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DHS Hurricane 301 Ch.Pen

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The little brother to the Long 5, the Hurricane 301 is a great offensive blade for offensive players. You can expect high power on large strokes but a soft touch in the short game. Like the Long 5, its carbon layer is located next to the core which gets activated during strong penetrating shots such as counterlooping.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

24/01/2024 A journey has come to an end Review by Thomas
First of all, thumbs up to TT11. Super fast shipping and outstanding service. Asked for the two lightest blades in stock and got two with 85 gramms. The communication with TT11 was easy and fast.
The blade is a top product, crafted very well and well, it´s a beauty. The blue-greyish outerply stands out and looks fantastic.
Set Up: FH Skyline NEO 2, Backhand TSP Ventus Spin
I play all out agressiv penhold with RPB. I like to attack early and what should i say, flicking feels like cheating with this blade. Either RPB flick or forehand flick are easy to execute and fast.
Rallies is where it really begins to shine. It´s a fast blade, but in a very linear way. You can hit as hard as you want, and if you are fully commited, it is mostly a winner. Absolut controll behind the table.
No unexpected acceleration, no kick from the fibres.

For me the best blade i tried so far.
01/12/2022 Excelente raqueta Review by Heyson Ramos
Es una raqueta q se siente consistente para el ataque, aunque aún no realizó algunos golpes q debo entrenar como el contratospin. Por otro lado, para bloquear requiere de más técnica y ajustar correctamente la técnica. Aún estoy en etapa de prueba. Pero me a gustado mucho.

Por tabletennis11 llego en perfecto estado y muy rápido. Muchas gracias
22/11/2021 Exceptional performance for the price Review by Anton Kukeste
This blade has all the traits found in high-end counterparts. Great speed when applying power with a high level of control on measured shots. Really like how well this plays combined with harder hybrid rubbers like Donic Bluegrip C2 and Dignics 09C.
06/09/2021 Perfect blade Review by Nemanja Jankovic
First I have to say TT11's service is the best!
I got blade 86g, as I wanted, and paired with Yinhe Jupiter 3 tour BS and Xiom vega Europe(178g), but sealed blade first because it looks like splintering is possible. My previous blade was DHS PG7 and my first impression when tested 301 is a big difference in speed and lower arc. The blade is fast, but not extremely fast, and still very controllable. Dwell time is a little less than pg7, but enough to put insane spin level. Due to lover arc, especially paired with hard tacky rubber made my shot clip net more often than usual, but just needed some adjustment. My FH loops become deadlier than the previous combo. Vega euro on rpb give me a lot of control, and in combo with this blade vega euro is still fast.
I think this blade is awesome for its price!
28/08/2019 Excelente! Review by Eduardo Xavier
Essa madeira é realmente excelente ! Ótimo custo benefício, uma madeira extremamente equilibrada, que apesar de não parecer tão rápida no primeiro contato, vai se mostrando exatamente na medida entre velocidade e controle. Eu utilizo com uma goldarc8 e razka7 soft no back, para mim que estou na transição entre caneta e classineta a escolha foi perfeita. O back sai com um arco muito bom e o forehand está com uma velocidade razoável, fácil de controlar.
08/03/2019 Flexible offensive wonder Review by Juan Alfonso Chan Chong
What a fantastic blade! It's flexible in a way that you feel the ball clearly, but the Inner ALC allows for good power when you put more effort in your smashes or far off the table loops. My blade of choice.
07/01/2019 Fantastic blade Review by Leonidas Papadopoulos
I've tried more than 20 blades and this one is the best! It's fast when make a strong shot and have an incredible variation in spin and touch play, especially when you have Chinese rubber in the forehand. My friend gave me a genuine Hurricane 3 blue sponge(he has a friend from the national team of China and gave him the rubber as a gift. He tried it, but found it difficult to play with because he is playing mainly with tensors, so I was very lucky!). RPB, I found(after dozens or rubbers)that Rasander R42 is the best for me. I think this blade has the best control even at high speed shots. A must try for every serious player!
05/09/2018 Another good blade from DHS Review by Allen Lee
Good powerful blade, action similar to the all wood Clipper blade, but lighter.
DHS Hurricane 301 Ch.Pen