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DHS Hurricane Hao II Ch.Pen

If you order the assembly of a penhold blade we will glue the rubbers without any gap by default. If you need a gap, please inform us in advance in the comment field during checkout.
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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
This blade is the follower of the popular Hurricane 656. This blade is full of control and power like the game of Wang Hao. The blade is packed in an exclusive presentation box.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/09/2022 отличный продукт Review by Leonid Ryndenko
отличное основание . хороший контроль и скорость . мне очень понравилось .
28/03/2022 Excellent Penhold grip blade Review by Patrick Lee
The DHS Hurricane HAO II is an excellent blade for someone using a penhold grip, especially good for reverse penhold backhand. I find the blade is well balanced and not head heavy like many penhold blades. I am using a Yasaka Rakza 7 for the forehand and a Xiom Vega Europe for the backhand. Speed is decent and fast enough to finish a point. The strength of the blade is control and consistency.
22/05/2021 Hurricane Hao II - The best Review by Ricardo Kuwano
This blade has excellent control for all types of rubber. I used the Hurricane King II blade and the Hurricane Hao II impressed me with increased control.
Excelente controle para os diversos tipos de borracha. Eu usava a Hurricane King e a Hurricane Hao me impressionou no melhor controle que consegui no jogo.
14/04/2020 Great service Review by Mark Austin
Swift delivery and the hurricane hao 2 is an excellent choice plays very well I use it with Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial Blue F/H and Evolution MX-P backhand thank you very much!!
17/12/2019 The best blade I've used so far Review by Weixiang Song
A powerful blade, fast but still gives you great control.
27/09/2019 Nicht mein Holz Review by Guido Labudda
Verarbeitung des Holzes ist vollkommen in Ordnung jedoch ist mir das Holz zu langsam.
11/09/2019 the best penhold blade Review by AN-94
Lots of control and sufficient power. Perfect arc creates the best accuracy. The only blade that can allow the greatest penhold player Wang Hao to beat the dictator Ma Long. When you hold this blade, you will feel like being Wang Hao. PENHOLD NEVER DIES!!!
24/01/2019 Awesome expirience Review by suraj jog
It will improve your game and make it faster than before.
I am loving it.
01/05/2018 Absolute masterpiece! Review by Orel Ohana
Wonderful touch. Speed variations are very controllable. Great dwell time. It's a must try for every penholder. The only drawback is the price, but if you can afford it, it's a must try.
25/11/2016 Excelente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Júnior
Excelente recomendo
23/11/2016 Best blade Ive tried so far Review by Pedro Einloft
Even though is a 5-ply all wood blade it has excellent power and amazing control. It is definitely a must try for penholders with RPB.
10/11/2016 Best blade Ive tried so far Review by Pedro Einloft
5 ply blade with incredible power and control. Best for constant looping as the package says. Paired with H3 NEO on the FH and H3-50 on the BH it is a very fast blade. I would rate it Off+. Mine weights exactly 85g.
04/11/2016 Great all wood blade. Review by R. D.
Very controlled blade without sacrificing too much speed. Very good close or mid distance from the table. Although longer and more complete strokes as opposed to short compact strokes may have to be done with this blade when combined with tacky rubbers, with good body movement, I was able to produce the same amount of speed as my old carbon blades, and add more spin as well.
31/08/2016 大芯有拼接 Review by Peng Sun
21/07/2016 The first sea Amoy, the quality is very good Review by Qian Zhang
The first sea Amoy, the quality is very good
05/02/2016 Excellent Review by JARED LAWRENCE MAMALUBA
My ultimate dream! a 5 ply fast blade with very good control. I paired it with reactor ckylin blue sponge (medium hard) on my forehand and dhs hurricane 3-50 (medium) on my backhand and its a very good combination. overall rating 9 out of 10.
20/12/2015 Good price and fast delivery Review by Magnolia Wang
easy to control and fast speed and spin
17/12/2015 Fast delivery and good quality Review by Magnolia Wang
good control wiht high speed and spin
19/11/2015 Very bad Quality Review by wenyin chen
I bought this blade on July 2015 and i just use the blade about 4 months It was broken and splited on the top of edge when i smashed the ping pong. I did not impact and crash the blade on ping pong table and I even did not drop the blade on floor. I really take care of my blade. I did not cause the broken, i just use it normally.
13/10/2015 very nice blade with good balance of control and power Review by hyun chul ji
I have the wang hao i. Wang hao ii has more snap and power but little less control. Overall it's a great penhold blade that is well balanced for spinning.
23/09/2015 GOOD Review by Yuanhui Wang
09/09/2015 not bad Review by Chengbin Huang
it's easy to master, control, handle back hand attack, good for loop ball
19/08/2015 Very good fight Review by chaolong jin
Dmitry to help the board is very good
12/08/2015 excellent Review by Charlie
Perfect blade for PRB style. Big head size allows plenty of PRB area and has a very comfortable handle. A little bit too soft for blocking. Excellent for two-side pen hold loopers.
03/08/2015 good Review by Hsiu Man Chen
This blade is very good for controlling long-pips.
27/07/2015 Very GOOD Review by Yudong Zhou
21/07/2015 直拍横打首选 Review by Jingcheng Chen
底板做工好,拉弧圈球容易,中台对拉底劲足,配上Joola Maxxx 500胶皮攻击和防守都很好,不愧为直板经典板子.
12/07/2015 good price,better service Review by YiRui Shi
good price,better service
25/03/2015 Excellent Review by shi yi rui
Excellent poweful feeling
24/03/2015 很好用的五夹弧圈神器 Review by Landson Lue
13/03/2015 Good balanced with power Review by B. Won
Good for top spin player in position of front to middle.
Makes good spin with power.
Have good feeling to hit.
One cons for me is a bit heavy weight. Hard to find light one of these.
20/08/2014 reasonable price, fantastic attack Review by Lin
reasonable price, fantastic attack, but sometime it not easy to chop the ball, a bit high
11/06/2014 Super Pen hold blade Review by Dami
A very good blade with a high quality. backhand is superior to many other blades such as YEO and more spiny than Rose V. Forehand is very stable and spiny as well. Control is pretty good. A must have for pen hold players of Wanghao style.
25/02/2014 Good Pehold blade Review by Zhao TianYu
One of the best Penhold blade in all the blades.
15/12/2013 Best rpb blade still Review by Fredg
Thanks tt 11 for the delivery and having to try so many 5 ply blades, this is still the best rpb blade. Power might be lack but rubber adjustment can solve this issue.
01/11/2013 Good weight Review by Chi Wah WU
Thanks for TT11 can sent me the weight I request.
DHS Hurricane Hao II Ch.Pen