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DHS Hurricane 8-80 37'

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Rubber type : inverted
Hurricane 8-80 is a modification of the Hurricane 8 rubber with a more elastic sponge, which makes it even easier to play with the Chinese sticky rubber. Sponge hardness: 37 degrees.

Customer Reviews

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26/09/2022 Good price rubber Review by Yun ying Liu
Little hard rubber
07/09/2022 My first Hurricane Review by Julius Victorino
As I do not wish to boost and do not know how to boost I felt using the regular H3 series would be impractical for me unless I swung my arm as fast as a jet engine. Anyways, this rubber as many have said is a nice substitute for thoughts that want a rubber like Dignic 09c but with a realistic price (I’m looking at you Butterfly). H8-80 possesses a lovely black tacky topsheet with a a slight pale red sponge, which when glued onto my Latika blade, my first impressions were a increase in speed and sharpness in my forehand topspins. Likewise loops when executed well my partner found difficult to return and cloud-walking off the table could be achieved with more ease than my previous rubbers. Chops and pushes can be done with confidence whilst serves are spiny as is the main characteristic of many CN rubbers.


Is it useful? - YES (Satisfies all my penholder needs)

Is it worth it? - YES (Look out for Weekly Specials)

Will I keep it? - YES (For as long as I can)
25/07/2022 My favorite backhand rubber Review by Alan Ng
Fantastic rubber long time user
27/04/2022 Nice on the BH Review by WH
My son is the one who uses this. Overall it’s better than H3 Neo 37 on the BH.
14/04/2022 Exelente Review by Roberto Kalbermatter
Mas blanda que la linea Neo, mucho efecto y con dos capas de bosster es la goma casi perfecta.
07/04/2022 Affordable Dignics 09C Review by Peter Wu
There's a trend in the last 5 years for most TT brands to come out with a rubber type that has a Chinese style top sheet and tenergy style sponge, Dignics 09C being the most well-known for its hype and price tag.
I've used D09C for a year and I do see its benefits in producing power... maybe too much power for my needs. During league matches, I would tend to hit the ball too long off the table, especially on my backhand as my backhand isn't as controlled as my forehand is. As for my forehand, I noticed later during my match videos that I tended to abbreviate my stroke probably as a natural adjustment to the quick speed of the D09C.

I decided then to change to something slower and this is where Hurricane 8-80 became something of an in-between D09C and hurricane 3 (unboosted).
25/02/2022 Great Backhand Rubber Review by Clive Goodwin
Great backhand rubber for someone of my level. Very high spin and control, good speed. A better player may want something faster or an off++ blade with this rubber. Compared to Fastarc S-1 (my previous backhand rubber) it has more control and much more spin. I have used a faster blade to compensate for the rubber having less speed than S-1. Great for serve, short push, opening up against backspin, and confidently attacking long serves. Rewards a brushing technique.
10/12/2021 Good all round Review by Jamie Ghio
Very good rubber loads of control and spin.
27/11/2021 Very Elastic Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
It surprised me, a very good rubber, easy to play... it is somewhat similar to Rakza Z.
DHS Hurricane 8-80 37'