok hızlı Review by adem tekin
ahşab olmasına rağmen çok hızlı. çok üst düzey oyunculara göre.
19/01/2015 Great Blade :) Review by Ren
I like it so much. it's quite fast but easy to control. It's good for looping. It's slightly heavier than the carbon blade I had, but I guess it will help on chops(?) (I'm not really good with chops...hehe). I like this one better. 'got it from TT11. They were accomodating with questions and requests. Packaging is nice with a postcard (so sweet!) :)
05/01/2015 Very powerful blade Review by Roman A
Thanks for fast delivery. And great job assembly. The blade is a beast. Need some time to get use to its speed. Very good control though.
04/11/2014 Awesome Bat Review by Mridul Pareek
I'm using this blade with Stiga Calibra LT on both sides. This blade is good for players who are developing their techniques. There is no problem in this blade.
01/10/2014 Cheap but not such good made Review by Steven Van Winkel
Could been made more precise
25/09/2014 Great! Review by Hyun Lee
A bit heavier than I expected but it's great. Handle is a bit thin so it might not be the best with people with big hands. The sound it makes is really nice as well!
07/09/2014 5/5 Review by Andrija Kostic
Price/performance 5/5
11/03/2014 One of the Best Review by Debashish Mitra
The DHS PG7 and YinHeT 11 are the best blades I have used. I have use scores of blades including the most expensive ones from Butterfly, Xiom, Stiga, Andro, Yasaka, Donic. The PG 7 is by far a much better blade than any Butterfly. Fantastic control, power, grip. Top spins have more speed and power than any other blade I have used. Control is very good too (only YinHe T 11 and Butterfly Innerforce ZLC had better control). Good for close to the table, mid distance or far. Fantastic loops, drive, blocking. The best value for money. If you are a table tennis player, it is a sin not to have this blade. It is a legend amongst table tennis blades.
26/04/2013 very easy blade to play with Review by Roger Stillabower
I was using a Timo Bol Spirit and Michael Maze blade before I got one of these. I now have 5 of them. I just love this blade.
20/03/2013 Quick Accurate Blade Review by Lex Arcel Tinio
Very fast blade with a deadly swing..once it hits the ball and lands on opponents table, a big chance that the score will be on your favor..
26/02/2013 Good but be careful Review by Vaibhav Seth
I went for this blade because I wanted a fast all wood ply with a little flexibility. However, as it turned out, this blade is a little too flexible for a 7ply wood blade. I'm not much of a player but consider this:

I have red 2.15mm DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on the FH of this blade. When I tried to do a slow high loop (sort of brushing) from 4 feet away and a little below from the table then I could actually hear and feel the ball touch twice because I had to apply some forward movement too (I also didn't hit it all correctly). So if you don't do it right then this blade won't forgive you when it comes to soft but fast paddle motion.
I wonder if all pieces have the same flexibility or was it just my piece but I never felt that with any other setup I ever played with.

Overall this is value for money. and yes, this blade isn't all that fast because of the flexibility. There are cheap (not as cheap as this blade though) carbon plies which are faster than this blade but those carbon plies are going to be less flexible. Hurricane 3 Neo on this blade doesn't let the ball go away quickly.
09/01/2013 Excellent Review by Yousif Ismael
The best blade for the price, just incredible control
30/12/2012 this is one of the greath blade with very nice price for it's quality. Review by Slavisa Paunovic
good control, fast enough for near table, suitable for medium and far from table.
whit my hard spoonge rubbers is very speed and not from beginners.
24/12/2012 very fast, much attack and perfect control Review by Nicolas H.
Excellent blade. very very quick, FL handle is very comfortable. Lightweight. I tested brands like Stiga, Joola, Xushaofa, 729 and DHS, but this blade is one of the best knives I have used. It has nothing to envy of other timber of more value. Excellent price, very accessible. Worth a try. very attack and perfect control. Far one of the best blades DHS.
DHS Power G7