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DHS Hurricane Long 5

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.9
The fastest blade in the Long series, The DHS Hurricane Long 5 is incredibly fast but still has the right touch needed for pushes, flicks, and close to the table play. Its incredible power is unleashed on hard strokes making it suitable for all distances and all offensive strokes.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/08/2019 Great Blade !!! Review by CHRISTOS PANAYIOTOU
Long 5 is fast enough while providing good control in the short game. It is a great looping blade!!! Definitely happy to buy it !!!
26/07/2019 The best of dedicator Review by Bingyi Cheng
Hand feeling is very good for both forehand and backhand. Not as bouncy as the ZLC, good at control. Extremely good for players, who are in good fitness.
03/07/2019 Authentic Review by Chloe Winters
Authentic product and superb service from TT11, as always.
06/06/2019 HURRICANE LONG 5 Review Review by David James
Purchased this blade because I wanted to try it, compare it to the ZLC blade.

So far I think this suits me better. In the short time I have used it, I feel my control is a lot better. Great blade in my opinion...I use Hurricane on the forehand and Tenergy 05 hard on the backhand. Great blade for looping. But since I have been using it,
I find my backhand has made the biggest improvement.
08/04/2019 Good Review by Harrison Allwood
Very good blade with good speed and short game control was also excellent!!
However flat hitting wasn’t as good and the same with a flat block, I’ve since changed back to Timo Boll ALC as is a lot quicker and feels a lot more crisp, plus, I feel because I play with Tenergy 05 both sides it’s better, the Long is more suited to a Chinese tacky rubber on the FH side.
08/01/2019 DHS Ma Long 5 Review by Kiran V
At last, after trying so many blades, I found my blade. This blade has good vibration which gives you good feeling. You can generate great spin. Very good at touch game. I think it's a complete blade, and I am loving it. I am currently using this blade with DHS GoldArc8 (FH) and Andro Rasanter R47 backhand. Later, I will try it with Hurricane Neo on FH.
03/01/2019 Great blade Review by Gabriele Fargion
Great controllable blade with innerforce features.
Fibers are nearer to core and it gives a great experience of control and precision. Catapult effect is very little comparing to Viscaria, and it is also less elastic and rigid comparing to this.
Spin is great but you have to push more energy because the surface is less reactive at bounce comparing to a classical arylate blade.
I suggest to put catapult rubbers on that like T05.
Smash is great, the ball goes where you want straight heavy.
Very solid blade,I appreciate very much how the layers are glued one to the other, it appear like one great homogeneous surface.
I LOVE this blade ( I asked for 89 grams, perfect weight I think for that). Viscaria and the Long 5 are my favourite blades.
03/12/2018 Amazing blade!! Review by Javier Delgado
The blade came to me in optimal conditions, even came to me before the estimated time.

What I'm about to say of the Long 5 that has not been said; It is an amazing blade!! The feeling is awesome and the control is top notch.
The only con that I found is the handle, the wings are a little uncomfortable for my hands, a bit to tall, and bothers me when I hit with the backhand.

But in conclusion, this blade has all that I been searching because I play with Chinese rubbers and from all that I've read in the forums around the web, this blade is the perfect combination with Chinese rubbers because it has an inner composition of ALC that benefits the dwell time of hard rubbers.
20/11/2018 Verry good blade Review by Victor Perlin
So good!!!
15/11/2018 Ok Review by Michael Pham
It isn't fast blade but has excellent control. It's more of a looping blade rather than a hitting blade. I like Hurricane Fang Bo 2 faster.
02/10/2018 Power Review by Dorsia
28/09/2018 Excelent blade Review by IGOR SABINO
This blade is very solid! Not so fast... it much control over Butterfly’s and no crispy feel. Good for hitting, drive, looping and it has a wood feel. You can put the ball easily where you want...
03/08/2018 long 5 slower blade Review by Sabit Gashi
This blade has the most amazing control and spin, but speed is slower similar to 5 ply blade only slower. I can't understand who thinks this blade is very fast. I'm surprised that someone would qualify this blade as a fast blade.
ATTENTION: Those who are looking for a fast blade; don't buy this blade. Those who want control; YES, this is for you+.
03/07/2018 Great blade Review by Damir Krznaric
This blade have the best control, and produces a lot of spin and enough speed.
09/05/2018 You can feel the power in the blade Review by Lokesh Aggarwal
I had wrist issues. So, I was previously using a light blade. But, it was so difficult to hit the ball hard and get the placement right. So, I switched to long 5 after reading a lot of good reviews. Shot making has now become very effortless and I can generate tremendous amount of power, keeping the ball on the table. An absolute beast!!
24/04/2018 Super attacking weapon. Review by Pitou Oum
Super attacking weapon with some good control.
05/03/2018 Powerful Blade, Odd Handle Review by anonymous
Long 5 is very fast, and a lot of balls you'd normally hit inside the table will go flying out at the beginning. Once you get used to it, your loops will have huge arc and jump off the table if you put enough spin. Because of the arc generated in loops, it can be a bit difficult to predict the curvature of your attacks, so people blocking for you might find it difficult; you might also have trouble getting consistency in your loops at the beginning. I used TB ZLC and ALC before, and Long 5 is definitely faster, but also manages to keep short game pushes/touch shots. The handle is also a little skinny at the top, so it makes it hard to hold and often slips around. If this blade had Timo Boll esque handle, it would be much easier to use.
05/02/2018 Great Review by Johan
The blade is great. For me works better with rubbers that have more spin.
01/02/2018 Best blade in the world Review by Thisara Wijesekara
That blade is suitable for new offensive game.This is very fast as rocket.
15/12/2017 Crazy staff! Review by Dmitry Pyshkin
The whole new level of table tennis experience. Absolutely worth the price!
17/10/2017 good feeling blade Review by Tom
paired with H3 BS and Gewo Nanoflex FT48, has quite a soft feel and good touch, would rate it tops as off. Definitely better than the Fang Bo Carbon but can't say but how much.
31/08/2017 wooden feeling with alc kick, TERRIBLE HANDLE. Review by Michael Wu
Great blade, feels very woody, has great control and dwell but when you put power in the alc gives the ball great speed.

However, it feels to me that DHS are actually trying to make the handle as uncomfortable as possible. Ive had older DHS blades and their handles we're on the thin side, but the second gen HL5, which is the one i bought, is incredibly thin. They seem to have made the wings even larger, this in turn makes the makes the blade extremely uncomfortable, the wings have caused bruising when i tried to flick, leading me to sand the wings down.

28/07/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnoje osnovanie
07/07/2017 Great control blade Review by Anonymous15
Long 5 is a very fast and flexible blades with great control and dwell time.
01/07/2017 Отличное, но немного тонковата ручка. Review by Ivan
Сильное основание, стабильный отскок почти по всей поверхности. Приятный звук. Единственное, что не понравилось,так это тонкая ручка ( решил проблему обмоткой простым тряпочным лейкопластырем, что бы рука гуляла на ручке) Любит что бы им били, а не подставляли (карбон подключается при усилие на атаке). Рекомендую активным игрокам, которые постоянно в движение направленные на атаку.
27/06/2017 Excellent international service and product Review by Scott Carlson
Excellent customer service and product. With the purchase of this blade matched with Hurricane 8 (FH) and Rasant power grip (BH), I've increased my club ranking from 3rd to 1st.

In addition, Had item delivered to Tasmania, Australia within 4 days of ordered. Highly recommend!!
19/06/2017 Muhammed Review by mohammed assiri
13/06/2017 Perfect blade Review by michele falconi
I had the first Long blade , this is way better ! It provvide you lot of control and it doesn't lack any power ! Alc now is underneath the surface so speed and control are similar to an all round blade but when you play hard , power comes out , same thing as per spin and speed .
I used to play with andro triber Z and Long one , I know play three months with this blade and I tried both with Chinese rubbers ( hurricane 8 Fh / hurricane 3 neo Bh ) and European ( tenergy 05 fx Fh / andro rasant turbo ) and this blade get the best qualities of both kind of rubbers out . My tecnic and my skills need to be improved so I ply with the second choice because they are easier to use but if you're able to play with tacky and hard rubbers you will enjoy this blade .
12/05/2017 Excellent Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
15/04/2017 DHS Hurricane Long 5. Review by TIRTHANKAR DUTTA
seems to be ok ,again speed is a concern.
27/03/2017 Amazing blade Review by Arbee Riturban
Has a wood feel, but with power when the carbon kicks in. If money isn't an issue buy multiple ones. I'm not sure how durable it is once I take rubbers off. I have read some have encountered splintering even with sealing.
20/12/2016 DHS Hurricane Long 5. Review by Nelson Rivera
i changed from a Timo Boll ALC to this blade with H3 fh and Tibhar Fx-s bh and im loving it ,handle a little small for my taste but no big deal and be sure to varnish it because it will peel some when rubber changing ,otherwise this is an awesome blade ,you probably end up like me and purchase a couple
13/10/2016 Excellent for lopping and returning Review by Minh Tran
This blade is very good for lopping and strong topspin. I did not feel heavy like others said. The handle is a little bit small.
11/05/2016 Excellent Review by Gary S.
Fitted with DHS Hurricane III Neo National
at both sides of the blade had become a
big challenge to most of my opponents.
02/02/2016 Very powerful Review by Jojo Manipol
This is a high throw blade that needs low throw rubbers. Very powerful in full swing with good control. I would suggest tibhar mxp, tibhar 1Qxd, stiga calibra hard, andro rasant powergrip for forehand and joola maxxp, tibhar 5Q for backhand. Good luck table tennis enthusiast.
02/02/2016 Great Blade! Review by KUPR
Very good feel. Good control. Slow for blocks and pushes and very fast for attacks.
28/11/2015 GOOD Review by Dzmitry Kursakou
Отличное основание, высокая скорость и хороший контроль. Hurricane 3 стал на нее идеально. Мощный и стабильный топ-спин, контрольная короткая игра(даже тензорами с ярко выраженной катапультой не проблема оставить мяч коротко) Использую вместе с Hurricane 3 prov на FH и NITTAKU Flyatt Hard на BH очень доволен
23/10/2015 Good blade Review by Alexander Samsonkin
A lot of control but speedy at the same time. Recommend buying it for 1800+ (US) players
21/09/2015 Great blade!!! Review by Massa
It is a great blade! Fast and with excelent control. Good to play near the table or mid distance. Has a wooden feel. I just didn't like the handle too much, is too thin for me
07/09/2015 excellent Review by Huseyin Gumus
24/08/2015 Wonderful attacking weapon !! Review by Aditya Nand
Speed : fast
Control : high

I m using this blade with hurricane neo 3 ( provincial orange sponge ) on F/H and tibhar 5Q+ (power update) .... And this blade is truly bringing out great spin/speed potential of both these rubbers.... It is fast but has excellent control in blocks, pushes.... Appropriate amount of flexibility and stiffness makes strokes over the table and away easy to execute.... Power is unleashed when you hit hard .... You can enjoy touch play and pushes at extreme angles..... Excellent for looping/driving .... I m even able to hit good B/H topspins/counter from mid/far.....
Moreover, it has a thin handle that very well suits my small palm size

Compared to my previous choice (carbonado 190), this blade is not overly stiff, which helps in over the table B/H loops/flicks, but stiff enough for good blocking..... Also, it is not a low throw blde unlike carbonado 190, so ball clears the net safely

I have even used another hard sponge rubber on F/H : andro rasant powergrip and it works quite well with this blade..

Highly recommended for ppl who attack more and use block defence in between to maintain the rally and then again go for attacking strokes !!
14/07/2015 good Review by Nghia Nguyen
I like it. very good blade
11/06/2015 Best DHS blade ever... Review by Martin
Definitely the best blade DHS ever produced.

If you like to gain first attack advantage over your opponent, this is the blade not to be missed.

Very fast blade with good spin and control.

01/01/2015 DHS Long V : Readt for the plastic ball Review by Van Tri Nguyen
I play with Long 2 , H3 Nat BS FH, T05 BH, Long 5 is faster with the same control, feeling is always very good, the plastic ball is heavier than celluloic ball, the speed is reduced but it will be balanced by Long 5, you will have the same speed than before.

The blade is rather heavy (around 96gr) but just asked when you order, they will send you the lightest one.

Thanks to TT11 for excellent services and happy new year 2015 to all table tennis players around the word
20/12/2014 Good blade. Review by jiho shin
this blade is very powerful and speed. best blade.
18/12/2014 Fast Very fast Review by Rajd1234
This is one of the fast blades I have used. Being said that one should also note that it is not uncontrollable. It will take some time to get adjusted to this one. I found the handle is a bit slim so used a Nittaku grip. Away from the table it is a powerhouse. Loops are also good. But I would prefer some rubber with high arc and good grip on FH for this blade.
DHS Hurricane Long 5