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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 40' blue sponge

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A higher quality version of Hurricane 3. With the Provincial version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified by a great margin. High quality blue sponge version with 40 degree hardness.

Customer Reviews

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05/05/2022 Exelente Review by Roberto Kalbermatter
Usando con dos capas de booster es una maravilla.
10/02/2021 Gud rubber Review by A.C
Best suited for arylate blade with koto, such as Viscaria or Timo Boll. Don't try this rubber with blades that have a low throw angle.
06/06/2019 Хорошая накладка Review by Orunbek
Хорошая накладка, быстрее чем обычная версия, но все накладки Hurricane требует бустинга, для лучшего эффекта.
30/04/2019 Great product Review by kristian ragnemar
After using the the regular H3 Neo for a year, I decided to try the H3 prov. blue 40´.
This rubber is amazing. It´s all the things I like about regular the H3 times ten.
The quality of the rubber is outstanding.
Touch shots, loops, and serves are great (as always with the H3), but where the H3 Prov. stands out miles above the regular H3, is in drives, counter hits, and flat hits. In a fast paced match where you can´t always powerloop the ball (this is where the H3 usually shines) I find that the H3 pPov blue handles quick counters and placed blocks much better than the regular H3.
I use the H3 Prov. blue 40´ on my FH, and the Tenergy 05 on my BH. I use a DHS Hurricane 301 blade.
15/01/2019 Great if you know how to use it Review by Daniel
Very hard, not quite as nice as the national blue sponge. Still very good. Recommended for big-swing loopers. Very different feel to tensor rubbers. Not recommended for players who haven't developed strong basic technique, especially good footwork for that extra power.
05/12/2018 Nice Review by Vinch
Good rubber using it for my forehand with my DHS301.
28/11/2018 excelente yo lo uso con acelerador en un madero hurricane 2 lapicero Review by francisco finschi
juego lapicero con un madero hurricane king 2. excelente la goma, yo la uso con acelerador falcon.
18/09/2018 Not for everyone Review by Yeow
Rubber is very hard and tacky, lots of gears. I've used it boosted and without boost. On the plus side, you won't bottom out easily with this rubber, but you do need a well-developed technique to be able to get all of the benefits of the rubber. If you can't control the racket during big fast-swing shots like loops away from the table, then this rubber won't work well for you and you should get a tensor rubber instead. But if you're like me and really hit the ball hard, and have had problems with other rubbers bottoming-out, then this might be just what you need.
26/07/2018 Great rubber if you can afford it. Review by Michael Stamaria
Provincial version lives up to its name. High quality as expected. Not that much "better" than commercial orange sponge version. Still great no less. Best when boosted.
DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 40' blue sponge