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DHS Hurricane 301


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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 89
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The little brother to the Long 5, the Hurricane 301 is a great offensive blade for offensive players. You can expect high power on large strokes but a soft touch in the short game. Like the Long 5, its carbon layer is located next to the core which gets activated during strong penetrating shots such as counterlooping.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/07/2022 Best value for money blade Review by Abdullah Anowar
This blade is fast, like Timo boll alc level fast. Also with a good feel, and is enough lightweight. DNA platinum H on both sides, having good control on serve receive and also good close to mid distance looping play. Only for Grip style backhand power little decreased but will cover with good technique in coming days I hope. Overall Great Blade in budget.
27/06/2022 A great blade Review by Kouros Zirak
I have used many blades from Butterfly, Victas, Stiga, etc. I can say with the amount you pay for this blade, it's better than other blades I have tried. I should say I was both a wing offensive player and now I'm a coach. Instantly, I found the consistency, comfort, and accuracy of this blade in comparison to, for example, Stiga Infinity VPS, or Viscaria, although all of them are great products. I'm using Hurricane PRO III turbo (FH) + Gewo Nexxus EL 53 (BH). Especially my backhand is now much more consistent than before.
21/01/2022 Good Blade for Loopers Review by Cade McDonald
The blade is well-rounded for an offensive player's game. Offers a decent amount of speed but, as it is a 5-ply wood construction it is not overly fast. Decent control on touch shots.
Played with Hurricane Neo 3 on Forehand and Donic Bluefire M1 on the backhand.
06/12/2021 This paddle is very good control & speed. Review by v tang
Is very good control & speed. Also is a good feel too. Thanks.
08/02/2021 Good size and weight Review by Boon Heng Lim
Very good for Hurricane 3 Neo on FH and Ventus spin on BH.
02/02/2021 Awesome blade Review by Truc Nguyen Hoang
Well-balanced in speed & feeling, touch is superb with great feeling, attacking with this blade is superb with carbon, the weight is suitable and the design is nice. It suits intermediate and serious players and really value to price, got it from TT 11 and love to play this blade daily
19/11/2020 Great Fast Innerforce Alc blade Review by Redi Bash
The blade is overall great. Control is ok for a carbon blade but I found it a little bit fast for my level.
If you have consistent strokes this blade is perfect and will fit your criteria for sure.
The service from Tabletennis11 is excellent as always.
Thank you.
05/08/2020 The best price-benefit combination Review by VIctor Jimenez
I was reading many references on carbon blades, which allowed speed and control at the same time, and also gave me a good spin ... of course, there are many, but the prices are very high. The DHS H301 has all these aspects at a very reasonable price. I combined it with the new Joola Dynaryz ACC (BH) and the DHS GoldArc8 (FH). I have a lot of control, a very good spin and speed just when I need it. TT11 assembled it for me and it was perfect, the service is really very good, thanks.
23/04/2020 Satisfied & saved about $90 Review by Mark Elert
My style (work in progress...) is aggressive, unpredictable, mid-close; Hurricane 8 MH on FH, and G-1 on BH. When the ball goes where, and how, it's supposed to, and when you don't have to think about anything other than the shot at hand, it's reasonably safe to say the blade is doing its job. The 301 allows for soft touch receives & drop-shots, cracking backhands, smothering forehand loops, and spinny half-long serves. Versatile - there hasn't been a shot I've tried and thought - this blade won't allow for that. Thumbs up DHS!
15/02/2020 Very good feeling and gears Review by Josiah Roberts
Switched to this blade after using the Palio Master for a few years. Much more feeling on the ball, and tons of gears. Excellent.
10/02/2020 Отлично! Review by Nazarov Dmitry
Подобрали по весу. Отправка в тот же день! Спасибо!
03/02/2020 Well made, 'innerforce' type blade Review by Ralph Taylor
Well made, 'innerforce' type blade.
If Butterfly blades too expensive, well worth considering.
21/01/2020 Отличное основание по адекватной цене Review by Kuat
Одно из лучших оснований, которыми приходилось играть. Играю уже год и ни разу не пожалел, что купил. Да быстрое, но с хорошим чувством мяча и контролем. Ставил накладки Rakza 7, Hexer Powergrip, но мне больше всего понравилось сочетание с Victas V07 Stiff. Также хочу сказать огромное СПАСИБО магазину Tabletennis11 за профессинальный подход к делу и быструю отправку заказов!
15/01/2020 Fantastic Blade! Review by Pacho Pedales
After having tried 10 different blades, the 11 was the chosen one! It is really a great blade, excellent cost-benefit ratio, offers good sensitivity for a carbon blade, excellent control in short game and super fast when you hit hard. The carbon layers are located next to the core, which I love. Very predictable, unlike many other carbon blades, where you hit softly and the ball is fired out the table. Perfect weight (mine 87gr), the neck is a little narrow but comfortable, only available FL handle version, it allows for rapid grip changes between BH and FH. Blocking is superb and feels crisp, but you need to be more aggressive, hit right after the bounce is fantastic. Also, you can generate a huge amount of spin. It is fun to play with!
For me, it is a clearly an Off blade (not Off+), Very recommended!
18/12/2019 Good blade for price Review by Kayser
Good control and a lot of gears. Needs good technique to get power.
I am playing with hurricane 8 mid on fh and Tenegy 05 bh.
It is good close to mid distance. Spin machine.
I am still getting used to it with 3 months of playing.
25/11/2019 Los price for exelent quality Review by Jakub Bubnowski
Los price for excellent quality. I think it's OFF-. Its quite tough but I suppose with carbon. Before, I had Andro ALL+ super core cell. Now playing is only little more speedy but more spiny. I recommend everyone who wants to play hard blades. I tried with Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft and Evolution MX-P - fast and I surprise soft touch. Less feeling than andro but more than andro TP-Ligna OFF/S.
22/10/2019 friend is happy Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
Bought this one for my friend. He is happy. He says it is similar to an OFF type blade. But a little faster. Low trajectory. But power is not super. He is using it with DHS Hurricane 3 provincial (FH) and andro Rasanter 47 (BH).
18/10/2019 Great feel and power with reserves Review by Jerome Davies
I love this blade. It has only been a few days that I’ve played with it but it has great feeling and power. Able to generate sufficient power from mid-table and great play in the short game. Very similar to HL3 and half the price. The head is a bit smaller that HL3.
11/09/2019 very good Review by Nikolay Tsvetanov
Thanks to the TT11 team, very fast delivery. The blade has very good control and enough power to finish the point, considering I'm playing with 45-degree rubber 1.8 mm! Thanks.
08/02/2019 Great product Review by Stavros Bakeas
Great blade for spin oriented game and short game, due to its feeling. The case is really good looking.
18/01/2019 Отличное основание за свою цену Review by TT
В первую очередь большое спасибо магазину Tabletennis11 за великолепный сервис. По основанию - отличное основание с удивительным сочетаним контроля и скорости. В короткой игре очень контрольное и точное, со средних и дальних дистанций мощное и скоростное. Дуга средняя, хороший баланс при весе 86 гр. Топсить удобно. По ощущениям точно не Off++, как написано на упаковке, а ближе к Off. Друг КМС взял поиграть и побежал себе такое же заказывать, говорит: -
"она сама играет" )) Единственное замечание - мне показалась ручка тонковата, пришлось использовать обмотку. А в целом, очень достойное основание за свои деньги.
31/12/2018 Very Nice Review by Arvin Caballero
Great blade, slower than the HL5 and has good control. Very similar to the IF ALC but a little faster and crispier due to koto top layer.
25/12/2018 Outstanding Review by Thomas Drees
Nice Blade. Very good feeling. Fast delivery and outstanding service!
DHS Hurricane 301