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DHS Hurricane 8 Hard

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Rubber type : inverted
The hard version of the Hurricane 8 rubber. Sponge hardness: 41-43'

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17/12/2021 Worth the money Review by Ka Lai Lau
Good value for money. Suitable for beginner and intermediate players.
02/12/2021 Very good but lacks speed Review by Matej M.
I tried this rubber for over 1 month 2-3 times per week. With this rubber, you can easily hit hard and good topspins. Obviously, smashing is really bad with that and in combination with me Harimtoto ALC it also felt quite slow compared to Tenergy 05 and Dignics 09c. When looping really hard, you might get the same amount of speed but you have to physically invest more energy and strength into the ball. Because of my shoulder injury, I stopped using it for now.
To get some speed, I slapped it onto my old Andro Temper Tech Off+ and on this blade, it felt really excellent.
29/09/2021 Good as usual. Correspond to the degree of 41, which may be too hard for most players Review by Hao Li
I personally suggest using the degree of 39 or 40. 41 is too hard.
17/06/2021 Good product Review by Edin Kucukovic
Very similar to H3 but without that final kick-winning moment. An overall very good alternative for those who don't want to hassle with boosting. TT11 always as fast as Formula 1.
15/04/2021 my goto now Review by Paul Nguyen
I had been using H3 on my BH of a penhold blade. I have also tried H2. I like the H8 hard the best. I like the Chinese rubbers bc they are durable and affordable. Note that the label on the back of the package is taped over and if you remove the tape, it shows a different bar code. I thought TT11 was pulling a fast one, but I confirmed ordering this rubber from another source that it is the manufacturer that taped over the original bar code.
14/04/2021 Love it! Review by Kenneth Simmons
I absolutely love the blade, and rubbers. The assembly was spot on, it looks great, and plays even better. I highly recommend!
16/02/2021 Good Review by Heng Socheat
03/02/2021 Attack Attack Review by John Chinny chin chin
Attack Attack, this is what this rubber is made to do.
07/09/2020 Chinese rubber for the plastic ball era Review by Kay Soon Lightz Ong
This rubber makes the plastic ball feels like celluloid once more. You can feel the ball more as compared to H2 or H3. However, the top speed is slightly lower as it is softer and bottoms out at top speeds. However, it is more stable and suitable for intermediate players.
12/08/2020 I like it Review by Michael Jones
Been playing 2.2 on the forehand, tried 2.15 to see if any weight reduction would be a worthless sponge. At first, it was a hard no, but like always with DHS, you need to be patient Through a few sessions for the sponge to open up. I still prefer the 2.2 for the bite feels better, but it is really nice to play with either way. So I have this 2.15 and hurricane 3 neo 2.2 (boosted) as forehands on two of the same blades right now. They are quite different. 3 feels basic, fundamental; while the 8 is a bit spicier. The grip is better, and yet it pops off the blade a bit more. I have boosted it in the past, but I don’t think it’s necessary, just needs that break-in time. My serves are also stronger with the 8, probably due to the better tack. In the end, though, I think I enjoy playing with each other equally.
07/03/2020 I tried it the first time and felt comfortable with it Review by mohammed sheikh
I tried it the first time and felt comfortable with it.
06/03/2020 Good rubber to teach you forehand fundamentals Review by Mohamed Issa
I'm coming from using the Hurricane 3 Neo commercial on my forehand to this rubber.
I have the 2.2 sponge and was using it *without* boosting.
Good rubber to teach you forehand fundamentals, this rubber although lacking a little in speed, but it has a lot of punch in the spin part of the game, doing correct loop drives with this rubber generates a lot of spin.
It's not a slow rubber but it's not that fast as well.
I feel that the rubber is a little bit heavy, I think that it's strongest points are loop drives, touch game, blocking, serves, and counter-attacking.
It's a little bit lacking in flat hits and taking initiative in attacking hard if the ball is slow.
Overall good forehand rubber to develop your forehand technique and basic forehand footwork, and it's great because it's cheap, it's more consistent than the commercial Hurricane 3 Neo.
I would probably go with this rubber over the commercial Hurricane 3 Neo.
I've tried the Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial (2.2 sponge *without* boosting) for a day now (only got it yesterday at the time of the review) and I seem to like it more than this one, but none the less the Hurricane 8 Hard is a good rubber.
03/02/2020 Good Review by Rywin Patcharaput
To keep the tackiness, you must clean it after every session.
12/01/2020 The best Hurricane s far Review by Linnea Beckman
This really blew me away. Much, much different than any Hurricane. I am not a 100% Chinese rubber player, but I like to play with them, even matches sometimes.
This feels not like traditional H3NEO, but more Eur-Japan-China rubber, Really good weapon. Service and control at the net as all Chinese rubbers used to, except for this, that has massive spin-play.

Control at distance also good, and wonderful attacking low side loops is devastating. The sponge has been stretched out by 15 %, compared to traditional Hurricane NEO rubbers, adding more speed. So you get power to create more aggressive spin. Very fun to play with,

Have it in (black FH of course:-) This ain't for backhand. There are Tibhar MX-P 1.7 red at the backhand on a Nittaku Septear Lead, a perfect racket for backup to my first choice Nittaku Fastarc G-1 black 2.0 on a Stiga Rosewood NCT, with backhand Tibhar Aurus Prime red

Spin- 96
Rating- 95
23/10/2019 Excelente producto Review by josue dimas
Muy buen producto venía en perfectas condiciones, no tengo algu a queja posible, ademas el tiempo esperado fue el indicado ni un día mas ni un día menos muchas gracias por la goma hurricane 8 .
It's the first time I tried this rubber and it's excellent for me, one of the best forehand rubber I tried with 2 layers of Falco LB.
28/03/2019 Good rubber for spinner Review by Rahim Rasyid
I use this rubber on my FH. First time using this rubber, it was really tacky. But nowadays, it's just tacky enough as regular Chinese rubber.
Because I used HN3 com before, I simply get used to use this and comfortable in my playing style.
17/01/2019 Best Forehand Rubber Review by Tulsi Bhandari
One of the best forehand rubber.
Works really well with plastic ball.
Excellent for looping, counter looping, serve and serve return, flicks and short game.
19/09/2018 Good when boosted Review by RICHARD LIM
Tested with Dr.Neubauer High Technology Plus blade. Fantastic drive, spin, and control
03/07/2018 Great looper Review by HW
I tried both black and red boosted rubbers on my FH. They are both excellent for spinning looping. If you looping style is forward hitting more than upward, use the black. Otherwise use red as it is a little softer. I am using red FH and it works with great spin and consistency! I will keep this rubber on FH.
23/05/2018 A good attacking rubber for the FH Review by Rashed Sheriff
The DHS Hurricane 8 Hard (black) was my first tacky Chinese rubber. I was transitioning to this from using Tenergy 05. I combined this with a Shining Dragon (red) on the BH, both in max thickness on a Nittaku barwell fleet blade

First Impression :
The rubber comes covered with a plastic sheet, is cut angularly on the edges like most DHS rubbers and has an ever so slight concave shape out of the packing, however I can't be sure of it is because of the hot humid weather where I'm from. I found like most reviews before me stated; is one of the hardest I've come across. The first sheet I bought had a defect in that the top sheet wasn't stuck to the sponge in the middle and so had a bubble.

Cutting this rubber using a scalpel is much easier than some of the other esn rubbers which tend to fragment if done too quickly or unsteadily by someone like me who has just started assembling blades. I was able to get a really neat and professional cut on this. A Lot of care should be taken to stick it right the first time. Found it hadn't stuck too well after gluing and cutting due to my blade being lacquered, so had to remove it to redo it. Once I did, the rubber had shrunk and I had no option other than to boost it with Falco to increase the size.

This is a seriously quick rubber, no less because in my case it was boosted too. It's tacky, not as much as some others but the tack helps in developing some serious spin whether attacking or defending. The rubber is awesome in blocking and I found playing topspin rallies a breeze and so is lifting underspin. Isn't as good at flat smashing like the European/Japanese rubbers however. Not a very forgiving rubber but awesome with the right technique and correct positioning before executing a stroke and this can't be stressed enough. Took this last point pretty lightly when reading other's reviews when they mentioned this point. So you really have to work harder and build better stamina, but in doing so this rubber opens up a world of possibilities.

Conclusion :
Definitely a great rubber, the price is really economical for such a good rubber but however, DHS quality control needs to improve. Personally I prefer the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 which im playing with currently and have no intention of changing.
17/02/2018 Great rubber. Review by Don Moore
This rubber was recommended by the staff at tabletennis11. This was my first time playing with a Chinese rubber. It suits my all round game perfectly with its hard sponge. Love it. Thanks tabletennis11.
26/12/2017 excellent ! Review by Edvards Parijancs
If you like these DHS tacky rubbers - just try this one ! You just need to compare it with the famous Hurricane 3 , 2, ... etc.
22/12/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Ravi Kalluri
It took a little bit of getting used to. I was coming from the Hurricane 3 Neo. I found that this was not as tacky as I thought it would be. My used H3 Neo gripped the ball longer than this rubber did so that was a little dissapointing.

That said, I have only tried this with the old celluloid balls. The H3 Neo was designed to grip those while the H8 is for the new poly ball. So I don't know yet how this rubber will react to the poly ball.
29/09/2017 Incredible Review by 陈子明
I use Donic Appelgren Allplay as my blade, and this rubber fits it perfectly. It gives perfect speed to your stroke as long as you have a good technique.
25/09/2017 Great for FH Review by Yi Zhang
I love this rubber for FH. I've tried both H3 and H8 on FH. The difference is pretty big. H8 is less tacky than H3, but a bit bouncier.

I like H8 more, even though it's less forgiving and less controllable than H3. If you do it right, you can produce really fast and spinny shots. But if your skill level isn't there yet, I recommend H3. H3 is more forgiving. You can produce heavy topspin even with a slow or short stroke, but the downside is that the shots are much slower.
14/09/2017 Great rubber Review by Yi Zhang
Even though most people prefer H3 or H3 Neo, I prefer H8. I use 5-ply wood blade, so I want harder rubber to compensate for the softer wood blade. It's what you'd expect from Chinese rubber. Tacky surface and hard sponge. You must have proper form and use a lot of power, otherwise your loop will be weak.

All in all, excellent spin and power.
12/05/2017 Good Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
12/05/2017 Good Review by AlmotassimBellah Sammour
18/04/2017 Great rubber Review by Kevin Au
It is really stacky and easy to control the ball
27/03/2017 good choice Review by edelberto zambonini
I'm an old defensive player far from the table and I use this rubber on FH for choping. Excellent spin but some problem to control the ball of your opponent.
The ideal rubber should be 1,5 thickness.
07/03/2017 Nice sound good to player close to the table Review by Fai Cho
The rubber is great for play close to the table., not enough power for my style when I play away from the table. Great sound, the people from the club love the sound of the rubber..
07/03/2017 Great rubber Review by Plamen Peshev
Great choice, if you're into tacky Chinese rubbers that generate enormous spin. Needs getting used to.
25/02/2017 Just a commercial Version Review by Cristiano Cozza
From August to Feb I've played with an H8 coming directly from professional chinese players. Few days ago the top-sheet started bubbling and became useless. I decided to give a try to the one bought few months in this site.
The TT11 rubber is complete different, the quality is definitely worse, the orange sponge is hilarious, without life, a pale mock of the "original", just the color is the same.
Talking about the top-sheet : the original was incrediby tacky and performing, you could keep the ball sticked to the rubber as long as you wished....The TT11 H8 rubber isn't tacky at all.

To conclude, the 2 rubbers are completly different even if they share the same name.
11/02/2017 Good grippy rubber. Review by GARRY G.
The rubber has good grippy surface. Spins the ball well & control is good. Backhand looping is good. However, this rubber is not fast. Comparing with DHS Skyline 3, Skyline 3 has tacky surface.
06/02/2017 Not exactly H3 Neo replacement, but... Review by JKL
Well, coming from playing with H3 Neo, this rubber shares some characteristics. The hard sponge and the direct ball feel are very similar. In terms of tackiness, this rubber is not as tacky as the H3 Neo. You can still pick up the ball for a split of a second, but not as long as H3 Neo. but you do feel that this is a different rubber when playing it.

In general, the rubber plays well. You can definitely feel the elasticity of the rubber. It has a slightly higher throw and more pop on the ball. The rubber is great in serving the ball. I can generate plenty of spin out of the serves and lifting backspin on loop is easy. But your timing must be accurate because like many traditional Chinese rubbers, there is not much room for bad timing on shots.

Short game is also where this rubber excels like H3 Neo. Overall, if you don't want to boost H3 Neo to play, this may be a good replacement for that. It is not too tacky like H3 Neo, but it does play better on the long distance shots.

So overall, it may come down to a personal preference between this and H3 Neo.
30/01/2017 Spinny but very hard Review by ALVARO MEDINA
Excellent for spin but too hard for me. I changed to mid-hard
09/01/2017 dhs hurricane 8 Review by Tommy Susanto Moelyono
first time i try this rubber it feels more like europe rubber,it remind me of tibhar mxp,average speed,good spin,but its hard to do killing punch,if you wanna try Chinese rubber i suggest use dhs hurricane 3 provinc and boost it with falco,cause i think this rubber its not the answer of plasti ball
15/12/2016 Good rubber Review by Zobova Natalia
Good rubber becomes VERY good only after bustering
11/12/2016 Super Review by R.Mihnev
Thank you TT11 for the good service and fast delivery.
03/10/2016 Perfect as a forehand rubber Review by Tian Xia
First I am a Chinese, and let me tell you some secrets to use Chinese rubbers. Hurricane 8 is perfect. This rubber, currently, has no market version or provincial version. Just one version. And the price here is almost the same with that in China. While hurricane 3 pro version has a big price difference. Anyway, I recommend you use hurricane 8 hard version with thick sponge, plus special oil before gluing it, for your "forehand". I use "sea moon" oil to process the rubber for 2-3 days, then glue it using any glue you like. You would love it to death. But, remember, hurricane might be not suitable for a backhand rubber, because it is hard for the sponge, and heavier for the weight. So your backhand usually does not have enough strength to touch its power. But if you still want to use it, use the thin sponge version. I am in the bay area, and you are also here, we could play together (SummerRai[email protected]). Finally, hope every guy has a wonderful experience with Chinese rubbers.
19/09/2016 Very fast and sticky rubber Review by Karina Golin
The rubber is very fast (only for those having good controll over the racket)
Very good spin

The price is at least 30% lower than on other sites.
05/09/2016 Very pleased with the rubber Review by Karina Golin
Very fast + good spin.
The controll is lacking though.
10/08/2016 Good rubber if you are ok with the extra weight Review by Hong Ly
This rubber is quite sticky and it lasts! I use it on my forehand for spinning loop. It is slower than my T05FX (backhand side) but the stickiness lasts super long and my forehand push is getting heavier and is effective against looper.

My only complain is it is 30% heavier than T05FX (adding 13 grams). I guess we win some lose some. If DHS can make the same quality rubber (sticky + fair speed + good price) while cutting some grams, I'd love this rubber forever :).
09/04/2016 slow Review by ramogha
it is slow compare to Japanese rubber, good for forehand flick
01/02/2016 DHS HURRICANE HARD 8 Review by (James) Haiyun Huang
DHS HURRICANE HARD 8 is really good for quick loop and attack. I think the midst soft ones would be better for me. I put it on my forehand and my backhand T64.
Hey dude, it is all good!
29/01/2016 Good rubber Review by Kouros Zirak
After testing the mid-hard version, i found the harder version is better for my backhand. The control is better than the softer version. Has better kick and better for serve.
24/12/2015 good rubber Review by Manuel Fischer
Very good rubber. I play it on my vh. Boosted.
10/11/2015 Worth the money Review by Eric Liu
Similar to old Hurricane 3 Neo but with more control, not as tacky as the H3 NEO. An excellent rubber for the money.
06/11/2015 . Review by Hussain Al shunit
My lovely DHS a lot of spin I fall in love with this rubber but not very fast but still good in speed
12/09/2015 VERY GOOD Review by Nilton Silva
03/09/2015 Review by kui deng
17/08/2015 the best Chinese rubber in market now Review by Alam Sha
Better top sheet (more elastic) than any H3 (national, provincial, commercial). Less tackiness than H3 but very gripy.
H8 hard is faster than mid-hard. If you look for the rubber like glued/boosted H3, this is the one. This rubber is like boosted national H3 blue sponge. supports a great customer service as ever. I have been buying from this company more than 3 years.
06/08/2015 Très bon revêtement Review by Andry johnson
Faster than H3 and not tacky. I use it on my BH and skyline on for hand.
Just what I need.
DHS Hurricane 8 Hard