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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 39' blue sponge

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Rubber type : inverted
A higher quality version of Hurricane 3. With the Provincial version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified by a great margin. High quality blue sponge version with 39 degree hardness.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/03/2022 great overall FH rubber Review by bruce kelly
Can`t go wrong if you are looking for a super tacky spin monster! Using it on my Zhang Jike Super. Great balance between offense and defense as well as making flicks easy. Boosting is necessary if you want adequate speed but once done it's a pleasure to use.
16/06/2021 Fantastic rubber for fh Review by Coen Slaughter
I've used a lot of high-end rubber$ and the hurricane range stands out amongst the best rubbers for control and spin potential. Once boosted you will get a quicker less tacky rubber with more catapult effect. Great rubber.
15/02/2021 Three things I like, its spin, speed and control Review by orlando gallardo
Generates a good amount of spin and control; not too fast. I used it as my forehand.
19/08/2020 The best version I've ever played with. Review by Dejan Mitic
Due to the exceptional control that the rubber has, it is possible to play easy a spin on a spin game, a good pimple, to unscrew the ball well. In my opinion the best rubber for all-round play. It is also great for attacking a cut ball. With that rubber, I play forehand on Butterfly Layer Innerforce.
I am very pleased with the performance.
20/01/2020 Резина не для всех Review by Nikita Churakov
Далеко не каждый сможет играть этой резиной. Мне она абсолютно не подошла. Резина для вращения. О плоских ударах с ней можно забыть. Подставка тоже не работает. Под каждый мяч нужно заходить и вращать - как это делают китайцы. Я играть этой резиной не смог. Пробовал её на основании BTY Lin Gaoyuan ALC. Использовал бустер Falco Long. Но ничего не помогло. Для себя поставил крест на китайской резине.
28/10/2019 Perfect for me! Review by Wojciech
Lots of spins, good control, not too fast but that`s the rubber that I was looking for! Best after boosting! Using together with Viscaria + Dignics 05 on the backhand.
30/07/2019 100% de lujo Review by Heder Alvarez chavez
Muy buena goma, ay que cuidarla por que se ensucia rapido, pero muy comodo excelente.
18/03/2019 Great Rubber Review by Gunraj Singh
I boosted my rubber with two layers of Falco Long Booster. The rubber is very linear. If you have good technique, it has a lot of speed and spin. Way better than orange sponge if you are an attacker. Highly recommend it.
18/12/2018 Very Nice Review by Arvin Caballero
Good control and spin.
13/11/2018 Excellent attacking rubber Review by Marc Cavero
Spin: extreme high thow (better than tenergy)
Control: very high
Speed: fast (Not a tensor rubber)
Feel: high dwell
Overall assessment: Best rubber for players with dynamic game.
29/10/2018 Отличная накладка Review by Dmitriy Tokarenko
Ранее играл обычным хариком, у провинциального на мой взгляд лучше контроль мяча и отличное вращение. Всем советую.
DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 39' blue sponge