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DHS Hurricane Long 5X

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
The Hurricane Long 5x is an incremental upgrade. Thanks to the thicker core, this blade is slightly faster, bouncier, but has less control than the previous version, the Hurricane Long 5, and the handle is slightly thicker as well. The large sweet spot delivers consistent hits throughout the playing surface. This is not a blade for beginners.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/09/2023 Straight Handle Review by gary fagan
Buyers need to know this is a completely different blade than the flared handle Long 5x. The head of this blade is a different shape than the flared grip blade, therefore, giving a completely different playing experience. The straight handle blade with its different head shape has much more flex than the flared handle, which is much stiffer. This head shape makes it ungainly to quickly move the blade when close to the table but does give it an extra kick when looping. Since the head size is larger than the flared handle it also adds several grams to paddle weight and this can be a deal breaker if you play with max thickness rubber. In conclusion, do not think this is the same blade as the Long 5x flared handle but a different blade with much more flex and a much heavier weight when paired with rubber.
17/05/2023 Fast Attack Review by gary fagan
This is a well balanced blade.
Be sure to have TT11 seal blade before shipment to protect outer layer.
Has a large sweet spot with decent dwell time while still giving good speed.
Without a doubt the flagship of the DHS line.
So, good spin with strong penetrating power. If you are worried that this blade might be too fast for you then you can choose the more spin oriented Ma Long 5 or even the low price sleeper Fang Bo B2X.
When comparing to BUTTERFLY this blade gives you much more bang for your dollar. Hard to go wrong with any DHS blade.
14/05/2023 I am an old client to tabletennis 11 and they are excellent. Review by yaser younis
Very good product as expected. This is the second time I buy from them.
18/10/2022 Best blade under 200 yet Review by shi jun lin
Little harder than B and N blades, need little more power for topspins, but shoots even more accurate than others , paired with dhs neo h3 province 41 blue and nittaku G 1 .
19/09/2022 badly polished handle Review by OLEKSANDR KLYSHEIKO
This is a wonderful blade. It will suit players who have played MA LONG 3 ,but would like to try playing at higher speeds without losing control. I tried blades from different manufacturers. MA LONG 5X suits me perfectly. Before that, I played MA long 3 for 2.5 years. You can receive balls from different angles with this blade. None of the bases that I played can do this. MA LONG 5X is not a simple blade, it requires a revision of the playing technique, but it's worth it! Forehand I play Evolution MX-P and for backhand tenergy05.
19/11/2021 Excellent Blade, Fair Quality Review by Ricky Low
The long felt good in the hands, with a slight vibration when hitting hard (counter looping). The core is thick which provides good speed and power. But DHS quality cannot match Butterfly. On the side, can see the ALC stitching to be inconsistent.
After a few times of re-gluing (using provin H3 which require boosting) the blade fibers started to come off :(
Might be better if you lacquer the blade.
01/09/2021 Good blade for professional Review by Benny Pan
I've played the oldest Long 5 (big head size), the newer Long 5, and this Long 5X. My FH rubber is always H3 BS 40 degrees with 3 layers of boosters. BH is commercial Neo H3. Other blades I've played include ZJK ALC, Petr Korbel, Primorac, Stiga OC, Dynasty carbon, Intensity NCT, etc.
To me, Long 5X behaves like an outer ALC blade with less flex. The feedback is quite muted. Even the much harder Dynasty Carbon has more feel and feedback than Long 5X. That's probably because my recovery and stroke are quick and strong enough.
13/07/2021 Excellent Review by Gary S.
This DHS Hurricane Long 5X blade is an excellent product assembling with DHS Goldarc 8 FH and Nittaku Moristo SP BH.
28/05/2021 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
osnovanije super
02/03/2021 Malong 5x Review by Figue
Excelente madero es rapido pero los servicios salen faciles creo que en el revez es mas saltarin control increible.
El servicio entregado por la empresa tambien.
01/12/2020 Excellent Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
05/11/2020 Good blade, Good control, Not the fastest though Review by Rashed AZIZ
Good blade, Good control, Not the fastest though.
25/09/2020 Good HL5 upgrade if you have spare money Review by Ratmir Imangulov
Quality is good, a little upgrade from regular Long 5 (HL5), definitely feels a little bit firmer on hits than HL5, which may help if you progress or just move to harder rubbers. Will be awesome if DHS made darker colored handle =). After many blades, I feel what this wood composition with soft outer layer suits grate for any Chinese tacky rubbers (ML style of play). If you prefer European Tenergy-like rubbers I suggest you look towards koto outer ply blades like TBS/Viscaria.
08/07/2020 Awesome blade!! Review by Podpinka Gabor
Awesome very good blade!!
29/04/2020 Excellent and fast blade Review by Tareq Abdulla
I bought this blade because I have DHS blade of Hao III model, love it due to the control and speed and the handle, so I wanted to buy another DSH blade, and I was thinking between this or Long 5 original, I decided to go with X anyway, and I don't regret it, the speed of it is flawless and fun, I am not an advanced or higher level player but holding it and playing with it giving you the feeling that you are at the top anyway.
03/04/2020 Muito boa madeira Review by Pedro Mendes
Boa madeira
24/03/2020 Ok Review by Pedro Mendes
Muito boa madeira.
25/02/2020 Неплохое обновление Review by Vasily Shelopugin
Коммерческая версия w968-6. Жесткое и гибкое основание. Очень сильное вращение. Отличная короткая игра. Плоская игра отсутствует, надо привыкать.
13/09/2019 This is a great blade Review by L Zhou
This is the 4th DHS Long 5 I have owned. I like this one (5X) better; so did the first generation (the larger size one). Beautiful loop and smash with proper rubbers glued.
The second-generation (the prior X version) - I won't say I do not like it but more preferred on the first and this third generation.
09/09/2019 The best of the best service tt 11 Review by Tu Hoang
Hurricane long 5x is a super blade. It suits Chinese Rubbers.
DHS Hurricane Long 5X