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DHS Hurricane Hao III Ch.Pen

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Number of Layers : 4+1
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
Used by Wang Hao during the VOC free times. Composed of 5 ply with single fiberglass-carbon layer in the middle wich provide outstanding control and significant power. The blade is packed in an exclusive presentation box. Made in Shanghai

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

25/08/2021 Excellen blade Review by Gary S.
Fabrications of the FH with Tibhar Evolution MX-D and the BH with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo have had assembled a fast blade at this price range of a pen hold blade.
02/11/2020 High quality blades Review by Hendra Susanto
Amazing blades. high-quality blades from DHS, easy control, and fast for attacking.
28/07/2018 DHS Hurricane Hao III Review by JInoy Mathew
Best penhold blade ever once you get use to it you can place the ball at pin point accuracy especially for RPB .I am using a Hurricane 3 Nationl FH and Yasaka rakza 7 BH .This setup has changed my game play completely.
10/02/2018 best C-Pen Carbon blade Review by William Cheng
Very good blade! Very fast and still controled.
07/01/2018 excellent blade with power and great control Review by Jacky Fok
This is my first blade from DHS. The blade feel a little hard and with excellent control over the table even the first time I played with it. Good blade for RPB technique.Handle is comfy. Blade is good for looping, smash, pushing, blocking and have lots of power away from the table. In play like wood blade because of the single layer of carbon fiber in the center but power come out when you hit the ball hard. It pair well with Xiom vega pro on forehand and Xiom vega Asia on backhand. Overall, excellent blade
02/10/2017 Very good blade Review by 江凯威
Very good blade but there is a learning curve. The trajectory of the ball from this blade is VERY linear. Half hearted smashes will probably miss the table. You will need to delicately brush it on loops or the ball won't come back down onto the table. Slow loops from the side of the table are a dream to play with with this blade. It gives you great balance of control and speed. Discipline is needed to use this blade to it's maximum capability. If not, you'll be missing the table far more than you usually do.

Used the Butterfly ZJK ALC before this and was a big change. Your stroke will probably have to adapt due to the trajectory. But once you get used to it, it does become a very consistent blade.
02/12/2016 very good blade Review by yoshio nakayama
actuary, this is my second time of reviw on this blade. I like it very much and bought the 2nd blade. I will use this blade for a long time because I can control the ball really easy. very nice blade.
22/08/2016 良いラケットです。 Review by yoshio nakayama
DHS Hurricane Hao III Ch.Pen