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DHS Hurricane Long 3

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Hurricane Long 3 has a large sweet spot and wonderful control considering how fast it is. With this blade, you can maintain consistency on all of your attacks, control in the short game, and still have speed to spare.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

26/03/2023 Отзыв Review by Manatbaev Abai
Отличное качество. Спасибо большое.
12/04/2022 Well made blade Review by Ralph Taylor
Well-made blade. But did not suit my game/style.
Still prefer Viscaria and JM ZLC.
26/07/2021 Good Review by Anton Valovenko
Good flexible blade with high speed and with sufficient control.
28/02/2020 Fast blade with great control Review by Petar Hristov
Fantastic blade.
28/12/2019 Best attacking/looping blade. Review by Nikos Tsiplakos
I use this with Tenergy 05 fh and Tenergy 64 bh. It is a looping machine that gives amazing quality on every single shot especially loops. Everything is easy when you use this blade, at least when you learn to control it. Because before you do its hard, because any mistake on your technique ruins tour shot. When you get used to this baby, it's your best time ever.
27/05/2019 Good Review by Mahmut Ates
Med-fast, med-hard, some flex, nice feeling. Largest sweet spot I have encountered in an all-wood blade so far.
Recommended if the price is not an issue.
17/01/2019 ????Worth every penny ???? Review by Tulsi Bhandari
Excellent for looping from both forehand and backhand.
Excellent for looping,short game, flicks, blocks and smashing.
This blade can do everything.
28/09/2018 Great Review by Zoran
Great blade. I've now paired it with DHS G888 (to learn how it works), DHS Hurricanse 3 Neo, DHS Hurricane 8, and DHS Gold Arc 8. Blade worked great with all the rubbers and it just came down to what I wanted.

The only regret I have is not getting the flared handle. The straight handle is a little too small for my hands.
24/08/2017 best all wood blade Review by Madhan Krishna
Fast and controllable!! Excellent product
14/08/2017 Control and speed in the right measure. Review by ANTONIO CARLOS DA SILVA
Great price, great quality and great service, TT11 is all good.
Incredible blade, with it everything is easier. Control and speed in the right measure.
17/07/2017 Love it Review by Bennedick Siman
Very consistent, I bought this for banana flick return. Now im confidently flicking 90% of service. If your flick goes over the table, try using thinner sponge. I use 1.0mm 729 fx-c.
25/04/2017 The Best Blade Review by Umut Afacan
I've used many blades includes bty alc, primo carbon, stiga inf, rosewood, yeo, and more. also i tried many different blades, none of them close that. Excellent control, speed balance, and nice feel.
I am using this blade with slightly boosted h3 and rakza7, i did not feel lack of speed away from table, on the other hand never lose control over table. It worths for money definetely, maybe fan bo b1 can be compared with that blade, however its quality will not match.
Flare handle is the best i've ever used, but it gets sweat and dust stain quickly. trying light lacquering for handle may solve that problem.
30/03/2017 ok ok Review by Yao Li
I think in terms of feeling in hand, Avx better than BTF better than DHS long better than Stiga better than anything else.
DHS long 3 is better than 5 only in exception of speed.
17/02/2017 Excellent service Review by Phil W
Excellent -- received product in the US very quickly, nicely packaged, would purchase in the future from this website. Thanks !
16/02/2017 great control Review by Yao Li
better control than most of the 7 wood blade. BH excellent, FH a little bit low curve.
16/12/2016 DHS Hurricane Long 3 Review by nelson rivera
This is a great blade ,H 3 provincial (blue sponge) Fh and T 05 Bh ,this has been the best combo not heavy at all but solid , so far for me ,although its an all wood blade its fast and with this combo my topspins are lighting fast and accurate
07/10/2016 Good choice Review by Myeong Sik Choi
탁구장 동료가 추천해 준 라켓입니다. 아주 좋은 제품으로 잘 사용하고 있습니다.(This is the racket which My friend recommended, Very good. So I use it frequently.)
15/01/2016 its worth for all from beginner till up Review by Oscar Probst
control: very high
Speed: off+

-very comfortable big handle
-it sounds very good
-Feedback by contact with the ball is amazing very well
-big controlable catapult

NR. 1

7-ply Wood Blade
24/09/2015 Love it!!!! Review by Mark Fainshtein
Good control, good speed.
Love it.
09/09/2015 Awesome control and speed Review by ANURAG BISHT
wesome combination of speed and control, medium stiffness and soft touch still has big sweet spot to support blocks and smashes, weight 90 gms approx and is head heavy, you might want to try grip to evenly distribute that weight on your palm. Controllable from any distance from the table, near to far away from the table. The blade is soft and can absorb moisture so try lacquering, insane catapult effect putting huge amount of spin when needed. Worth the money you spend, wont disappoint in any aspect of the game from short push, touch to counter looping, smashing or blocking. Use slightly slow and soft rubbers to get the max potential of this blade. It can be deadly weapon for attackers once mastered.
20/05/2015 5 Review by ALEKSEI
замечательное лезвие!!!
18/05/2015 Powerful with good feeling Review by KK
I enjoyed playing with the HL 3. Its not a hard blade, but has a big catapult effect which makes it very powerful. With dynamic rubbers it feels like playing with a tennis racket from mid and long distance! Very easy to rally with from those distances. It feels like an extra fast 5-ply, so the only real downside is that you miss some of the stiffness in an average 7-ply when playing close to the table/right off the bounce.

Better quality than a PG-7, and the FL handle is large and comfortable.

If you're looking for a powerful wood blade, with characteristics between a 5-ply and 7-ply, its definitely worth a try!
05/05/2015 DHS 506 retail version for the public Review by Drago D.
Moving away from carbon to all wood blades was the best choice. Fantastic sound and feel to this medium hardness and stiffness blade, therefore provides excellent control for such fast blade even with fast rubbers. It's a killer in smashes and loops with effortless movement from near and away of the table. Blocking is piece of cake but pace yourself people or you might miss the table. Requires some practise, good body movement and no lazy style to unleash the full potential of accuracy, power and placement of Hurricane Long 3. The weight balance is also another reason to adore it. Compared to the hollow bullsh*t Senso series that are always head heavy, DHS actually feels lighter even when combined with rubbers like Rasant PowerGrip and BlueFire M2. Those are my choice of rubber to maximize speed and grip. Price wise, this is expensive. I would have not shed this much money if I had to pay full retail, but luckily with all special weekly deals, other discounts + free shipping, I laid my hands on Hurricane Long 3 for just 2 digits! ;) Thank you TableTennis11! This becomes no brainer if you'd like one of the best wooden blades. It's not the fastest, there is always carbon version that will excel in speed, but you got to make a compromise somewhere. If I had to suggest alternative, I hear the DHS PG series for fraction of the price are very similar without the quality control of Hurricane Long, but then again at those crazy cheap prices you can pick 10 PG blades. Remember, unlike rubber, blades last forever, so it's not a bad investment. I HIGHLY recommend STRAIGHT handle now that I realized how much difference they make. TableTennis11 seemed to be the only one that actually had the straight handle in stock.
27/10/2014 It is absolute Fire!!!!!! With Best Control... Can't ask for more Review by Soumen
This is an amazing blade with loads of power and gear inside.
The one thing noticeable is its control. Even in extended rallies you have all the control, I would say it the best all wood blade till date. It has everything in it. Class blade and tabletennis11. delivered perfect 87gms. Good job tabletennis11
14/10/2014 well blade Review by Manuel Fischer
Good blade
02/10/2014 Very good Review by Mauricio López
I takes a few times to let know it but it´s worth waiting. Good feeling near and away from table. I still try to find the best rubber for bh, i must return later...
05/09/2014 Good price, excellent quality Review by Arnak Poghosyan
I tried this blade for a month and now I have excellent feelings. Although I am not a professional player but the difference from my previous blade (TIBHAR - STRATUS POWERWOOD with TIBHAR GENIUS+Optimum Sound rubbers) is huge. This one has more control and speed, although I think this is not OFF++ blade, maybe OFF+. I use rubbers DHS TINARC 3 for FH and DHS Hurricane 3 NEO for BH. It give me excellent spiny loops from FH and spin+control for BH.
Smell of rubbers is still awful, so I am keeping this blade far away in the box.
11/02/2014 Super Review by Julian MEHILLI
I am getting better feeling day by day
10/01/2014 Huge power reserves & excellent control Review by Huang Jiunn Min
one of the best all-wood blades in the market besides the Nittaku Holz Sieben & Donic Epox & Senso series, this blade is a looper's delight with limba outers. Huge power reserves when required coupled with delicate touch, the Flare handle is comfortable - feels more conic due to its rounded handle. Very fast blade in the Off range hence requires soft or control rubbers; avoid putting on hard or turbo rubbers which will make it too fast. Probably the best DHS blade at the moment and Ma Long's weapon. A re-badged DHS 506
18/12/2013 HL 3 at its best Review by Stratos
I play with the HL3 some weeks now...I play it with tenergy 05 on both sides!I used to play with carbon blades many years now and less with wooden, but with the HL3, I have changed my mind about the wooden blades!It is the best wooden blade I've ever played with!I think that it is a quick (aggresive) OFF and not an OFF+ (that's what I believe and everyone who tried it in my club).With this blade i can easily create a big amount of topspin from both sides without a big efford. When I attack it is very aggresive but with control of my moves.In my opinion it has not so much dwell time, but enough to create a lot of spin.The last thing is that there is not much vibration, in fact it is barely stiff, which i love in HL3!Excellent blade, exceptional quality, but the price could be lower in all hurricane series!I recommend it to all offensive players who play at close(for good blockers), mid, even though far distance!
DHS Hurricane Long 3